Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr. Edward J Connor appointed to evaluate the "Dexter" Killer

In late November 2009 near Rising Sun, Indiana, Andrew Conley, 17, confessed to law enforcement officials that he killed his ten year old brother . Conley told prosecutors he had fantasized since the eighth grade about beating someone to death and modeled himself after television serial killer "Dexter."

This is a horrible tragedy for the family of the two boys and the surrounding community. Emotion runs rampant in cases like these. Law enforcement officials reported that Conley showed no emotion when he confessed to strangling his ten year old brother. Conley told officials that he wanted to be like Dexter Morgan, the serial killer played by Michael C Hall in the Showtime series "Dexter." Dearborn/Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard put it bluntly, "He's a cold blooded murderer."

I would assume that there is no handbook on how to handle situations tragedies like this. The legal system is set up to protect the rights of the accused as well as the victims. There have to be evaluations, competency hearings, etc... to ensure there is a fair trial. Even though Conley confessed to killing his brother, if the trial is not handled properly, it could lead to unnecessary appeals and even mistrials. The Court has a responsibility to protect the rights of the accused no matter how guilty the accused may be. Who was one of the first professionals the Court appointed to evaluate Andrew Conley? Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates, PLLC.

"This Court is most concerned about Husband's irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Judge James D Humphrey wrote this in the final decree in my divorce. Judge Humphrey terminated my ability to see my children because he was most concerned about my "irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Why does Judge Humphrey find it necessary to protect the professional he often appoints? The only thing I did is question why Dr. Connor lied about why Dr. Connor would not release the case file from the child custody evaluation he performed during the course of my divorce hearing. Dr. Connor attacked me when I questioned his false statements. (For more information go to When Psychologists Attack on my website) Judge James D Humphrey denied my motion to appoint a guardian ad litem (GAL) to represent my children in the divorce. If Judge Humphrey was truly concerned about the welfare of my little girls, he would have appointed a GAL to protect them. Judge Humphrey denied my motion because he did not want another professional to find out how Judge Humphrey turned his back to the unethical and illegal conduct of Dr. Edward J Connor.

In a letter to my former attorney, dated November 11, 2009, Dr. Connor attached orders that Dr. Connor claimed prohibited him from releasing the case file from my evaluation. The fax heading on the orders that Dr. Connor sent my attorney, indicated that he received the orders from Judge James D Humphrey and opposing counsel Angela G Loechel. The orders were faxed from the Circuit Court and Ms. Loechel's office to Dr. Connor's office on October 22, 2009. Neither I nor my attorney at the time were copied to any of the correspondence between Dr. Connor, the Court and opposing counsel. I later found out that none of the correspondence was on the chronological case summary, which documents the case history. If Dr. Connor would not have sent my former attorney documents with the Court's fax heading at the top, there would have been no way that I would have known Judge Humphrey was communicating with Dr. Connor without my knowledge. Communication outside the presence of the parties is called ex parte communication. Judge Humphrey's actions are a violation of Judicial Canon 3 of the Indiana Judicial Code of Conduct. Why is Judge James D Humphrey conducting ex parte communications with Dr. Edward J Connor about my case? Are they talking about other cases as well. How often do they speak off of the Court record? How much money does Dr. Connor make off his appointments from Judge Humphrey? Are Dr. Connor and Judge Humphrey going to talk about Andrew Conley's case behind closed doors?

"[Dr. Connor] attributed Mullikin's addiction to child pornography to being sexually confused after becoming aroused while being spanked by a nun in fifth grade." -Jim Hannah, www.nky.com 1/13/2010

Dr. Connor testified for the defense of Kenneth Mullikin who was found guilty of possessing "sadistic and masochistic" child pornography. What will Dr. Connor testify to for the defense of Andrew Conley? Will Dr. Connor tell the truth? Will Dr. Connor conveniently blame all of Andrew Conley's problems on a TV show or possibly a spanking from a 5th grade teacher? Judge James D Humphrey and Prosecutor Aaron Negangard are aware that Dr. Connor lied in documents provided to the Court. They are aware that Dr. Connor made false written statements concerning his business practice and his involvement in a legal hearing. Judge Humphrey and Aaron Negangard are aware that Dr. Connor sent these documents via fax and US Mail, which Detective Mike Kreinhop, of the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit said was a federal offense. Judge James D Humphrey protects Dr. Connor's illegal conduct; Prosecutor Negangard and the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit turns their backs.

This year is an election year for Judge Humphrey. Why would Judge Humphrey appoint a psychologist that he knows is unethical? Because this is Judge Humphrey's guy. Judge Humphrey has been appointing Dr. Edward J Connor as a psychological expert long before Dr. Connor was licensed to practice psychology by the state of Indiana. Dr. Connor's "professional opinion" can mean the difference between Andrew Conley being eligible for parole in 20 years verses never being for eligible parole. Given the history of Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor, they may already have decided which way to go.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Very Disturbing Dr. Edward J Connor

I'm having a hard time coming to grips with this one. I came across this article on nky.com. Once again Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates, PLLC is testifying in criminal court hearings. Dr. Connor testified at the sentencing hearing of Kenneth Lester Mullikin, of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Mullikin was the former Campbell County Democratic Party chairman. Mullikin was found guilty of being in possession of "sadistic and masochistic images of children being raped." As troubling as this is, what may even be more disturbing is Dr. Connor's "professional explanation" of what caused Mr. Mullikin's actions. The article stated, "[Dr. Connor] attributed Mullikin's addiction to child pornography to being sexually confused after becoming aroused while being spanked by a nun in fifth grade."

WHAT? I really don't even know what to say. I think someone could become "sexually confused" from reading that statement. I don't have the education and experience that Dr. Connor has, but I don't think that I would be going out on a limb by saying a fifth grader who becomes sexually aroused when being spanked by a nun probably has some pre-existing problems. Nuns spanking fifth graders do not cause addictions to child pornography. If this was the case, there would be a lot more people addicted to child pornography. Watching Sally Field in "The Flying Nun" probably causes more sexual deviance then getting spanked by nuns in the fifth grade. This is the same person who oversees the psychology staff at the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky. Dr. Connor is responsible for determining the lives of children in custody evaluations. I wonder how long it took Dr. Connor to figure out that Mullikin's problems were due to being sexually aroused while being spanked by a nun in the fifth grade? Dr. Connor claimed he had a hard time understanding me because I had ADHD. I wonder what U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves thought when he heard Dr. Connor's testimony? I just hope someone will do something about Dr. Edward J Connor before he has the opportunity to hurt other children.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr Edward J Connor may be a Pervert

Something is very wrong here. Dr. Edward J Connor conducted a custody evaluation during my divorce. At the beginning of the evaluation, I signed a document stating that I was entitled to the case file from the evaluation report. From there, Dr. Connor stated I was not entitled to the file; I was entitled to the file; there were court orders that prevented me from having the file; he wouldn't release the file because I was representing myself; there were HIPAA laws that prevented him from releasing the file; and recently he claimed that I already had the file.

I've had quite a few men and women, who have been involved with Dr. Connor, contact me through my website and blog. I do not assume everyone who is upset with Dr. Connor are right or wrong but I do have to question how so many people have similar disturbing stories of Dr. Connor's actions. The most disturbing of which are Dr. Connor's detailed and explicit questions to the females in the evaluations about their sex lives.

Why does Dr. Connor ask women detailed questions about their sex lives. Why doesn't he ask the men? How fair could a custody evaluation be if men, by default, are suspects of sexual deviant behavior? I am not aware if these questions were asked to my ex-wife. Why don't I know; because Dr. Edward J Connor fought, kicked and, screamed not to release the case file to me. I know Dr. Connor is hiding something. Maybe he doesn't want people to know that he enjoys asking sexually explicit questions to nervous women during a custody evaluation.

If Dr. Connor does conduct evaluations with women this way, he is nothing more than a sexual predator. Dr. Connor abuses his power and punishes people who question him and the worst abuse of power is submitting people to uncomfortable sexual questions in a vulnerable environment. If the questions are necessary to determine the safety of the children, why doesn't Dr. Connor ask men about the sexual activities of the mothers? Maybe because it isn't as sexy.

This is probably one of the most disturbing issues I have come across in my dealings with Dr. Connor. Profiting from custody evaluations while exploiting children is disgraceful; using the evaluations as a means to gain some kind of perverted sexual stimulation by asking the children's mothers explicit questions about their sex lives is unthinkable. How do you make it stop? If someone raises the issue, Dr. Connor attacks them. Dr. Connor accuses people of being paranoid and suffering from reality distortion. The Judge takes away your kids. You are left with nothing because you spoke out as a victim. That's why I do what I do. They took away my little girls so my main job in life is to work to get my children back and to hold people accountable for criminal conduct.

Judge James D. Humphrey has worked with Dr. Connor for some time. Kimberly Schmaltz, current Magistrate in the Dearborn County Circuit Court, used to serve as a guardian ad litem and worked closely with Dr. Edward J Connor in "protecting" children. Prosecutor Aaron Negangard is aware of a lot of Dr. Connor's conduct. Why don't they do anything to protect children from Dr. Connor? Maybe they are golfing buddies, or cousins, or maybe someone is getting kickbacks. Maybe the situation is so grave, that everyone keeps putting off the inevitable because they know that the fall of Dr. Connor will bring catastrophic consequences due to Dr. Connor's involvement in so many civil and criminal cases. The fear of rocking the boat is never an excuse not to right the ship. It may take some time, but honesty and virtue will prevail and the officials who continue to turn their backs on Dr. Edward J Connor, and the people who protect Dr. Connor, will have to take responsibility and protect children and parents who are abused by officials like Judge James D Humphrey and Dr. Edward J Connor.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Can't Forget Our Social Responsibility

In light of the holiday, I want people to reflect on their contributions to the world around them. Contributions come in many shapes and sizes. A contribution can be a billion dollar donation to charity or a friendly smile while holding a door for a stranger. Both contributions have something in common; they depend on each other. A billion dollar check is only as effective as the people who volunteer to load supplies into a semi trailer; a good samaritan that checks on the homeless; or the people who sacrifice their own personal lives to provide services to victims of disaster. Sometimes money can't buy smiles and smiles cannot make money. Sometimes the large contributions overshadow the importance of the smaller ones. The important thing to remember is that everyone can make a difference.

I'd like to see a world where "That's just the way it is" and "One person cannot do anything about it" are no longer excuses not to conquer difficult injustices in society. The world was once shaken when a woman refused to move to the back of a bus. Sometimes it's the seemingly insignificant incidents in life that can provide the spark for a social revolution. It's our job catch the spark when we see it and accept the moral and social responsibility that comes with the power to bring change.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Welcomed Break This Weekend

What did I do this weekend? Nothing. That's not really true. I left the house. On Friday, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that he was ready to drink a beer. I wrote back and asked "where are we going?" I wound up meeting a couple of friends and their families at a local cafe for a couple hours. Then I met up with some other friends at a buddy's house. We drank a couple beers, played some PS3, and went to a bar for a little while. On Saturday, a friend swooped me up so I could pick up my truck (Public safety reminder-- It's always more convenient to pick up your vehicle in the morning than it is to drink and drive). When I returned to my buddy's house to retrieve my truck, I ended up playing DJ Hero, watching NFL football and, and helping install a new bathroom floor and a new toilet. Then we ordered a pizza, flipped between SNL and Dave Chappelle reruns until I realized it was not going to get any easier to get out of the recliner and drive home. When I got home, I realized that I went a day without working on my computer and I went to bed, keeping the streak alive.

I took a break from life by enjoying life for a little while. I am always writing and typing about my situation. Sharing fun experiences with friends in the last couple of days reminded me of the importance of "real" communication. Social networking sites like Facebook are great for keeping in touch, but it cannot replace the handshakes, hugs, or kisses that are exchanged when you meet and greet good friends. What you think keeps you in touch with the world is sometimes what keeps you away from the world. I'm lucky to have friendships that are "oblivious" to time. They are people who will always welcome you for dinner. Nobody keeps track of favors or who "owes" who; there is just the understanding that your friends are there for you and you are there for them.

The best thing that happened this weekend is I had the chance to see my friends' 3 year old daughter. The last time I saw her was when my buddy stopped by and she played with my daughters. I haven't seen my daughters since August 19, 2009. The greatest fear for a father who can't see his children is the fear that his kids will begin to forget their dad. My friends' 3 year old remembered me. When her finger got pinched at the cafe, I "fixed" her finger with an orange slice. Pinched fingers may hurt, but a hand delivered orange slice on a cocktail napkin can have special healing powers. She kept smiling even because I told her that I didn't like smiles. These are the things I did with my daughters all of the time. If my friends' 3 year old remembers me, I'm sure that my daughters remember their dad.

I had a great time this weekend. I took a break from the action and the break reminded me why I do what I do. The job that I am most qualified for in life is being a dad. Kids grow up fast so I have to keep fighting to be a father to my little girls. I hope the people in the family court system realize that I will never give up. I hope they understand that people whom have known me nearly all of my life, are horrified when they hear I don't have the ability to see my children. If I don't get to see my daughters for 10 years I'm going to be sure that I have ten years worth of evidence documenting that I did everything in my power to be with them. Just hang on girls because daddy won't stop fighting for you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone Named "legaleagle" said my Web Content is Garbage

It's a sad day for me. Someone wrote on the Yahoo Business review of Dr. Edward J Connor, that my internet content was garbage and that I was mentally ill. Of course this person hid behind the screen name legaleagle when they wrote these "mean" things. Did I say that I was sad? Actually I find it to be quite gratifying. Now there are two people on the Yahoo review site that have personally attacked me for holding Dr. Connor accountable for his actions. That means someone is very upset. I think it may be Dr. Connor because his practice has probably suffered a little since I began publicizing his unethical and illegal conduct. Please take note that I have never been sued as a result of my writings against Dr. Connor, Judge Humphrey, or anyone else involved. If I have said something slanderous, I welcome those who believe it to be slander to make it a legal issue. You can bring your evidence and I will bring mine. The thing that bothers people in the family court system is that they don't have quite the power outside of the system. If Dr. Connor sues me, then judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials, elected officials, state officials, prosecutors, and psychologists get subpoenaed. One crooked judge like James D Humphrey doesn't get to decide the whole case, it's decided by a jury of my peers. As Clint would say, "Go ahead, make my day." The day Dr. Connor sues me is the day that he turns himself in to the police. I take great pride in knowing that Dr. Connor will read or has read this post. Enjoy Ed.

P.S. After I originally posted the above blog, "Someone Named legalea..." , it came to my attention that two anonymous people, "??" and "Just Me(LOL)", posted negative information about me on The Dearborn County Public Forum. For those who think that I appear to "obsess" over the situation, try to think of what you would do if you lost your ability to see your children even though there was no evidence or accusations of neglect, abuse, accident, injury, etc... As much as Dr. Connor attacked me for publicizing his unethical conduct, even Dr. Connor testified that I should be able to exercise parenting time with the children on the days which their mother worked. Dr. Connor had no choice. That's what Dr. Connor recommended in his custody evaluation report. In the evaluation report, there was no mention of me being mentally unstable or anything that indicated that I presented any threat to anyone. Dr. Connor only began to attack me regarding his "concerns" about my stability after the custody evaluation was over. When I addressed his unethical and illegal conduct with the Court and the public, Dr. Connor said he was concerned about my mental health. No police action, no social services, child protective services, etc... just a crooked psychologist running from responsibility. Imagine if this happened to you. If the worst thing you did was exercise your 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, you handled the situation better than most. Keep the attacks coming anonymous people. If you think the State should have the ability to take away someone's children because you treated the State's expert unfairly, then you don't deserve your rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't forget DanHelpsKids.com.

Dan Brewington, father of two beautiful little girls

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using Technological Warfare to Battle the Family Court System

I wrote this post in response to a post on The Angry Dad, a blog by another father who is trying to bring awareness to the problems of the family court system but it was too long to post as a response.

One of the most frightening things in the world is public scrutiny. If you conduct yourself in an honest and dignified manner, you should not have anything to worry about. Divorce is bad for children. False accusations against parents are even worse. How many parents would rethink false accusations if they knew the public would have the evidence, or lack thereof, to debunk the accusations?

You want to talk public record? Let's talk public record. Final Decrees in divorces are public record. The final decree in my divorce says that I am potentially dangerous to my children so I need seek a psychological evaluation to determine if I am a safe parent. I cared for my children for half the time during a 2.5 year divorce. There were no allegations of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, the children not loving me, etc... My Ex never tried to modify parenting time. Judge James D. Humphrey terminated my parenting time with my children based mainly on the psychological testing and child custody evaluation performed by an unlicensed psychologist. When I requested the case file, which I am entitled to per the evaluator's contract, AND because it's my health record, AND because the evaluation is considered hearsay if the parties are not provided the evaluator's case file per Indiana Code 31-17-2-12. The first Judge, Carl H Taul, said he wasn't going to order the release of the file because he was not aware of Kentucky law. Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D is licensed in Kentucky. After Judge Taul recused himself following several ex parte communications with Dr. Connor, Judge Humphrey would not order the release of the case file citing that he felt that I would release confidential information. They denied my access to the evidence against me because I presented some kind of "potential risk." They did not even seal the file because it would have been an appealable matter. Then they built on the "potential risk" argument in the final hearing to the point that it might be dangerous to the children. Judge Humphrey wrote, "The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Ironically, there is no evidence of any this "irrational" behavior on record despite all of my correspondence with Dr. Connor being in writing. The language of the state law uses the word "attack" in describing the process of discrediting a witness. If Judge Humphrey felt that I was such a risk, why did he deny my motion for a GAL? Why did he wait 2.5 months after the final hearing to terminate my parenting time?

Judge Humphrey wrote in the Final Decree, "Husband has posted information about the dissolution proceeding on his website, on his blog, and on various other sites, and continued to post information even after the hearing for a temporary restraining order wherein the Court's Order stated that the "Court may also consider evidence presented at this hearing regarding the temporary restraining order in regard to the Court's decision as to visitation and custody and how Respondent's actions my affect the best interest of the children now and in the future." What the Judge fails to mention was my Ex filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to have me take down my internet content because she claimed it was harmful to the children and the Judge denied it. The Court denied her request for the Court to force me to take down my internet content because it was not harmful to the children yet Judge Humphrey used my "non-harmful" actions against me in taking away my children.

The main point that gets lost in the argument is that if the judges would do their jobs, there would be no reason to publicize the issue. I would much rather be spending time with my children than sitting behind a computer but I feel I am setting a positive example for my children. Rather than resigning to being an estranged father, I am taking positive public measures to address the problem.

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” -Frederick Douglass. The British Army thought the colonial "rebels" were barbaric because they hid in trees with their coonskin caps and shot at the British Army marching in formation. England was mad because they never face a foe like that before. The Courts cannot fight a battle on the internet; they can only try to keep us away from it. "To Keyboards!" (I would yell "to arms" but someone would make the argument in court that I was encouraging militant action. That's an example of fine line we have to walk.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Officials who may be aware of Dr. Connor's Conduct

I have been emailing educators, officials, and organizations in Kentucky and Indiana. These are some of the organizations that may have visited my website www.DanHelpsKids.com and may have seen some of the unethical conduct of Dr. Edward J Connor.

The Children's Home of Northern Kentucky- Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D oversees the psychological staff at CHNK.

The Office of the Kentucky Attorney General- Jack Conway's office represents the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology. At one point, Assistant Attorney General Mark Brengelman withheld a hard copy of a complaint against Dr. Connor from the Board, thus prolonging the time it took to investigate the matter.

The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology- The Board has been aware of Dr. Connor's unethical conduct for some time now, yet the Board did not find Dr. Connor's actions to be any "apparent violation" of the laws governing psychology. Board member Richard Applegate withheld additional information pertaining to my complaint against Dr. Connor from the rest of the Board.

The State of Indiana

The University of Louisville

Dearborn County Sheriff David Lusby- Has not returned my correspondence regarding my questions concerning where I should file a complaint regarding mail and wire fraud. Dr. Connor made many false statements in his letters to me and the court. Dr. Connor sent these documents relating to his professional services by fax and US mail. I believe the officers who tried to intimidate me in an effort to deter me from inspecting public records in the Dearborn County Courthouse are part of Sheriff Lusby's force as well. The video of the harassing behavior is can be seen on YouTube

Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard- Initiated an investigation of me based on an unnamed lawyer, according to Special Crimes Unit Detective Mike Kreinhop. The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit apparently wanted me for questioning but would not give me any specifics into what the investigation was about or who made the complaint. When I declined to being questioned because they would not specify the scope of the investigation or give me an explanation why they could only talk to me in person, the investigation apparently went away.

(R)State Representative Johnny Nugent- Senator Nugent's office contacted me on September 14, 2009 and informed me that they were going to contact the Prosecutor and Social Services to get their opinion. The Prosecutor initiated a "secret" investigation of me a few weeks later and I have not heard from Senator Nugent's office since.

The following local governments in Indiana: Lawrenceburg, Aurora, and Rising Sun

Dearborn County Indiana Officials

The following local governments in Kentucky: Erlanger and Newport

Kenton County Kentucky Officials

Boone County Kentucky Officials

Boone County School System

Northern Kentucky University

Norb Ryan, ADA coordinator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky- Mr. Ryan responded in a prompt and courteous fashion, however Mr. Ryan stated his office did not have jurisdiction over the matter because it concerned an Indiana Court. Mr. Ryan was very receptive and gave me a few suggestions of what I may be able to do in Indiana. Dr. Connor was not licensed in the state of Indiana and the Indiana trial court would not compel Dr. Connor to release the file because Dr. Connor was in Kentucky. Dr. Connor has refused to comply with subpoenas outside of Kentucky. It appears that no state is responsible for the conduct of Dr. Edward J Connor.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati- My oldest daughter is a kindergarten student at one of the Catholic schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school's policy pertaining to the release of school records is, if there is no protective order stating otherwise, the non-custodial parent is entitled to the child's student records. There is no such order. I received two progress reports. Assistant Superintendent Mary Henninger stated there was no other information to give. I guess they do not keep medical or contact information for students in the Cincinnati Catholic School System. Rather than give me a reason for not providing me with my child's records, Mary Henninger and the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati resorted to lying. Not very Christian of them.

This list will grow as I will continue to contact people to help bring awareness how children are allowed to be abused by the people and organizations who we believe we can trust. It is apparent that Dr. Connor has fallen through the cracks of authority and only public awareness will help protect other children.

“As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people happily will endure almost any curtailment of liberty.” -Adolf Hitler citing Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Office Staff Ate My Homework

Sounds like a pretty pathetic excuse. The people involved with the family court system often preach about people taking responsibility for their actions. Dr. Edward J Connor chooses to blame everyone else.

“With regard to the Office Policy Statement, we do not have a signed Office Policy Statement for you on file. It appears you were not provided with this document when you initially came to our office, which was an oversight on the part of the office staff.” -Dr. Edward J Connor September 9, 2009.

“There was a form that was incorrectly given to Ms. Brewington from our secretary at the time, who is no longer with us.-Dr. Edward J Connor’s testimony in the transcripts from the May 27, 2009 hearing.

“The form [Office Policy Statement] that Ms. Brewington signed is -- was incorrectly given to her by my secretary at the time.-Dr. Edward J Connor’s testimony in the May 27, 2009 hearing.

I don’t recall. My secretary would have done that.” -Dr. Edward J Connor’s testimony in the May 27, 2009 hearing. This was in response to my question asking Dr. Connor whom he contacted first when he discovered there were “numerous errors and oversights” in his report.

Ed Connor- “I don’t recall that – I – I did not contact her. My secretary may have, at that time. It’s possible that she might have called to see if she wanted an interview time. I don’t recall.”
Dan Brewington- “That’s not in the evaluation, the attempted phone call.”
Ed Connor-Okay. Then apparently my secretary did not call. -Dr. Connor claimed my mother was scheduled to be interviewed but never showed up. That may be because he never contacted my mother.

Dr. Connor blamed his office staff for failing to provide me with a copy of the Office Policy Statement. Then Dr. Connor blamed his secretary for having my Ex sign the document. Dr. Connor testified that his secretary was to blame for many of the communication problems during the course of the evaluation yet Dr. Connor still attacked me for questioning his ethics. Another problem Dr. Connor had with his office staff was his office manager was the subject of an FBI investigation for making $126,558.13 of unauthorized credit card charges with Dr. Connor’s corporate credit card. Not only did Dr. Connor fail to oversee his secretary’s practices during the course of conducting evaluations, Dr. Connor failed to notice that his office manager was using his credit cards until the total reached $126,558.13. The following is a press release from the US Department of Justice, dated Friday March 20, 2009:

COVINGTON, KY—Catherine Cahill, 47, of Florence, Ky., pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning to an Information which charged her with Unlawful Use of a Credit Card.
Cahill was employed as office manager at Edward Connor & Associates, a general psychological services firm. She was authorized to make necessary purchases with a corporate credit card for the functioning of the business. Cahill used the corporate credit card to make authorized business purchases along with unauthorized personal purchases. These unauthorized personal purchases totaled $126,558.13.
The investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The United States was represented in the case by Assistant United States Attorney Benjamin G. Dusing.

In a letter to Judge Carl H Taul, dated April 1, 2008, Dr. Connor wrote, “I am concerned as to Mr. Brewington’s intentions regarding this case file.” Dr. Connor testified that his “office staff” was not competent to schedule interviews or to provide documents to participants in custody evaluations and Dr. Connor’s office manager was investigated by the FBI for over a hundred thousand dollars worth of credit card fraud. I believe that is reason enough to question the accuracy of the information behind a report that affects the lives of my children.

If you have any questions about the welfare of children who are victims of Dr. Connor’s evaluations, please feel free to contact the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology at 502-564-3296. Feel free to contact Assistant Attorney General Mark Brengelman at 502-696-5627. You can also email Mr. Brengelman at Mark.Brengelman@ag.ky.gov and express your concerns regarding the Board’s ruling that Dr. Connor’s conduct is not an “apparent violation” of the laws governing psychology. For more information, please check out www.DanHelpsKids.com.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bogus Testimony of Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D

Check out my cross examination of Dr. Connor to see how Judge James D Humphrey punished my children while he protected his expert from perjury. Please contact Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard @ 812-537-8884 with any concerns about how the Dearborn County Court System condones child abuse when it comes to protecting Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D.