Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Chief Deputy Attorney General Negangard's Failing Grand Jury Conspiracy

The puzzle is finally coming together. In 2011, former Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard made me the target of a grand jury investigation because of my writings criticizing officials operating within the Dearborn County Courts. The Dearborn Superior Court II under Judge Sally McLaughlin altered grand jury records to help Negangard obtain convictions. Luke Brit, the Indiana Public Access Counselor, issued an opinion stating the audio from my grand jury proceedings was a releasable public record. Judge Brian Hill, Special Judge for the Dearborn Superior Court II, issued an order to release the grand jury audio. Judge McLaughlin's staff released a copy of the audio containing LESS dialogue than the transcription of the investigation. Judge McLaughlin's court claimed other intertwining grand jury investigations made it necessary to alter the audio to prevent the release of audio from other investigations. The released audio lacks any content of the proceedings prior to witness testimony. Since McLaughlin's court claimed several investigations were intertwined on one audio record, it means that McLaughlin's court either intentionally omitted Negangard's introduction to the grand jurors or McLaughlin unlawfully withheld the information that was to be used during my trial and McLaughlin is now lying about it. Now everyone in Indiana seems to be fighting the release of a certified copy of the audio from the grand jury investigation; audio that the Dearborn Superior Court II already authorized to be released to me. Here's my latest filing in my public records lawsuit against the Dearborn Superior Court II. The Office of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is helping the fight against the release of the audio because Curtis Hill knows a certified copy of the grand jury audio will implicate Chief Deputy F. Aaron Negangard in a criminal conspiracy to maliciously prosecute free speech.