Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Girls

To my daughters,

Don't worry girls, Daddy will continue to battle the bad guys. I love you and Merry Christmas.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

How do you file a complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court against the Indiana Supreme Court?

The following is a letter to the Indiana Supreme Court asking where someone can file a complaint against the Indiana Supreme Court. Sounds crazy but how do you figure out where to file a complaint against a state supreme court that investigates cases outside of the courtroom? I'll start by asking. I guess the Indiana Courts cheat at all levels. No wonder they want me to take down my internet content.

December 2, 2010

Supreme Court of Indiana
315 Indiana State House
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
317.232.8372 [fax]

Re: Indiana Supreme Court complaint

To whom it may concern: I am looking for information/insight as to the venue that would be appropriate for filing a complaint against the Indiana Supreme Court. On August 18, 2009, Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey terminated my parenting time with my children after I publicly questioned the ethics of the Court’s expert, Dr. Edward J. Connor. Though there were no allegations of abuse or neglect and no party raised the issue of terminating parenting time, Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time and stated, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor.” Judge Humphrey terminated my ability to see my children because I created a website and a blog explaining how the Court obstructed my access to the investigator’s file that was used against me. In fact, Judge Humphrey ruled that I could not regain unsupervised visitation unless I removed the internet content, which also dealt with Dr. Connor’s ex parte communication with Ripley Circuit Judge Carl H. Taul and Judge Taul’s subsequent recusal.

I am aware of the proper venue to file complaints against Judge Humphrey and Judge Taul but I am leery of filing a complaint against Supreme Court Justices while my case is still pending transfer to the high Court of the state. Before my case was transmitted to the Appellate Court, an IP address registered to “Indiana Supreme Court” began to frequent my website and blog. An “IP address” is a computer’s numeric address on the internet. To date, the IP addresses of the Indiana Supreme Court have accounted for 227 hits on 43 web pages on my website. The IP addresses appeared prior to, during, and after the Appellate Court hearing of my case. In timeline form, many of these page views correlate with filings and rulings listed on the Appellate/Supreme Court docket, and they also seem to correlate with events on the county level. What is most disturbing about the Court IP addresses appearing on my website, other than the obvious nature of the ex parte investigation, is that the website that the IP addresses have been frequenting was not created until six months after the final hearing in my case and the website does not appear anywhere on the Court record. The original website was removed when the new one was created, thus bringing into question how the Supreme Court came about the new site.

The Appellate Court affirmed the ruling of the trial court and my case is pending transfer to the Supreme Court. The Appellate Court wrote, “During the pendency of the proceedings, Daniel posted information concerning the dissolution on his website and blog, in response to which [Wife] sought a protective order and a temporary restraining order on more than one occasion.” My ex-wife filed one motion for a restraining order and, following a hearing, the motion was denied because the internet content was neither dangerous to my children nor harassing to their mother. For whatever reason, the Appellate Court fabricated the information regarding the numerous restraining orders in an apparent attempt to demonize my public writings even after the trial court previously denied the one and only motion requesting the Court to remove the writings. The Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s ruling on July 20, 2010. The Supreme Court appeared on my website on July 20, 21, and 22. When I filed a petition for a rehearing, the Appellate Court denied the petition on September 8, 2010. After staying away from my website for over a month, the Supreme Court reappeared on September 9, 2010; the day after the Appellate Court filed its opinion.

As there are not any guidelines on how to deal with the Supreme Court investigating ex parte evidence, I am contacting different entities and agencies in an effort to find the appropriate course of action to handle the matter. I am trying to discern whether this matter should be handled by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Governor’s office, or possibly an agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If there are questions of whether the IP addresses belong to individual justices, the subpoenaing of web histories, emails, etc… would determine exactly who has been following my internet writings while my case has been pending. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would hope that the state will act immediately to help protect the integrity of Indiana’s court system. Thank you.


Daniel P. Brewington

Governor Mitch Daniels
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

FBI Indianapolis Field Office
575 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.321.6193 (fax)

Mr. F. Aaron Negangard
Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor
215 West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
812.537.4295 (fax)