Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Girls

To my daughters,

Don't worry girls, Daddy will continue to battle the bad guys. I love you and Merry Christmas.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

How do you file a complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court against the Indiana Supreme Court?

The following is a letter to the Indiana Supreme Court asking where someone can file a complaint against the Indiana Supreme Court. Sounds crazy but how do you figure out where to file a complaint against a state supreme court that investigates cases outside of the courtroom? I'll start by asking. I guess the Indiana Courts cheat at all levels. No wonder they want me to take down my internet content.

December 2, 2010

Supreme Court of Indiana
315 Indiana State House
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
317.232.8372 [fax]

Re: Indiana Supreme Court complaint

To whom it may concern: I am looking for information/insight as to the venue that would be appropriate for filing a complaint against the Indiana Supreme Court. On August 18, 2009, Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey terminated my parenting time with my children after I publicly questioned the ethics of the Court’s expert, Dr. Edward J. Connor. Though there were no allegations of abuse or neglect and no party raised the issue of terminating parenting time, Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time and stated, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor.” Judge Humphrey terminated my ability to see my children because I created a website and a blog explaining how the Court obstructed my access to the investigator’s file that was used against me. In fact, Judge Humphrey ruled that I could not regain unsupervised visitation unless I removed the internet content, which also dealt with Dr. Connor’s ex parte communication with Ripley Circuit Judge Carl H. Taul and Judge Taul’s subsequent recusal.

I am aware of the proper venue to file complaints against Judge Humphrey and Judge Taul but I am leery of filing a complaint against Supreme Court Justices while my case is still pending transfer to the high Court of the state. Before my case was transmitted to the Appellate Court, an IP address registered to “Indiana Supreme Court” began to frequent my website and blog. An “IP address” is a computer’s numeric address on the internet. To date, the IP addresses of the Indiana Supreme Court have accounted for 227 hits on 43 web pages on my website. The IP addresses appeared prior to, during, and after the Appellate Court hearing of my case. In timeline form, many of these page views correlate with filings and rulings listed on the Appellate/Supreme Court docket, and they also seem to correlate with events on the county level. What is most disturbing about the Court IP addresses appearing on my website, other than the obvious nature of the ex parte investigation, is that the website that the IP addresses have been frequenting was not created until six months after the final hearing in my case and the website does not appear anywhere on the Court record. The original website was removed when the new one was created, thus bringing into question how the Supreme Court came about the new site.

The Appellate Court affirmed the ruling of the trial court and my case is pending transfer to the Supreme Court. The Appellate Court wrote, “During the pendency of the proceedings, Daniel posted information concerning the dissolution on his website and blog, in response to which [Wife] sought a protective order and a temporary restraining order on more than one occasion.” My ex-wife filed one motion for a restraining order and, following a hearing, the motion was denied because the internet content was neither dangerous to my children nor harassing to their mother. For whatever reason, the Appellate Court fabricated the information regarding the numerous restraining orders in an apparent attempt to demonize my public writings even after the trial court previously denied the one and only motion requesting the Court to remove the writings. The Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s ruling on July 20, 2010. The Supreme Court appeared on my website on July 20, 21, and 22. When I filed a petition for a rehearing, the Appellate Court denied the petition on September 8, 2010. After staying away from my website for over a month, the Supreme Court reappeared on September 9, 2010; the day after the Appellate Court filed its opinion.

As there are not any guidelines on how to deal with the Supreme Court investigating ex parte evidence, I am contacting different entities and agencies in an effort to find the appropriate course of action to handle the matter. I am trying to discern whether this matter should be handled by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Governor’s office, or possibly an agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If there are questions of whether the IP addresses belong to individual justices, the subpoenaing of web histories, emails, etc… would determine exactly who has been following my internet writings while my case has been pending. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would hope that the state will act immediately to help protect the integrity of Indiana’s court system. Thank you.


Daniel P. Brewington

Governor Mitch Daniels
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

FBI Indianapolis Field Office
575 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.321.6193 (fax)

Mr. F. Aaron Negangard
Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor
215 West High Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
812.537.4295 (fax)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dr. Edward J Connor is at it again. He's tattling on me.

On Wednesday I had a court hearing to approve the psychiatrist that I chose to perform a mental health evaluation of me in order to determine if I present a possible danger to my children or their mother. The girls’ mother has been objecting to my choice of psychiatrist because she believes that he may be biased. Of course she and her lawyer are basing my “potential danger” on psychological testing performed by Dr. Edward J. Connor. One of the more interesting things I learned on Wednesday is that while opposing counsel, Angela G. Loechel, was arguing that my mental health expert may be biased, while she continues to correspond with their original “unbiased” expert, Dr. Connor, in an effort to harm my children and keep them fatherless.

A couple weeks ago I was invited to go to a court hearing in Campbell County, Kentucky where Dr. Connor would be testifying. I was curious to hear what kind of “unorthodox” psychological jargon Dr. Connor could come up with in a different hearing. In the hearing Dr. Connor recommended that the parents alternate custody every year; one parent has custody one year and the other parent the next. It truly gave me additional insight into the disturbing practices of Dr. Edward J. Connor. Dr. Connor stated that the parents couldn’t get along well enough to share custody of their child so he suggested that they switch every year. In theory, each parent would have the authority to put the child into a different school every other year. But that’s what Dr. Connor does. He just writes and testifies to whatever he wants and he is never held accountable for his actions. Unfortunately, Dr. Connor was held publicly accountable for his actions that day because I went home and wrote about his ridiculous statements, and Dr. Connor went home and did what he does best; tries to seek revenge on me.

I have invited Dr. Edward J. Connor on numerous occasions to sue me and/or have me arrested if he believes I am guilty of anything. If Dr. Connor felt that I was a threat, he should seek a restraining order against me. If he thinks my writings are slanderous, he should sue me. What did Dr. Connor do after he and I appeared in a Kentucky courtroom at the same time? Dr. Connor tried to get me in trouble by contacting opposing counsel, Angela G. Loechel. Dr. Connor has to resort to tattling on me because he cannot sue me or have me arrested. If Dr. Connor initiated any criminal or civil proceedings against me, Dr. Connor would have to take responsibility for his actions in front of a jury. Any legal action taken against me could lead to criminal action against Dr. Connor. That’s why Dr. Connor lies in the shadows and takes shots at me from afar; he knows that his has conducted himself in an illegal manner.

In Wednesday’s hearing, Ms. Loechel went on and on as if I was the next coming of Charles Manson. She argued that my chosen psychiatrist would be biased. She said her client did a lot of research and came up with her own expert whom she felt was better qualified to perform the evaluation. I can see why she would want to go with her selection. The last “impartial” expert whom she and her attorney suggested was Dr. Connor, and Ms. Loechel is still working with Dr. Connor in an effort to get more information to help keep my children fatherless. Dr. Connor is no longer involved in my case. The fact that I attended a hearing in Campbell County, Kentucky has nothing to do with the safety of my children. It has more to do with the job security of people like Dr. Edward J. Connor and Angela Loechel. Ms. Loechel knows that there is no evidence that I have ever presented a danger to my children yet she continues to protect Dr. Connor despite knowing that Dr. Connor has operated in an illegal manner. Ms. Loechel and her client have spent the last fifteen months fighting to protect Dr. Connor’s case file because they know that the release of the file will demonstrate that my children lost a father due to the corrupt actions of a few professionals.

What it all comes down to is Dr. Edward J. Connor is a disturbed and dangerous psychological “expert” who is protected by people like Angela Loechel because they have the opportunity to obtain custom tailored reports and they have the ability to work with Dr. Connor to suppress evidence. While these people are playing their professional games, my children are suffering. Dr. Connor is a pathetic and cowardly man who knows that he has broken the law. Dr. Connor has contacted judges, lawyers, and prosecutors, in at least two different states in his attempts to harm my children and me. Rather than file civil or criminal action, Dr. Connor has to resort to tattling and interfering with legal hearings. The worst part is that Angela Loechel will continue to present writings like this to the Court in an attempt to demonstrate how my writings, which deal with the illegal conduct of professionals in the family court system, somehow make me dangerous to my children. Keep tattling Dr. Connor because that’s all you can do while you wait until states terminate your ability to continue practicing psychology and harming children. It’s only a matter of time before it is discovered that Ms. Loechel’s professional “expert” is a criminal and it will demonstrate how Ms. Loechel and her client capitalized on Dr. Connor’s illegal conduct to deprive my children of a father. Don’t worry girls, Daddy loves you and will keep fighting to protect your ability to grow up with both parents.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Yesterday I attended my oldest daughter's parent/teacher conferences. (My youngest daughter's school has not returned any of my correspondence despite the fact that I am entitled to my children's school records per the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) I found out that she is doing very well in school and the teachers enjoy having her as a student. I met with her regular teacher as well as her gym, art, music, and computer teachers.

I'm not sure how much of my situation they are aware of, but this year's conferences were much different than last year. Last year the school tried to obstruct my access to my daughter's educational activities. I can understand how there could be some concern as my ex-wife is fairly convincing in her stories of how she thinks that I "may" be dangerous, but the school's policy states that they will provide the student's records to both parents unless there is a protective order stating otherwise. There was, and still is, no protective order so I continued to be persistent in staying engaged in my daughter's scholastic life. It was only after I mentioned consulting a lawyer that the school began to provide me with some of my daughter's records. Last year, the parent/teacher conferences had a heavy fog of tension in the air. This year was much different.

Yesterday's conferences went very well. Last year the school principal kind of gave the impression that she felt that I was some kind of diabolical madman who was on a lifelong quest to terrorized the mother of my children. This year I was treated like a parent. I guess the principal figured out that I wasn't attending parent/teacher conferences to further an evil plot to take over the world; I was just there to check on my daughter's progress like any other parent. I don't know what she told the other teachers about my situation but they were very calm and relaxed. They obviously didn't appear threatened by my presences and they didn't contact the police as my ex-wife instructed them to do. I don't know if the principal told them that I wasn't able to see the children. Maybe the principal told them that I am not the madman that my ex-wife continues to portray me to be. Maybe the school has figured out the tragic reality that my daughter was deprived of a father out of the spiteful and vindictive actions of others. I do know that the mood definitely changed.

My daughter is doing great in school. Her gym teacher said she was fearless. When I told him about some of the more extreme activities that we did, he smiled and said that he figured that had probably been the case. He said my daughter sometimes finds the gym activities to be boring. He thought that she may have been exposed to a higher level of physical challenge. In fact all the teachers said she welcomed a challenge. That's we always worked on. We competed in almost every aspect of life. Running to the car, video games, playing soccer, dance contests... you name it. We also focused on how we shouldn't blame other people for problems; because it's easier just to fix them and move on.

The most bittersweet moment of the conference was when her computer teacher said she was way ahead of the other children. The teacher said my daughter finished her work early that day and was helping other classmates with their computers. She said my daughter even knew how to do basic tasks on Microsoft Word like changing fonts. Of course she does. I taught her how to do that when she printed out name tags for her pre-school class nearly two years ago. My daughters were taken from me when they were 3 and 5 years of age and they already had their own laptops and knew how to navigate between some web pages. The depressing thing about my daughter's advanced computer skills is that I was punished for teaching my daughters how to use computers. Page 6 of the final decree states that I was "even instructing the children on how to use computers and to access the internet." Rather than assume that I was teaching my children the skills necessary to excel in life, they just assumed that it was part of my diabolical scheme to teach the children how to use computers and read at a high level so they would be able to read my internet content in a few years. Why would I want to waste time teaching my daughters how to read the websites that I have created when I could be teaching them how to design their own websites? Whatever the case is, not only is my daughter ahead of the other kids in her computer class, she understands her responsibility to help others along.

Things are definitely moving forward. I would hate to waste the time of my daughter's teachers but if my ex continues to claim that I present any emotional or physical danger to my children, I'll have to subpoena the teachers to testify as to how my daughter is confident, caring, and fearless, and demonstrate how many of our old activities helped my daughter excel in the things that she is doing now. Obviously I contributed something to the development of my daughters as it is evident that my oldest daughter is benefitting from the things that she learned from her father before he was taken away over a year ago. That's why I have to continue to work to get back into their lives so I can continue to contribute. Don't worry girls, daddy is still working hard to be your dad.

Sometimes Ed says the craziest things.

I sat in on a court hearing a few days ago where Dr. Edward J Connor, a psychologist/custody evaluator in the Greater Cincinnati Area, testified in a child custody hearing in Campbell County, Kentucky. Dr. Connor seemed rather surprised to see me and after we first made eye contact, he made a conscience effort not to look at me again. He seemed a little nervous and from a psychological standpoint he probably should have been. As a psychologist, he probably believes that aggression or violence would be a common reaction for parents who had their children ripped from them without any warning or justifiable reason. As Dr. Connor was the one who maliciously attacked my credibility in an effort to hurt my children and me after I informed the public that Dr. Connor conducted himself in an unethical and illegal manner, he was probably concerned that I would be in the majority of parents who would have let anger take over. Fortunately for Dr. Connor, I do not fit into the demographic that would want to cause physical harm to someone who lied to hurt their children. I was just taking a legal approach to getting a better perspective of how Dr. Connor operates in other situations.

When Dr. Connor testified, he was rather quiet and his answers were short and simple. For a while, he really sounded like a very credible professional expert, until he uttered his custody recommendation. Dr. Connor testified that the parents were probably not able to communicate well enough for joint custody to work effectively. So he recommended that both of the parents should have full custody. No kidding.

I know, I know; you're asking, "how in the hell can both parents have full custody of one pre-teen child?" It's easy. Dr. Connor testified that he believed that custody should alternate from year to year. That's right. One parent this year and then the other parent the next. I'm sure that would resolve conflict. For those who think that I may have heard it wrong, believe me I didn't. I was just as shocked as you are. Dr. Connor claimed that he never made a recommendation like that before but thought it might work out in that situation. Nothing screams potential conflict like "Bye sweetie, it's time for your mom/dad to make all of the decisions this year. We'll do it my way again next year."

And people wonder why the family court system is so messed up. I have no idea how much the parents had to pay for this recommendation. Why do judges like Gayle Hoffman feel the need to appoint experts just to find out if there are conflicts between the parents? Rather than do her job that she is paid very well to do, Hoffman just pushed the responsibility off to another party. Judges like Hoffman like to point fingers at parents for wasting time and money during custody disputes, yet the judges are the ones who force parent to go to "experts" like Dr. Connor where they have to pay for the evaluation, pay to correct the evaluation, pay to dispute or present the evaluation, and then pay for Dr. Connor's appearance in Court so everyone can hear what ridiculous solution that Dr. Connor dreamed up to solve the problem. Obviously Judge Hoffman didn't follow the recommendation because it was probably the dumbest thing that she ever heard. So what does Judge Hoffman do? She berated the parents, one more than the other, because they had wasted so much time and money. Dr. Connor testified that he had been appointed by the Court to conduct three evaluations/updates of the child and parents. Three evaluations and several thousand dollars later, Dr. Connor concluded that the child's best interest would be best served by magically turning the kid into a tennis ball and serving the kid up at Wimbledon. Judge Gayle Hoffman was angry with the parents for wasting the Court's time. Maybe Judge Hoffman should have pointed her finger at herself and the Court for wasting everyone's time by sending the parents to Dr. Edward J Connor.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have a lot to be thankful for on my birthday

I have been receiving many birthday greetings today from my friends on Facebook. Why am I getting so many greetings? It may have to do with the fact that they all love me; or it could be due to the fact that I have shamelessly plugged my birthday for the last couple days and I have reminded people not to forget to send their greetings to me. That's why I love my friends. They understand me. They understand it's not actually about the number of birthday well wishers, or my quest for the Facebook record of happy birthday greetings; it's just about nothing. A break from daily life to do something that is, for a lack of a better term, "innocently stupid".

This is the 2nd Annual Dan Brewington Birthday Greetingathon. I've advertised that all greetings will help protect the environment of the "endangered" Ohio River carp. There are probably as many carp in the Ohio River as there are rocks. If you find yourself thinking that it doesn't make sense, you are right on track. It makes no sense whatsoever. Why would a 37 year old man have a birthday greeting telethon to help save fish in the Ohio River that aren't even an endangered species? Because it makes some of my friends laugh. It makes some of them smile. I'm sure it makes some of them shake their heads and say "that's just Dan". Whatever the reaction is, my friends understand that it isn't about me; it's about us. I've received greetings from old friends and new friends, parents of friends (who are actually friends as well) and friends of friends that I don't really know. People are rolling up their sleeves for a minute of their day to be a part of something that is wonderfully non-sensical. The best birthday gift that I can receive (despite the obvious) is just the thought of knowing that I made someone smile during the course of their daily life. It's the least I can do for all of the support that my friends have given me over the past couple years. So in honor of all my gracious friends, don't forget to stop by on November 16, 2011 so you can attend the 3rd Annual Dan Brewington Birthday Greetingathon. I love you guys.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lawrenceburg Lawyer Thomas Blondell, sharing his "talents" with Ohio County Indiana. Another bad lawyer working for the government.

The legal community in Southeastern Indiana never ceases to amaze me. It was recently brought to my attention that Lawrenceburg attorney Thomas Blondell is now working on behalf of Ohio County, Indiana. Ohio County is the next county down the Ohio River from Dearborn County. Because of the county’s small size, Judge James D. Humphrey and Prosecutor Aaron Negangard serve Ohio County as well as Dearborn County. I guess s@#T isn’t the only thing that floats downstream.

Some of you whom have been following me for some time may remember that Thomas Blondell, formerly of Wood Lamping and Lehner, served as my second lawyer in my divorce. Mr. Blondell “fired” me after becoming upset with me after I picketed my former lawyer’s office. I retained Mr. Blondell’s services in March 2007 after Amy Streator, of Kellerman Law Offices in Batesville, Indiana, failed to file accurate and complete documents with the Ripley County Court. At the time I had asked Thomas Blondell if there was anything he could do to take action against my former lawyer. Mr. Blondell looked at me as if I just requested him to perform brain surgery on a Burmese Python. “I don’t know. I don’t handle lawyer malpractice.” Then he told me that he didn’t mind if I pursued the issue on my own. He told me that I could contact the bar. Nearly a year later, Mr. Blondell sent me an email stating, “Last Friday I attended Jack Kellerman's bar service in Ripley County and was informed that you have been "picketing" your prior counsel's office. Please confirm whether you are engaging in this practice and send me a copy of the 9 page letter you sent to Ms. Streator demanding payment in the amount of $4,000.00, so I may retain a copy in the file.”

Apparently Thomas Blondell did care if I handled the situation on my own. Lawyers like Thomas Blondell and Amy Streator go through life without any worries about being held accountable for their actions. Mr. Blondell told me that I could contact the Indiana Bar Association about the matter. Somehow Mr. Blondell failed to inform me that the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission was the appropriate place to file a complaint. I questioned why Mr. Blondell and Ms. Streator felt that it was necessary to discuss the matter at the funeral service of Amy Streator’s father, Jack Kellerman. I also questioned why Thomas Blondell would have a problem with someone picketing a law firm. Mr. Blondell responded (in large print),

“You still did not answer my question as to whether you picketed her office or attempted to settle your claim for $4,000.00. And, by the way...I am a card carrying member of an elite group of national attorneys, "The First Amendment Lawyers Association"....a group of @ 150 attorneys who cover and protect First Amendment issues throughout the country and am well aware of your ability to exercise your rights.”

“I have no problem with you trying to settle a claim, but it does cause concern when I discover that you..or someone you know... or maybe no one you know, pickets a law firm. I think that it is important to know and understand my clients and try to assist them any way I can..and their honesty provides me great insight into their thought process and motivation.”

Mr. Blondell, who would not return calls and who never had the nerve to talk about the situation in person, stated that he was well aware of rights to free speech because he was a card carrying member of an elite group of national attorneys, "The First Amendment Lawyers Association”....a group of [about] 150 attorneys who cover and protect First Amendment issues throughout the country.” Mr. Blondell was a member of an “elite” group of national attorneys who protect First Amendment rights across the country; unless those constitutional rights conflicted with the practices of other lawyers.

Mr. Blondell later fired me citing “communication” problems. I get that a lot. When people become backed into corners because of their own actions, they claim that it’s due to my communication deficiencies. What seemed to infuriate Thomas Blondell the most is when I informed Mr. Blondell that it may be a conflict of interest for him to be a member of the “elite” First Amendment Lawyers Association while being a school board member for the St. Lawrence Catholic School because lawyers associated with the Association often protect the rights of groups and speak at conferences associated with “Sex in Video Games”, “The War on Porn, Public Enemy Number 1, You”, “Gentleman’s Club Expo”, “Adult Entertainment Expo”, “The Everything to do with Sex Show”, FetishCon (the largest bondage show on the East Coast) and others. Mr. Blondell was seemed upset that I raised the issue concerning the conflicts between the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis and protecting the rights of sexual bondage trade shows. Less than two weeks after Thomas Blondell informed me that he was a card carrying member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, Mr. Blondell sent me a letter stating, “As far as my affiliation with the First Amendment Lawyers Association, I don’t believe that you should have any concern regarding what organizations I belong to or what boards I serve upon.” But you brought it up Tom. Mr. Blondell went on to write, “Considering the information and knowledge you obtained surfing the internet, I am certain that you discovered the wide variety of speech, conduct, actions and activities covered under the purview of the First Amendment.”

Blondell didn’t fire me because of communication problems; he fired me because he didn’t want to challenge Dr. Connor. He was also mad because I debunked his bulls#@t by searching the internet. Some lawyers do not like it when their clients question their authority; especially when the lawyer isn’t telling the truth. Dr. Connor released his child custody evaluation on August 29, 2007 and Blondell did everything in his power in not addressing it. Blondell claimed that he didn’t know if the evaluation was bad because he wasn’t a psychologist. Blondell never attempted to get a copy of the case file. Then he spent nearly half of a year “trying” to find another custody evaluator. When Blondell sent me a copy of a proposal to appoint Cincinnati psychologist Stuart Bassman to perform an evaluation, I informed Blondell that Dr. Bassman no longer performed custody evaluations. After charging me for drawing up a legal pleading to appoint a psychologist who did not perform custody evaluations, Blondell charged me for writing a letter to inform me that Stuart Bassman did not perform custody evaluations. Didn’t I just say that?

Blondell was a hard man to find after he fired me. When I went to his office to obtain a copy of my legal file, I was notified that Mr. Blondell was no longer with Wood Lamping and Lehner. The office worker was not aware of my file because Mr. Blondell did not mention my case in his move to, what is now, Zerbe, Garner, Miller, and Blondell. Mr. Blondell never intended to be a partner in the firm because the day that he fired me was the day he registered to run in the Democratic primary for the Dearborn County Superior Court. Some of the members of his new firm were providing financial backing for the election. Fortunately Blondell lost in the primary to Barbara Wyly. Fortunately Barbara Wyly lost to John Cleary. Barbara Wyly once told me that she never had any problems with Dr. Connor. I believe she has a pretty good understanding of how crooked Dr. Connor is; she, like Blondell, just didn’t want to upset the ox cart.

Did Thomas Blondell and I have a bad lawyer/client relationship? Not until I picketed Amy Streator’s office. Less than two weeks before Blondell contacted me about my dealings with Amy Streator, he emailed me a video titled, “dumb ass of the year award”. The video was of a teenager trying to shoot a bottle rocket out of his rectum. One of the boy’s friends was holding his legs while the other lit the rocket sticking out of the boy’s rectum. The rocket was lodged in his rectum far enough that the rocket did not take off; it just release a shower of sparks on the kid’s backside while his friend held his feet and wouldn’t let go. I didn’t really think it was appropriate for Thomas Blondell to send it to a client but it definitely would lend weight to the argument that Mr. Blondell must have felt pretty comfortable with the lawyer/client relationship between the two of us if he believed that it was all right to send a video of a teenager being sodomized by a bottle rocket.

Now Ohio County, Indiana employs Thomas Blondell. I’m trying to figure out what kind of resume that a lawyer has to have to be employed by Dearborn and Ohio Counties. A lawyer probably has to list at least five instances of illegal conduct so the counties know that the lawyer can “play ball.” You have to feel comfortable with going after law abiding citizens if you want to work for the county. Don’t expect Ohio County to do anything to right the situation because I’m sure that they got exactly what they were looking for, in Thomas Blondell. Hell, Negangard probably runs that county as well. What people can do is avoid lawyers like Thomas Blondell (of Zerbe, Garner, Miller, and Blondell) so they are not victims of false billing and vindictive behavior. Don’t get me wrong, Thomas Blondell will fight for your rights; just as long as your rights do not conflict with his friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Leverage is relative.

Occasionally the time comes when the people who think they have all of the leverage in the world, suddenly turn around to find out that their power is gone. Honesty eventually prevails. Pathetic last ditch efforts to save face are just that; pathetic. One of the reasons I always tell the truth, besides the fact that telling the truth is the right thing to do, is that it is impossible to "catch" me in a lie. It works out well in the long haul. The "he may be capable of doing something wrong" argument doesn't work outside of Judge Humphrey's courtroom. It definitely won't work in front of a jury. To the people who continue to live in a dreamworld where they believe that I may present a possible danger to anyone, the dream is almost over. The bad thing is the nightmare is about to begin because more and more people are beginning to understand that there are individuals who have spent the past year lying and cheating in an effort to keep my two little girls fatherless. I couldn't imagine having to explain to a judge/jury why someone would hurt little children by lying, just to punish the children's father. Those people should have followed my "no lie" philosophy because I never have to worry about getting caught not telling the truth. Building power upon a lie is like constructing a building on a foundation made of clay; sooner or later it is going to crumble and fall. Have a nice day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My daughter's preschool threatened to expel her because I requested records per the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act

Threatening (adj) - 1) Tending or intended to menace 2) Causing alarm, as by being imminent; ominous; sinister. That’s the definition provided by That’s also the word that my youngest daughter’s preschool used in describing my behavior in my request for my daughter's records.

I recently found out that “someone” was trying to hold me in contempt of court and one of the issues was that I contacted my daughters’ schools. The Parent/Student handbook of my oldest daughter’s school states, “The school abides by the provisions of the Buckley Amendment with respect to the rights on non-primary caregiving parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary, St. XX School will provide the non-primary caregiving parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child. If there is a court order specifying that there is to be no information given, it is the responsibility of the primary caregiver to provide the school with an official copy of that court order.” The Buckley Amendment is the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) which states that parents are entitled to their children’s school records unless there is a court order stating otherwise. St. XX School has been providing me with the school records of my oldest daughter. My other daughter’s preschool, XX child care and kindergarten, has failed to respond to my correspondence.

Apparently my daughter’s preschool has threatened to expel my daughter because they do not want “to be involved in domestic disputes and put [their] staff in situations that [they] feel uncomfortable.” The school director went on to state in the letter my ex-wife submitted to Court, “We understand the need for a parent to be involved in the life of their children; however, going about it in a threatening manner seems counterproductive. We are asking for a swift resolution to this situation in order to maintain your children’s enrollment in this center.”

Nothing says “no child left behind” more than “we will expel your children if their parents do not get along.” Over the course of a year, I have sent the school approximately three letters requesting my daughter’s records and an appointment to meet with my daughter’s teacher. After my daughter’s first day of school this year, her mother sent me a pamphlet from my daughter’s teacher that stated, “Education is a partnership between home and school. I value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with me. In order for this partnership to be effective, we need to be able to communicate.” “Please feel free to call the school or write a note if you have concerns or questions about your child. I am available at 12:30 p.m. each day for a phone call or conference.”

I wrote three letters and the school never responded. I phoned the school last year but the director never returned my call. My oldest daughter’s school provided me with copies of her records which included a photo of me and a note from my ex-wife informing the school to please call the police if I appeared at the school for any reason. Since there were no orders preventing me from going to the school and obtaining my daughter’s records, the school could have been liable for damages if I was falsely imprisoned on behalf of my ex-wife’s “orders”. On September 28, 2010, I wrote a letter to my youngest daughter’s school stating, “Please note that there are no protective orders that prevent me from visiting my daughters’ school and any legal action taken against me based on the erroneous claims of the children’s mother, will be grounds for civil action.”

My statement was not menacing. Stating that I would take civil action against the school if the school did something illegal should not cause alarm; unless of course the school did something improper. Either way, there was nothing harassing about it. If the school would have complied with the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act and released my daughter’s information as required, there wouldn’t have been any problems. Now the school that didn’t want to get involved has to get involved, because people will have to testify as to what part of my “behavior” was threatening. If the school did find me to be threatening, why didn’t the school file for a protective order to protect the welfare of the children at the school? If the school exaggerated or fabricated their claims and their slanderous statement causes damages, they may be facing legal action.

Now my daughter’s future at that particular preschool hangs in the balance. The school claims that if I tell them that I will seek civil action if they do something illegal; they will expel my daughter. Their refusal to provide me with my daughter’s records is a violation of the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act. I guess in a way, it’s a form of extortion. “If you say that you are going to sue us for doing something illegal, then we will kick your daughter out of school and we will tell the Court that you are threatening us.” The people who believe that I may pose an emotional risk to my daughters are the same people who will kick my daughter out of school because I told the school that I will hold them legally accountable for illegal actions. Dr. Connor once claimed that I was the one who couldn’t communicate. Maybe no one else could understand me because I was being too rational. Who knows? I do know that I love my little girls more than anything and I will never stop fighting to protect their ability to grow up with both parents.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It looks like the Indiana Supreme Court is cheating again

On October 8th, my lawyer filed a petition to transfer my case to the Indiana Supreme Court. Like clockwork, an IP address from the Supreme Court appears on my website. The same thing happened when my case was in the appellate court. I thought this was the land of the free and home of the brave or something. I thought we had the greatest court system in the world. This is what they want you to think. The Indiana Courts want you to think that justice is blind while they are Googleing ex parte evidence during legal hearings. Word to the wise, stay away from Indiana Courts

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why I will not be voting anymore.

Dear political candidates,

I am a 36 year old male with a college degree with no criminal or violent history and I am writing you and other elected officials to inform you that I probably will not be voting anymore. I have always been a socially conscience person and have participated in politics nearly all of my life. A year before I was born, my parents purchased their home and “inherited” the polling that took place in their basement from the previous owner. I used to get excited about sneaking into the basement on election days because a neighbor working the polls would show me how to vote. In 1981, elections moved out of our basement when my mother decided to run for city council. Even at an early age, I was involved in campaign fundraisers and door to door “lit drops”. I can remember being excited to vote for the first time in a presidential election in 1992. I’ve worked the polls for school levies. Unfortunately I have lost interest in voting. I have found that it doesn’t matter whom I vote for or which party I vote for because no one is interested in protecting my right to be a father. No one is interested in protecting my rights to defend my ability to be a father. I was blamed for dragging out my divorce because I questioned the ex parte communication between the judge and the custody evaluator even after the judge recused himself for violating the Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct relating to ex parte communication. I was punished because I pointed out that the court and its unlicensed psychological expert were breaking the rules. I’ve tried to reach out to both Democrat and Republican elected officials but they say there is nothing that they can do. If elected officials cannot protect my children from judicial abuse, then what’s the point of voting? Education, health care, and the economy are irrelevant issues when compared to the fact that I am not able to see my children.

On August 18, 2009, Dearborn County (IN) Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey (R) terminated all of my visitation time with my three and five year old daughters. Prior to the termination of my parenting time, I had always played an equal role in raising my children. No one accused me of ever neglecting or abusing my children or their mother. There were no reports from the police or social services. I had a spotless parenting record. The custody evaluator, Dr. Edward J. Connor, recommended that the children’s mother have full custody but I should be able to continue to care for my daughters three days a week. It was only after I requested a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file that I became a “potential” hazard to my children’s emotion well being.

If a parent doesn’t have a constitutional right to be a part of their children’s lives, they should have a constitutional right to be able to properly defend their ability to be part of their children’s lives. On August 29, 2007, Dr. Edward J. Connor released his child custody evaluation report. On February 21, 2008, Dr. Connor contacted Ripley County (IN) Circuit Judge Carl H. Taul (D) to inform Judge Taul that Dr. Connor wanted to offer additional evaluation sessions because Dr. Connor claimed that his report contained “numerous errors and oversights”.[1] Dr. Connor also stated that the parties were responsible for paying for the additional sessions to correct Dr. Connor’s “numerous errors and oversights”. When I requested a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file from his evaluation report, per Dr. Connor’s contract and Indiana law, Dr. Connor sent a letter stating that he could not release the file. When I reminded Dr. Connor that his contract stated that I was entitled to the file, Dr. Connor stated that he would be “happy” to release the file to me once he confirmed that I was representing myself. After more ex parte communication with Judge Taul, Dr. Connor stated that he “interpreted” Judge Taul’s ruling to be that I was only entitled to the evaluation report and not the case file. In a letter to Judge Taul, dated April 16, 2008, Dr. Connor stated that his contract did state that the parties were entitled to the case file but he was not going to release the file to me because I did not have a lawyer. When I brought the matter to the Court, Judge Taul stated that the “Order to the Doctor to release was to release that which he was obligated to do under Kentucky law.”[2] Judge Taul stated that he was not going to undertake ordering Dr. Connor to release Dr. Connor’s case file because Judge Taul stated he was not familiar with Kentucky law. On August 4, 2008, Dr. Connor stated in a letter that state and HIPAA laws prevented him from releasing the case file. During a hearing on November 24, 2008, Judge Taul claimed that he ruled that I was not entitled to Dr. Connor’s case file.[3] On December 5, 2008, Judge Taul recused himself from the case.

Judge James D. Humphrey took over as Special Judge after the recusal of Judge Taul. Judge Humphrey denied my ability to review Dr. Connor’s case file. Over two and a half months after the final hearings of my divorce, without warning, Judge Humphrey terminated all of my parenting time with my children based on the testimony of Dr. Edward J Connor. Prior to Judge Humphrey’s order, no one had suggested that my parenting be terminated. Judge Humphrey wrote, “According to Dr. Connor’s testimony, Husband’s writings[4] are similar to those of individuals who have committed horrendous crimes against their families.” None of these alleged writings were submitted as evidence and Judge Humphrey also wrote, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor.” When Dr. Connor began providing false information as to why he would not release the case file, I developed a website to share the information. There were no reports or testimony that I had ever placed my children in any emotion or physical danger yet Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time because I publicized the actions of the Court’s expert.

Since the termination of my parenting time, I have run into several obstacles in trying to see my children. Judge Humphrey stated that I had to undergo another mental health evaluation, Dr. Connor’s evaluation report made no mention of me being a dangerous parent, by a mental health professional that first had to be approved by the Court. Judge Humphrey claimed he did not have the jurisdiction over the matter while the case was with the Indiana Court of Appeals. Judge Humphrey decided that he did have jurisdiction after I retained a lawyer. On March 17, 2010, Judge Humphrey set a hearing for June 13, 2010, on the approval of a psychiatrist. Just five days before the June 13, 2010 hearing, Judge Humphrey recused himself. Judge Humphrey informed my lawyer that there was an ongoing investigation that pertained to me.

On October 8, 2009, I was informed by Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit Detective Mike Kreinhop that I was under investigation for my internet writings. On November 2, 2009, Detective Kreinhop, who is currently the Republican candidate for Dearborn County Sheriff, drove to my mother’s house to speak to me. Detective Kreinhop tried to convince me that it was probably better that I did not pursue Dr. Connor because it would be better if I hired a lawyer to challenge Dr. Connor’s unethical and/or illegal practices. Detective Kreinhop refused to tell me any details of the investigation unless I would agree to meet in Dearborn County for questioning. I told Detective Kreinhop that my writings spoke for themselves and people could arrest me or sue me if I did something wrong, but I made sure that Detective Kreinhop was aware that any legal action against me would not go on without a jury of my peers. I did not hear anything about the investigation until Judge Humphrey recused himself. When I sent a request to Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard (R)[5] for the records concerning the investigation of my internet writings, Prosecutor Negangard wrote, “Pursuant to Indiana Law, Investigatory records are confidential and are not to be disclosed.”[6] When I notified Prosecutor Negangard and other elected officials about Prosecutor’s less than accurate account of the law, Prosecutor Negangard copied me to the following email:

Please be advised that Dan Brewington is currently under investigation by the Dearborn County Sheriff's department. Once he was advised of this by Judge James Humphrey who had to recuse himself from his case only recently he has attacked me or my office. [sic] I take this an effort to get me not to do my job of prosecuting those who violate the law.[sic] I assure you his efforts will not succeed. If he has violated the law then I will make every effort to prosecute him. However I will point out that this matter is still under investigation and until such time he is convicted he is presumed innocent. He is also incorrect regarding his request. He clearly asked for records pertaining to his investigation that are not to be disclosed under Indiana law. If any of you need any further information regarding this matter. Please do hesitate to contact me.[sic]

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry

Not only did Aaron Negangard continue to claim that Indiana law prohibited the release of investigatory records, but he accused me of undermining his ability to prosecute people who violate the law and threatened to “make every effort to prosecute” me if I violate the law. All of this came after I sent documentation to Prosecutor Negangard’s office regarding Dr. Connor’s conduct. Detective Kreinhop had previously informed me that Dr. Connor’s conduct violated interstate mail and wire fraud laws.

The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s ruling that I was not entitled to Dr. Connor’s case file. The Appellate Court wrote, “We first note that I.C. § 31-17-2-12(c) does not require that Dr. Connor’s entire case file be provided to Daniel. All items specified by statute were provided.” Not only did the Indiana Court of Appeals state that “the investigator’s file of underlying data and reports” in I.C. § 31-17-2-12(c) did not include Dr. Connor’s case file, the Court went on to state that I was provided with all of the information from Dr. Connor’s case file that were required by statute while knowing that it would be impossible to determine if the requirements of the statute were met without releasing the file, or having a Judge review the contents of the file under camera. The Court went on to write, “During the pendency of the proceedings, Daniel posted information concerning the dissolution on his website and blog, in response to which [Wife] sought a protective order and a temporary restraining order on more than one occasion.” My wife filed only one protective/restraining order, requesting the Court to force me to take down my internet writings. After an hour long hearing, the Court denied her motion because the information was neither harassing nor harmful to her or the children. The Indiana Court of Appeals fabricated the information about the multiple filings. The Court also ruled “panel per curiam” so the names of the judges would not appear on the ruling.

Why should I vote? I talked to Republican Indiana State Senator Johnny Nugent’s office and they said there was nothing that they could do. I sent information to Democratic Indiana State Reprehensive Bob Bischoff and also met Mr. Bischoff in person but Mr. Bischoff never responded to my correspondence. I wrote to both US Senators from Indiana, Richard Luger (R) and Evan Bayh (D). Senator Lugar was kind enough to respond but stated that there was nothing he could do. Evan Bayh didn’t bother to respond. I even contacted President Barack Obama about my situation. President Obama is always preaching the importance of fathers being involved in their children’s lives. He just doesn’t want to deal with hard part of ensuring that fathers have the opportunity to fairly defend their parenting ability in a courtroom in the United States.

Elected officials do not want to get involved with fixing this problem because it is messy. The more you look at the situation, the messier it gets. Judge Humphrey’s wife was one of four advisors on the Ethics and Professionalism Committee for the Indiana Supreme Court. When I instructed people to send letters of concern to the Ethics and Professionalism Committee advisor located in Dearborn County, I became the subject of a secret investigation. Why should Heidi Humphrey be immune from getting letters of concern that pertain to her husband? The Humphrey family should have considered the possibility of a conflict of interest before the wife of a sitting judge took the role as an advisor on the Ethics and Professionalism Committee for the Indiana Supreme Court. It appears that the Committee realized that there was in fact a conflict of interest. Within a month or two of the time I encouraged people to contact the advisor for the Ethics and Professionalism Committee that was located in Dearborn County, Becky Goshorn, Ann Heimann, JoAnn Heimann, and Heidi Humphrey were replaced by a staff attorney from the Indiana Supreme Court. It appears that they were all wives of judges. The next question is did Indiana Appellate Judge Margret G. Robb preside over my appeal because she was on the Ethics and Professionalism Committee when all of the judges’ wives were removed from the committee. Dearborn County has a few ties to the higher courts in Indiana as Former Dearborn County Superior Court Judge Michael Witte was named executive secretary to the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission this past May and Appellate Court Chief Justice John Baker is a native of Dearborn County.

Given the fact that the Indiana Appellate Court provided false information in their decision on my case, the above connections and events may seem a little suspicious. If you combine that with the fact that an IP address registered to the Indiana Supreme Court[7] is responsible for 187 hits and 33 page views on and has also visited, there definitely seems to be something wrong going on. So who do I go to? Do I appeal to the Supreme Court? It appears that they have already conducted their own investigation of my website. Should I contact law enforcement? The last time I did that, Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard threatened to make every effort to prosecute me if I violated the law. I contacted members of the state and US congress and I was either ignored or told that there was nothing that could be done. President Barack Obama, whom preaches about fathers stepping up and playing an important role in their children’s lives, never got back with me.

That pretty much sums up why I won’t be voting anytime soon. That does not mean that I am giving up on my children or my responsibility to help other children and parents, it just means that I am giving up on my hopes that elected officials will take action to protect children and families from judicial impropriety and abuse. I will continue to face the threat of the Indiana Courts using my children as a means of extortion to pressure me into removing my web content. I will continue to face threats of prosecution from Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard and his year-long ongoing investigation of my internet writings. I can tell you that I have published nearly 100,000 words on the internet and I have yet to be sued or arrested. Judge Humphrey ruled that the writings were not harmful to the children. If I made any threats, I would have been arrested immediately. It appears that the Indiana Courts are upset because I publicly challenged their authority and the courts continue to punish my children for my actions. The Indiana Courts refuse to allow me to have access to the evidence that was used to terminate my parenting time and the elected officials refuse to take any action. It’s always “that’s the judicial branch; I’m in a different branch of government.” I know; I took government class. Child abuse by the judicial system is still child abuse. Unfortunately elected officials turn their heads when judges abuse little children. I cannot bring myself to vote for people who turn their backs on children.

Please visit and for more information.


Dan Brewington

[1] Judge Taul was the original judge in my case but later recused himself after engaging in numerous ex parte communications with Dr. Connor.

[2] Quote from the June 13, 2008 hearing on the release of Dr. Connor’s case file. Judge Taul claimed that there was an order from his Indiana court that instructed Dr. Connor to follow Kentucky law. Dr. Connor was not licensed to practice psychology in the state of Indiana. No such order is on the record.

[3] Indiana Code 31-17-2-12 states that the evaluator’s report may not be dismissed as hearsay if the investigator makes available to counsel and to any party not represented by counsel: the investigator’s file of underlying data and reports; complete texts and diagnostic reports made to the investigator; the names and addresses of all persons whom the investigator has consulted.

[4] Dr. Connor alleged in his report that he found my writings to be confusing and difficult to follow and Dr. Connor alleged that he had difficulties in understanding me because Dr. Connor claimed I had “severe” ADHD.

[5] Prosecutor Aaron Negangard also heads the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit. The Special Crimes Unit was designed to investigate serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

[6] Prosecutor Negangard refers to IC 5-14-3-4(b) which states that investigatory records of law enforcement agencies are excepted from public release at the discretion of the public agency.

[7] The IP address belonging to the Indiana Supreme Court is To verify that the IP address is registered to the Indiana Supreme Court, go to and enter

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday. Daddy wishes he could be there

My daughter Mary turns seven today and I still can't see her and her sister. I still have a long hard battle in front of me because no one will let me see the evidence behind the court's findings that I have the potential to cause harm to my children. How does a father prove that he is not a potential danger to his children? I have a flawless parenting record, I've never been accused of abusing or neglecting my daughters, and during the course of a 2 1/2 year divorce, no one tried to modify or restrict my parenting time.

Judge Humphrey took away my children because he said that I may have the potential to harm them. He referred to Dr. Connor's testimony but wouldn't allow me to see Dr. Connor's records. How can I prove that I won't do something bad in the future; especially when there is no evidence that I did anything wrong in the first place? Dr. Connor testified that he thought that I "may" begin to coach my children against their mother. He was allowed to say these kinds of things and I had no way to dispute them. For some reason the fact that I never did these things was not sufficient to prove that I wouldn't do them in the future.

My ex wanted me out of my daughters' lives so she and Dr. Connor entered into different contracts and then used them to obstruct my access to evidence. When I questioned it, they attacked me. They claimed that the contract was the normal contract that was signed at the beginning of custody evaluations. Dr. Connor claimed that I couldn’t understand his policies no matter how many times he explained it to me. At the last minute, they said, "Oops, it was a mistake. Our bad" and then they claimed that I was paranoid because I felt they conspired against me. Dr. Connor said crazy things like my writings were similar to those of individuals who commit horrendous crimes against their families. My ex claimed that I became so verbally abusive that she had to take the children into the bathroom, lock the door, and run water in the tub and sing songs to the girls to block out the yelling. How do you refute lies like that? Bring in an FBI profiler to study my writings? If my ex was that afraid of me, why didn't she call 911? She didn't have any problems having me arrested for calling the girls on the phone, which was in line with the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Better yet, she told her story as if the locked bathroom door protected her and the children from terrible harm. As responsible parents, we always kept a key for the bathroom door handy in case the girls would lock themselves in. If her story was true, why wouldn’t I have unlocked the door? The better question is, if I was verbally abusive to the children or around the children, why was there no mention of my daughters ever being afraid or uncomfortable with me. In fact, Dr. Connor’s report stated that the girls were very comfortable with me and that I had excellent parenting skills. This is what I have to fight against. First they claimed that I didn't take the children to the doctor and then turned around and said that the only reason I took them to the doctor was to try to act like a primary parent. My ex said that the girls were not safe sleeping on the second floor at my house because I didn't properly block the steps. After I moved both of the girls' beds into my 15' x 25' bedroom and double gated the doorway, she expressed "concerns" about the girls' sleeping arrangements, but no one wanted to elaborate on what the "concerns" consisted of because there could be severe legal ramifications for "those kinds" of false accusations. When my ex claimed that I left firearms lying around the house after she filed for divorce, I bought a gun safe and moved my guns from the locked closet to the safe. Then I was accused of only getting the safe to appease her and she even listed the safe as a marital asset. In 2005, my ex called the police because she said I wouldn't let her leave with our daughter. When the police arrived, they made her leave, alone. When this was brought up in court, she and Dr. Connor claimed that the police officer, who is now the Sheriff of Ripley County, didn't ask her for her side of the story. When I received help from my mother during the divorce, they claimed I dumped my children on my mother. When my ex received help from her parents, they claimed it was necessary in order to help her out during the tough divorce. All of my "problems" were attributed to my "severe" ADHD. All of her problems were attributed to my "severe" ADHD. They said I did not take responsibility for my actions. They claimed that I was responsible for her problems. Now I have to overcome all of this without having access to the evidence that "supports" the allegations against me.

Here's my dilemma, for some reason showing up in court and demonstrating that I have never done any of the things that they say that I might do, is not a valid defense. No one ever claimed that I ever brought harm to my children; they just claimed that I "might" do it in the future. How long do I have to continue not harming or harassing people before a judge will determine that I am not going to begin to do the bad things that people are claiming that I “might” do? I don’t need a psychological evaluation; I need a fortune teller because I need someone who will testify that, in the future, I continue to conduct myself in a responsible and law abiding manner. Maybe by the time my daughters turn 18, people will realize that I have never nor will I ever do anything to hurt my children or anyone else. The people who are hurting my children are the people who are preventing my daughters from spending birthdays and holidays with their father. Happy 7th Birthday Mary. I’m still the kind and loving father that I was before the mean people took your daddy away. For more history on my story, go to

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Video of experiences that some people don't want my daughters to have with their dad

I was going through some old pictures and videos and I found this one of my daughters. Happy Dancing Girls. This video was taken less than a month before they were ripped from their father. Do you think these children appear to be abused or neglected? Of course not. My girls were independent and confident. They enjoyed being out with their dad. They could feed off of a crowd. My three year old even bowed when her "performance" was over. Three weeks later, their relationship with their dad was over.

There are mean people in this world. For those who look at my story and wonder what the "other side" is, I'll tell you what the "other side" consists of. It consists of a crooked judge named James D. Humphrey who became enraged because I questioned the ethics of his unlicensed professional, Dr. Edward J. Connor. Dr. Connor began attacking me when I brought attention to the fact that he wasn't licensed to practice psychology in the state of Indiana and Dr. Connor lied about not being able to release the case file from the custody evaluation. The other side of the story consists of a parent who maliciously had the children's father jailed for trying to maintain phone contact with the children. (the telecommunication harassment charge was dismissed and expunged.) The mean people continue to strive to keep my daughters fatherless by postponing hearings and driving up my costs. They would like nothing more than for me to go away. The mean people believe that emotionally traumatizing my children is a small price to pay for punishing me.

The absolute worst case scenario of the "other side of the story" would be that the children were not safe in my care. If that was the case, then why didn't the court grant supervised visitation? Let's not forget that Judge James D. Humphrey waited 2.5 months after the final hearing to terminate my parenting time. If he thought that I was dangerous to my children, why did he allow me to continue to care for my daughters in the 2.5 months after the final hearing? The better question is, why did Judge Humphrey terminate my parenting time when even Dr. Connor testified that I could care for my daughters three days a week? There are mean people in the world, but I am not one of them. If I was, they would have forced me to stop writing about my situation.

If anyone related to my case sees this post, I hope they understand that the two little girls in the video lost the ability to have that kind of fun with their dad because their dad fought to protect their rights to grow up with both parents. Unfortunately, Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, and their mother felt that punishing their dad was more important than having a dad. Don't worry girls, Daddy loves you and will always fight to be your dad.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How come the people at the 2010 NAS Jacksonville Air Show didn't have problems communicating with me?

Today I received an email from a Commander stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, thanking me for introducing him to a friend of mine. The Commander also thanked me for sending him some of my photos from the 2010 NAS Jacksonville Air Show this past weekend. I took the photos while I was working with the Continental Air Show Productions sound crew. I had a great time meeting new people and making new connections. It was great to get away from the daily pressures of trying to get back to my daughters, but it also makes returning to reality a little more frustrating.

I lost the ability to see my children because my ex-wife and Dr. Connor claimed that I had communication problems and that my writings were confusing and difficult to follow. The other reason I lost the ability to see my children was because I questioned how Dr. Connor came to his conclusions. How could someone like psychologist Dr. Edward J Connor claim that he could not communicate with me when no one over the weekend seemed to have any troubles? I had a great time talking to Commander Surgeoner and Lieutenant Chan. I talked Skyline Chili and Graeter's Ice Cream with a base supervisor who was from Covington, Kentucky. The air boss for the show is now a Facebook friend of mine and I have a standing invitation to fly in a B-25 airplane. This doesn't even take into account the fact that I hooked up with the Red Devils Parachute Freefall Display Team to shoot some footage that they may use in their yearly video. (Click here to see the video of Sergeant Scobie coming in for a fast landing.) The Red Devils are a division of the British Army, and some of the team members have even met Prince Charles. This doesn't even account for meeting people like the nice lady named Mary who worked in the hotel bar or the electrician named Roger who helped us on the ramp at the show. Mary called me "Dan the Man" and I had a good time joking with Roger while he was giving us a hand. While I wasn't working, I was taking pictures and video and burning them to disk for people while the show was going on.

Now I am back to reality. I have to go to court on November 24th to hear people argue about how I am a potential danger to my children even though those people won't let me see the evidence that they base their opinions on. I have to listen to people argue about how they have to make sure that I will continue to be the parent that I was and continue to not put my children in danger. Read that out loud to hear how outlandish that sentence is. What is even more surprising is the reaction that I get from people when they ask me what I do. "I'm working to bring attention to problems with the family court because I lost the ability to see my children." When they ask why, I simply tell them that custody evaluator Dr. Edward J Connor claimed that he had difficulties communicating with me and when I asked for the evidence behind his conclusions, he started to claim I was dangerous. Then I tell them how Judge Humphrey claimed that he was most concerned about my irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor. To say they are stunned is an understatement. They know what's going on. Everyone who hears my story knows. There are a few people in the world that don't want my children to have a dad because those people hate me. They don't care that my daughters love and miss their dad. If they truly believe that I am dangerous then they are mentally ill. But I keep trucking along and holding a place in my life for my girls when they are able to see their daddy. Someday when the people, who keep lying about me, realize that they are punishing two innocent children, I will be able to see my daughters. Until then, I'll just continue to communicate freely with people.