Monday, March 29, 2010

A Good Day

Sometimes it's nice to have a day when people pay attention to what is right and what is wrong. It's even nicer when they choose to go with what is right.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am truly thankful for the support

The following is a message I received this morning. Kind words from people in my past always provide an inspirational lift to my day.

Dan I have been reading on what you are going through. I am so sorry your ex and the family courts are putting you through all of this. It is a load of crap (to be polite as I can about it.) I had known you from 7th grade and all the way through high school, and i have to say you were probably one of the most decent people i had ever met. If I could place money on it I would say you still are! Keep the faith and take care Dan. I have joined your group and I will be reading often.

I cannot thank people enough for the ongoing prayers and support. Don't forget to check out for more information.

Thanks again for your support,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Malpractice Lawsuit

Does anyone know a lawyer that would be interested in filing a lawsuit against Kentucky psychologist Dr. Edward J Connor and Connor & Associates, PLLC (34 Erlanger Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018)? If punitive damages are a factor, I would be interested in donating a sizable amount of money to charity. Please email me if you know of anyone who would be interested. For more information on Dr. Connor's conduct, see this blog and/or Thanks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update Coming...

I should have an update about something interesting at the end of March. Stay tuned for more information.

Disturbing Anonymous Posts

Here are four posts made by Anonymous last night. Very disturbing. I hope my children have no contact with people like this.

-Danny, are you afraid of anonymous people? Why do you make such a public display of yourself if you are such a coward? And what is it with this jilted lover thing with Dr. Conner? Won't he accept your love? Why not give it up and find some guy who will be your lover? Come on, Danny. There are lots of guys who would love to hook up with you. Leave the old guy alone.

-You've stated this same stuff about your ex 300 different ways now Dan....get some new material. You'll lose your "loyal following" if you keep writing the same garbage. How is this helping kids? Seems like a place for you to puke your nonsense to me. (I know this won't be printed on your blog)

-Tim, Are you and Dan lovers?

-Dan, What attracts you to Ed Connor? He's not that good looking. I'd think you'd be chasing better looking guys. Why you wasting your time on him? What caught your eye? You like older guys or what?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on

Please check out the new content on under the "My Ex-Wife Rules" tab. My Ex-Wife's hatred for me was greater than her love for her own children. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More from Anonymous

Obviously I struck a nerve with Anonymous because they posted a couple more comments. Anonymous accuses me of hoodwinking all 500 members of "Help Dan Brewington see his girls." Anonymous even accuses me of making comments that are threatening. When I stated, "I just hope Anonymous is not my ex-wife or a member of her family", I was simply hoping that they were not the type of people who would call me "gay" because I spoke out against Dr. Connor and the family court system. I would expect that from an uneducated 5th grader. I really admire the courage of people who attack others while hiding behind the name Anonymous. I write tens of thousands of words and post a plethora of conflicting statements made by Dr. Connor and Anonymous complains that I don't tell people the "whole" story because I don't post their comments regarding their opinion that people who are unemployed should not be allowed to see their children. Please note how Anonymous admits that they are a family member of my ex-wife's. Tragic.

Censoring your page? Freedom of speech? Copying and pasting? Only letting people see it if it is your thoughts on the subject? Why are you afraid to let the people "from Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand" that "are joining" see everything that is posted? Just wondering. P. What do you mean "I just hope Anonymous is not my ex-wife or a member of her family." Is that a threat?!!? Sounds like one to me.

What difference does it make if it is a x-family member or your x? If you are free to say/do what you want, why can't we? And believe me, there is plenty I would LOVE to say but don't!

So you have 500+ strangers, who don't know your x, or the situation AT ALL, - signing on. So what?!?

And while I will post as anonymous - you know me. The world doesn't need to know my name. You know who I am because you searched me out!

Not anonymous anymore! And not the only anonymous you can be sure - because while I made the comment about the girls sending you a gift . . . I didn't make the other comments. So you now have a "blog" for all the anonymous people out there that have just had enough of your ranting and carrying on.

Just sign me - P.

Anonymous' day on the blog

The following is an assortment of comments from someone named Anonymous. Anonymous keeps leaving comments because they are mad because I censor my the comments on my blog. They are mad that I write about Dr. Connor not telling the truth in reports and in testimony. Let me assure to everyone that I have an attorney trying to get me back with my children. None of this would have happened if my ex-wife wouldn't have made the argument that I was an unfit parent. I have decided to use this particular blog post to allow Anonymous their time in the spotlight and to let people to see what a classless person Anonymous is. I just hope Anonymous is not my ex-wife or a member of her family. Note to Anonymous, go to the Facebook group "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" and you will find that it has 500 members and is growing. People from around the world are joining to show their support. People from Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand are joining. Anonymous, who do you have to stand up for Dr. Edward J Connor and the court's ability to eliminate parents from their children's lives? Keep rationalizing child abuse Anonymous.

Coward? Are you not a coward? Afraid to let an opinion or comment other than your own be shown? Mr. Free speech? Ha. Keep censoring your site Dan... Why would ANYONE want to post with their name? Obviously, if someone 's opinion doesn't match yours, they risk being stalked on the internet and having you devote your life to their demise. Get a job. That might be a good first step towards getting time with your kids... and if you were SOOO wanting to see then, why wouldn't you do WHATEVER the court ordered to have ANY amount of time possible with them? YOU are a freak show! Post THIS Dan - I dare you!!

I love you. I love you a LOT!
I wish you'd pay more attention to me and stop obsessing over Ed. He doesn;t want you. GET OVER IT!

I love you so much and you just can;t let go of Ed!

Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed.... That's all I ever hear in bed. Ed, Ed, Ed..

If you won't listen at home, please listen on here!


Man, you must really be in love with this Conner guy. What's with the constant enshrinement of this guy? You gay?

Dan, on your facebook page you said you just got a package from your girls - they still love you. Of course they do! Wasn't great of your x to help them get that package ready and mail it for them - I mean they are pretty young and could not have done it without help. Right?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The State of Kentucky allows Dr. Edward J Connor to harm children

Hey Kentucky, I know you are aware of the illegal actions of Dr. Edward Connor so do something about it. The IP address belonging to "Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Syst" has been on my website for nearly an hour this morning. Kinda takes the "we weren't aware of Dr. Connor's actions" argument out of the equation doesn't it? Just keep ignoring the problem so more children can be injured. Attorney General Jack Conway knows. The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology knows. The Kentucky Psychological Association knows. The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services knows. Why are they allowing Dr. Connor to continue to hurt children? Because it's easier than doing something about it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It sucks to be Dr. Edward J Connor

Well it seems like all good things come to an end, don't they Dr. Connor. It appears that Dr. Connor took a public flogging at the hands of radio personality/power attorney Eric "The Bulldog" Deters. The Bulldog was broadcasting live across the 50,000 watt power of 700 WLW when he mentioned a problem with one Kentucky custody evaluator. The Bulldog talked about the perverted nature of some of the sexual oriented questions that Dr. Connor asks females in evaluations. Why would Eric Deters speak of things that were so damning to Dr. Connor? If the the Bulldog's statements were false, Dr. Connor would have a heck of a defamation lawsuit. My guess is that Mr. Deters isn't worried about getting sued by Dr. Connor because the statements are true.

I applaud the Bulldog for using the airwaves to bring attention to the pervert (also known as Dr. Edward J Connor) who the courts are appointing to evaluate children and adults. Maybe lawyers and judges will be a little leery about referring business to and/or appointing the perverted Connor. I am going to try to get a copy of the audio and/or transcripts from the broadcast so I can post a link on my website and blog. Then people can hear for themselves how a respected lawyer had the courage to speak out about what so many were afraid to say. If Dr. Connor was afraid to sue me, I couldn't imagine the fear associated with the thought trying to file some BS defamation suit against Eric "The Bulldog" Deters. I know I would be there to testify for Mr. Deters but it won't happen because Dr. Connor knows the allegations are true.

Thanks Bulldog for saying what others are afraid to say. Thank you for calling out a perverted psychological quack like Dr. Connor. The reign of terror is almost over Dr. Connor. I wonder to whom Dr. Connor is going to run to cry about Mr. Deters "picking" on him? I didn't do this to you Ed Connor. Eric Deters didn't do this to you. You did it to yourself. Your sick perversions should play no role in custody evaluations or matters dealing with children. Thanks for helping children and families, Eric Deters and 700 WLW.

-Eric Deters is a substitute talk show host for 700WLW and has recently received quite a bit of airtime on the weekends. Mr. Deters' released his latest book, "Willie, Radio's Great American - The Story of Bill Cunningham, this past November. The Bulldog also has two restaurants, Bulldog's Roadhouse in Independence, KY and the newly opened Bulldog's on the Levy in Newport, KY. If you get a chance, stop into one of the Bulldog's restaurants. You'll not only be a patron of an establishment with good food and service, you'll be a customer of a man who gives so much back the the community.