Monday, December 28, 2009

Say what Dr. Edward J Connor?

This is what happens when you catch a psychologist in a lie. They say stupid things while on the witness stand. When I asked Dr. Connor about a previous (bogus) statement about a document being "an adjunct document to the court order", Dr. Connor responded, "It's an adjunct--it's not an adjunct to a court order. It's--it's adjacent to what we do when people come in." -Dr. Connor in the transcript from the 5/27/09 final hearing in my divorce. This is the professional that Judge James D Humphrey sided with when he terminated my parenting time with my children. Judge Humphrey was protecting Dr. Connor not my children.

Dr. Connor also stated, "My concern, as this unfolded, was your demeanor and your tendency to distort information and use it to harm other people."

I think what Dr. Connor meant to say was "If I released the file to Mr. Brewington, he would tell the world about my demeanor and my tendency to distort information and how corrupt I am." Stay tuned for more illegal activity by Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates, as told by the court transcripts. Places like the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky should probably reconsider doing business with Dr. Connor because you may be liable for any damages resulting from any misconduct of Dr. Connor while working with the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky. Some professionals may want to contact the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and local courts to make them aware that it is going to become harder to protect Dr. Edward J Connor.

This is usually the point when Dr. Edward J Connor gets mad and tries to contact a judge or attorney in an effort to tattle on me. Wait until I post Dr. Connor's entire testimony on Poor Dr. Connor, always the victim.

Friday, December 25, 2009

"Have Fun This Holiday Season"

This is the message on the Christmas cards that my family and I received from my Ex-wife. The Christmas card had a picture of my children who my family and I haven't seen for over four months. This is the same woman who has refused to let me speak to my children on the phone since September 4, 2009. There is a picture of my children on the card and the card reads "Have fun this Holiday Season", from my Ex and my girls.

My Ex-wife said I was confrontational and unstable. She said that I was intimidating. Her family said some of the same things in the custody evaluation. My Ex and her family did everything in their power to make me out to be a bad father. They succeeded and as a result of their efforts, I have not seen my children in over four months. So what does she do at Christmas time? She sends cards with a picture of my girls that state, "Have fun this Holiday Season." The same person who worked to take away my little girls from me and my family is sending Christmas cards with her name on it. I would love to get pictures of the girls. My Ex didn't even send me a copy of my oldest daughter's kindergarten school picture. She sent copies to some of my family but not me. My oldest hasn't sent me one written letter since Judge James D Humphrey terminated my visitation. I receive letters written by my Ex that are "from" the girls.

My Ex stated in the custody evaluation that she thought I could have equal weekend time with the children "if I was stable." She even went as far as to sign extra documents during the child custody evaluation with Dr. Edward J Connor and successfully argued that the documents she signed prevented me from having access to the evaluation case file. She and Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates conspired to obstruct my access to the evaluation case file. My Ex and her family portrayed me as some kind of menacing madman. If she truly believed that I was dangerous and unstable, why would she be sending Christmas cards with pictures of my daughters to my family telling us to "Have Fun This Holiday Season"? Why does she continue to antagonize my family when she has the power to correct the situation to enable the girls to see their father? She doesn't want me to be a part of the girls' lives. She probably considers herself to be an independent single woman. She worked hard to make it that way.

This should serve as an important message for parents who are involved in a divorce and/or custody disputes. Don't use you children as ammunition. Don't use your children as bait. It's a bittersweet moment when you get the first picture of your children together in four months. You love to see your children but you remember how much it hurts that you haven't seen them. Every time I look at the picture of my girls, I have to read the Holiday Greeting from the person who refuses to let the children talk to me on the phone. If your wish is to hurt the other parent, be careful because your wish may come true and you may make your children fatherless.

I bet the girls had a good Christmas. I often wonder what her family thinks of the situation. I thought I had a good relationship with her extended family. They trusted me with their elderly uncle and his handicapped accessible van. They trusted me to give their children rides on four wheelers. They trusted me to watch their kids. I guess her extended family now believes that I am not capable of being a father to the girls just because my Ex says so. I couldn't imagine enabling my daughters to do what my Ex's family has enabled her to do. I would never lie about the father of my grandchildren just to help my daughter eliminate the father from the children's lives. That's what they did.

I made the most out of my Christmas. I had a good time spending Christmas with my family. We made the most out of Christmas despite not being able to see my daughters. The new year is coming and it will be a new year of opportunity and action. Hopefully it won't be long before a dad and his little girls are reunited. Merry Christmas my little angels, Daddy is still working hard to see you.

Dan Brewington

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keep the Emails Coming

So far the reaction from the new site ( has been positive. Feel free to contact me to let me know of any broken links, spelling errors, etc... If you'd like to share any information or experiences that you have had with Dr. Edward J Connor, Judge James D Humphrey, or any other individual in the family court system, I would be happy to hear it. There is no reason people should fear sharing their experiences in the family court system.

Thank you for your support.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The New Site is UP

Being a rookie to web design, I wasn't aware of a thing called browser compatibility and that Microsoft Publisher is not a good program to use if you want your website to work on a variety of web browsers. I bought Adobe Dreamweaver this past week and learned enough in time to get about half of the new version of the website I designed in the past month. I should be getting the rest up soon. Check it out. Thanks.

Friday, December 18, 2009

If you refer, retain, and/or appoint the services of Dr. Edward J Connor, you should take note.

It appears that I have struck a nerve with Dr. Edward J Connor Psy D, of Connor and Associates in Erlanger, Kentucky, by posting his conduct on the internet. Dr. Connor told one of my attorneys that there was a court order preventing him from releasing the case file from a child custody evaluation to me and then released a small portion of the case file to my other attorney. The Indiana trial courts would not protect my civil rights and the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and Attorney General Jack Conway will not protect my right to access my own health record so I am going to leave the writing of complaints up to the attorneys while I focus on telling people what goes on inside Dr. Connor's world and the people/organizations whom are affiliated with Dr. Connor. Consider it a Blogumentary. I'm going to send letters to people like the board members and donors of the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky, where Dr. Connor oversees the psychological staff. Places like the Children Home of Northern Kentucky can disregard my concerns but I will be posting the letters on this blog or my website so the public can see how they are affiliated with Dr. Connor. I will be posting letters that I received from the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and Kentucky Assistant Attorney General Mark Brengelman to give people an understanding of how the Board protected Dr. Connor, who testifies on behalf of the state of Kentucky in criminal and civil cases. I lost all visitation with my children based on the child custody evaluation of Dr. Edward J Connor. Dr. Connor claimed that he had a hard time understanding me and claimed my writings were confusing and difficult to follow. Dr. Connor will probably tell you that the remarks I've made about him are untrue and slanderous and Dr. Connor will use his authority to claim that I suffer from a plethora of psychological disorders. Please note in a letter to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology dated December 22, 2008, Dr. Connor wrote, "I have consulted with an attorney with regard to filing a restraining order against Mr. Brewington and/or filing charges of harassment, defamation of character or slander but have not taken these steps of yet and would prefer not to do so." Portraying himself as a victim is a common trait of Dr. Connor. I feel sure that Dr. Connor believed that I would not see a copy of the letter to the Board. After receiving a copy of Dr. Connor's letter through a public records request, I wrote Dr. Connor a letter encouraging him to have his lawyer refer any legal action directly to me. Nearly a year later, Dr. Connor has yet to follow through with his threats of legal action against me.

Dr. Connor will probably be (or has been) running some damage control resulting from the fallout of preparing a child custody evaluation that Dr. Connor claimed had "numerous errors and oversights." If Dr. Connor tries to tell you that I am unstable or dangerous, please keep in mind that there is no mention in Dr. Connor's child custody evaluation that I present any danger to my children or anyone else. I cared for my children nearly half the time over the course of a 2.5 year divorce without incident or injury only to have my parenting time ripped from me due to Dr. Connor's erroneous report and his ex parte communication with Judges. Dr. Connor began attacking me when I began requesting the case file from Dr. Connor's child custody evaluation report. I haven't seen my little girls in four months. I won't be able to see my 3 and 6 year old daughters at Christmas. Imagine the heartbreak of not being able to drive across town to see your children. Imagine living life with the pressure of having people like Dr. Edward J Connor and Judge James D Humphrey hoping that you lose your cool so they can say "we were right about him the whole time." I am using this experience as an opportunity to teach my children a lesson about how we need to stand up for our rights and how we have to go about it in an intellectual and peaceful manner. Dr. Connor can trump up all of the psychological interpretations of my psychological test data and claim that I am an unstable person but put yourself in my shoes. If you lost your ability to see your children, would you be calmly addressing the problem? That's what I am doing because I owe it to my children and I owe it to myself to be the person Dr. Connor doesn't want me to be. Remember Dr. Connor, no one would be in this position if you and Judge James D Humphrey would have done your jobs.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Website is up... Kinda

If you have seen a new face on /, it's because I have made some drastic changes to the site. Bear with me as I am a novice in web design and it appears the site is best viewed or can only be viewed with Apple's Safari browser. I run Safari on my Windows laptop and I think it may have something to with it. The first person to tell me that I should be using a Mac is the person who needs to give me a couple grand to buy one:) Thanks for the patience and I hope to have everything running smoothly soon. If you have any suggestions (other than purchasing a new computer because right now I am a PC), feel free to share them.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New name, same Dad

The new website is going to have a new name that is shorter and easier to remember. It's hard enough for children who are caught up in divorces. They don't need to be punished by the Courts.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stay Tuned...

I'm working on a complete makeover of and it should be done soon. I want to give people more insight to the specifics of my case and how it came to be. Check back soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Response to "Anonymous" comment under HelpForDaddy post

For anyone reading the anonymous comment under the HelpForDaddy blog post, I have never missed a child support payment even though I have no access to my children. Someone under the name "Anonymous" accused me of being a deadbeat dad. "Anonymous" will not be able to provide any evidence of negligence or misconduct that would justify ripping the children's right to see their father. All I wanted was the opportunity to play an equal role in caring for my children. If both parties would have agreed to allowing the children to be raised by both parents, then the divorce could have been over in a few months. Unfortunately the case is in appeal because the judge awarded my ex a $122,000 interest in the farmland that my mother and father bought. My ex claimed she was entitled to $122,000 of my parents' farm after a 4.5 year marriage. "Anonymous" claims that I am a deadbeat dad because I failed to pay my ex money from farmland that I may inherit when my mother dies. Because there is a judgment lien on the farmland, my mother is unable to sell property in case she needs to pay for long term medical care. The custody evaluation report from Dr. Connor made no mention of any concerns of me being a danger to the children and Dr. Connor did not mention anything about supervised visitation or termination of my parenting time. "Anonymous" claims that I am whining yet what "Anonymous" fails to tell people is that Indiana Code 31-17-2-12c states that the custody evaluation is inadmissible if the case file is not provided to the parties upon request. "Anonymous" failed to state how my ex entered into a separate agreement with Dr. Connor for individual psychological services during the time of the evaluation and then submitted the agreement to Court as a reason I could not have the evaluation case file. "Anonymous" fails to tell people the "conditions" of the judge. "Anonymous" fails to mention that I was denied the case file yet the Judge allowed Dr. Connor to testify. The Judge stated,

"[Dan] shall not be entitled to visitation until he undergoes a mental health evaluation with a Mental Health Care Provider approved by the Court. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine if he is possibly a danger to the children, Wife and/or to himself."

"If the Mental Health Care Provider determines that Husband is not a danger to the children, Wife, and/or to himself, Husband may have supervised visitation in a therapeutic setting for four (4) hours per week, in increments of two (2), two (2) hour visits per week. The Court shall make this determination after reviewing the evaluation. Visitation shall not begin until approved and ordered by the Court. If ordered, said supervised visitation shall be scheduled so as it does not interfere with the children's kindergarten and/or preschool schedules..." "Husband shall be responsible for all expenses associated with the supervised visitation and must select a provider to be approved by the Court."

"Husband may motion this Court for unsupervised visitation with the children, upon compliance with the recommendations of Mental Health Provider and recommendation by the provider of the supervised visitation, that unsupervised visitation may safely occur with the children."

"Because of the potential danger to the children, Husband must remove all postings created by him from the internet concerning the children before any unsupervised visitation may commence and/or continue."

"When the Court deems that it is appropriate for following subsequent hearing or as agreed by the parties, the Court will consider Unsupervised visitation between the Husband and the minor children."

I would not have had the ability to tell my children the truth about what was going on because the Judge wrote:

"Both parties are restrained and enjoined from sharing any information concerning this dissolution with the minor children, except as needed per the advice and assistance from a mental health provider."

I cared for my children nearly half the time during the course of a 2.5 year divorce. "Anonymous" claimed that I somehow prolonged the divorce yet my ex did not move the Court to set a final hearing until a year and a half after she filed for divorce. My ex fought the release of the case file despite signing a contract consenting to the release of the file. Dr. Connor gave several conflicting reasons as to why he would not provide me with a copy of the file. The first Judge in the case recused himself due to his communication with Dr. Connor outside the presence of the parties. "Anonymous" accuses me of whining for publicizing the fact that Judge Taul violated Canon 3 of the Judicial Code of Conduct. I requested a copy of the case file on March 6, 2008. If my ex would not have fought the release of the case file, the divorce would not have lasted as long. Prior to March 6, 2008, Dr. Connor never mentioned any concerns about me being any kind of threat to anyone. The more questions I raised about Dr. Connor not being licensed in Indiana, false statements about the release of psychological test data, errors in the evaluation, conflicting statements regarding the release of the case file, etc..., the more "concerned" Dr. Connor became. What "Anonymous" does not mention is that during the course of the 2.5 year divorce, my ex never filed a motion to modify parenting time because she felt I presented a risk to the children. My ex never filed a complaint with social services. My ex made no accusations of abuse of the children. Through the course of the 2.5 year divorce, no one did anything to limit the time I had with the children. If I presented such a risk to the children, why did the Judge wait over 2.5 months to terminate my parenting time?

"Anonymous" states that I failed to follow through with the Judge's "orders." Because the matter is in appeal, the Judge claims he has no jurisdiction over the matter so I couldn't even petition the Court to approve a mental health professional if I wanted to. The problem is, I already went through an evaluation and even Dr. Connor failed to mention that I presented a danger to anyone. I could go through another evaluation and it can come back that am not a danger to anyone and the Judge could disregard it and not allow me to have access to the evaluation case file as he did with Dr. Connor. If the judge found that I was not a danger to the children, I still had to undergo two, two hour supervised visitation sessions a week with the children in a "therapeutic setting." I played an equal role in caring for my children throughout their lives and now I have to undergo supervised visitation AFTER I was already declared not to be a danger to the children. The judge used my children as leverage against me because he stated that I could not have unsupervised visitation unless I took down the internet content that was "dangerous" to the children. The judge even went as far as to chastise me for teaching my children to use computers when he wrote, "[husband] is even instructing the children on how to use computers and to access the internet." My children were 3 and 5 at the time. Essentially, the Court claimed that my children were in some kind of emotional danger after being in my care because the girls learned how to use computers and could access the internet. Apparently my ex and the Court felt that it was dangerous for 3 and 5 year old children to interact with websites like PBS, NickJr, Noggin, DiscoveryKids, etc...

My ex filed for divorce when my girls were 1 and 3. Prior to then, she worked evenings and nights. She took occasional weekend trips with friends and/or family. I took care of the children while she was at work. My ex tried to say I was not a capable parent during the divorce but she never had any reservations about leaving the children alone with me when she went on weekend outings with her friends. Notice how "Anonymous" doesn't mention adultery, drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, golfing too much, etc..." "Anonymous" criticizes me for not being around for my children when the final decree states if "agreed by the parties, the Court will consider Unsupervised Visitation between the Husband and the minor children" yet my ex has failed to take any measures to help the children be with their father. "Anonymous" fails to mention that my ex was the only person who testified that I needed supervised visitation and also testified that my mother was not qualified to supervise the visitation. My mother is a retired 8th grade math teacher with her master's degree in guidance and counseling. "Anonymous" fails to mention that my ex testified that I placed my children in harms way because there were ants in the kitchen in my farmhouse and I let the children watch Austin Powers. One thing "Anonymous" will never be able to do is to provide any evidence that I ever attacked or belittled my ex during the course of the divorce, because I never wanted to do anything that would cause my children to say, "Why did you do that to mommy?"

It doesn't take a lot of courage to slander someone with a name like "Anonymous." Notice how "Anonymous" ruminates on the duration of the long divorce yet the only "negative" points "Anonymous" raises are that I have not paid my ex $122,000 from land I do not own and I do not have a job. Anonymous has failed to mention that my ex hasn't let me talk to the children since September 4, 2009. I guess that's punishment for not having a job. You are wrong Anonymous, I do have a job and my job is to inform the public of how my children were punished because their father stood up for the rights of children and parents. The more people that I can make aware of the situation, the better chance I will have to play an important role in my children's lives and to prevent this from happening to other children. I think the girls will appreciate that their father did not settle for playing a minimal role in their lives.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Police Video

In case you missed it, here's the link to the video demonstrating how the Dearborn County Police treated me when I went to the Dearborn County Courthouse to listen to the audio from my divorce hearing. All I ever wanted was equal time with my girls.

Share Your Story

If you want to speak out about a bad judge or custody evaluator, feel free to do it here. Don't feel obligated to leave your name as it may and probably will be used against you in court. I want to take the fear out of speaking up. Parents should not be bullied into silence. If we do not share our stories we will never be able to find out how bad the family court system is. I am not affiliated with any business relating to the family court system and I am not selling anything. I am just a loving father that wants to put an end to children being abused in the family courts. Leave your stories in the comment section below. If your want to vent or have any questions about some of the family court "professionals" in the Greater Cincinnati Area, feel free to contact me at I'm just here to help people speak out. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks to HelpForDaddy

I want to thank HelpForDaddy for helping to spread the word about fathers who want to be part of their children's lives. Hopefully we can bring a level of scrutiny to the judges and the "professionals" in the system, who hurt children by denying them the right to be raised by both parents.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How Judge James D. Humphrey tried to ruin my life.

This was in the October 15, 2009 edition of the Versailles Republican. The Republican serves the Ripley County, Indiana area. I entered the 4.5 year marriage with nothing and came out of it $165,470.80 in debt. We didn't own a house, have any investments or other property. We lived rent and utility free in my family's farm house. My father set up a trust in 1998; just weeks before he died of cancer. This was a year before I met my ex-wife. I'm not entitled to the assets in the trust until my mother passes away. My mother has the ability to use all of the assets of the trust if she falls victim to Alzheimer's or any other long term illness. My ex went after a trust that I might not even get and Judge James D. Humphrey awarded her everything she asked for, including forcing me to pay $40,000 out of $50,000 of her legal fees. This monetary atrocity pales in comparison to the fact that Judge Humphrey terminated all of my parenting time with my 3 and 5 year old children. They went from being with their dad nearly half the time to nothing. My ex won't even let me talk to the girls. My entire family is devastated because the girls were ripped from us. The girls were everything to my retired mother and Judge Humphrey made me out to be an irresponsible parent because grandma liked to pick the children up and spend time with them. I missed the first day of pre-school and kindergarden. I won't be able to see my daughter on her 6th birthday. I probably won't be able to even wish my girls a Merry Christmas. A 4.5 year marriage and a 2.5 year divorce cost me my children and $165,470.80. All I ever wanted was equal time with my children. I love you girls. Daddy is working hard to see you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dearborn County Public Forum

If you feel that this situation is an atrocity, please visit the Dearborn County Public Forum and let people know how you feel about a corrupt judge. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Copy this and send it to as many people as you can. Help me make a difference.

My name is Dan Brewington and I lost all visitation rights to my children. No evidence, no criminal record, no protective orders, no violent history; yet the “Honorable” Judge James D. Humphrey deemed me an unfit parent. How can a court of law take away a parent's right to see his children? Better question is how can a court take away a child’s right to see their parent? When people hear stories about a judge taking children away from a parent they wonder what the parent did to be so dangerous to the children. Do you know what I did to lose my parenting rights? I picked my girls (ages 3 and 5) up every Wednesday, Friday, and every third Monday at 6:25 AM. A majority of the time I started my mornings before five AM because it was over an 80 mile round trip to and from the meeting spot. I had the girls nearly half the time for two and a half years. My parenting time was not “supervised” by anyone. We went hiking, camping, built tree houses, went fishing, sewed, did arts and crafts, worked with digital cameras, and they used their computers. We played with our animals and spent a lot of time with family. We cooked food on the campfire in the backyard and we baked in the oven. I could watch my oldest picking vegetables in the garden and she would bring them to the house to eat. I got a letter from my ex who expressed concerns about my oldest eating too much zucchini. I had told my daughter that zucchini made her jump higher on the trampoline. She wouldn’t stop eating it. I explained to the girls that Indians did not have Wal-Mart and told them how the Indians survived. We looked for flint and arrowheads on our farm and discussed how they were used as tools. We worked on the house and yard together. Instead of telling the girls they could not do some things because it was dangerous, I explained safety, responsibility, and the importance of safety glasses and gloves. I also challenged Dr. Edward J. Connor. Dr. Connor stated in his child custody evaluation report that minimizing the amount of time I had with my girls will in fact sustain our existing bond. My girls were one and three at the time of Dr. Connor’s statement. It was when I challenged this nonsense that Dr. Connor and “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey deemed me dangerous.

My ex wife worked nights when we were married so I always cared for the children while she was at work. After she filed for divorce, I had the girls every Wednesday, Friday, every third Monday, and half the weekends for two and a half years. I have always shared an equal role in caring for the girls; but in a blink of an eye, “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey took everything away from me.

I am posting this information to inform people of the horrors of the family court and trying to bring public scrutiny on Judge James Humphrey, Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy. D., and some of the other professionals working with the family court system. My girls have never gone more than four days without seeing their father. Reducing the amount of time children have with a parent is emotionally trying. Eliminating the children’s right to see a perfectly capable parent is child abuse. I want people to understand how Judge James Humphrey has abused my children. [Disclaimer: As there is a likely probability that this will appear in court at some point, “Your Honor, my right to warn the public of the injustice of your court should not be confused with any threat to release confidential information or information that is hazardous to my children. If you do not want to protect my rights and the rights of my children, then I will let the First Amendment and the Public help me to protect the rights of families. I have never and will never release any confidential medical information about any party other than my own.”]

Why do I always have to defend myself? In 2005 my ex called 911 on me and the responding officer told her it appeared that she was trying to use our child against me and made her leave. She accused me of being Bipolar. She accused me of being addicted to my Ritalin prescription. I was accused of teaching the children how to use the computer and accessing the internet. During a February 9, 2007 court hearing I was accused of letting a 3 year old operate a laptop computer, digital camera and a DVD player. I am a monster, allegedly, because I let the children watch the Austin Powers Trilogy. One of the characters in the Austin Powers movie is “Fat Bastard.” I told my oldest that we cannot say his name and she asked why. I told her it was a dumb joke for adults and so we decided to call him “Flowerhead.” I was accused of having bagged food on my kitchen counter. Let’s see, did I leaving anything out… child abuse, no… domestic violence, no… sexual misconduct, no… drug abuse, no… adultery, no… alcoholism, no… restraining orders, no… protective orders, no… golfing too much, no… fishing too much, no… I wasn’t accused of any of these things. Dr. Connor said that I suffered from all kind of things and that I could barely communicate due to my crippling ADHD. Of course, I was not permitted to get a copy of the case file from the evaluation because they were concerned about me releasing confidential information. The more I attempted to obtain a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file, the more “dangerous” I became. The “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey wrote, “His words and actions show that he is, at least presently, unable to conduct himself with the level of maturity necessary to be a parent.” There must be a plethora of very mature teenagers in the State of Indiana. I know there is a problem with teenage pregnancy in this country, yet I do not think the government takes babies away from teenage parents because they fail the Indiana Maturity Test.

There is no “other side” of this story. I’m not talking about the divorce because it takes two to tango. We weren’t as compatible as she wanted us to be. When it comes to matters involving terminating parent rights, it only takes one to tango; either a parent has to have a very troubled history with the law, violence, substance abuse, etc… or a person or group of people irresponsibly represents an innocent person to be a danger to the children. Indiana Code 31-17-2-8.3 states that if a court finds that a noncustodial parent has been convicted of a crime involving domestic or family violence that was heard by the child, the court shall order supervised parenting time for the period of one year and not more than two years. I would have been better off to commit a crime because I would have had more parenting time. I have to be careful that I do not say that there are people out to get me because then they will call me paranoid, but that’s how the system works. First Judge Humphrey took away my children. Then he orders that we are not allowed to discuss any matters involving the dissolution with the children without the help of a therapist. Then Judge Humphrey prohibits me from “interfering” with the mother’s attempts to find counseling for the children. So now, the person who initiated the dangerous father debate is in charge of putting our children in therapy to help them deal with the loss of their father. This would be the equivalent to a kidnapper taking a child to a psychologist to help the child cope with being kidnapped. The longer the child is in therapy to cope with being kidnapped; the longer the child will be in therapy after the kidnapper is arrested and the child is returned to the child’s parents. In the meantime, I have to go through a mental health evaluation with a “Mental Health Care Provider approved by the Court.” If the Mental Health Care Provider determines that I am not a danger, I may have two, two hour visits a week with the children in a supervised therapeutic setting. Of course, this visitation begins after the “Honorable Judge James Humphrey reviews and approves the evaluation of the Mental Health Care Provider and I must give at least two weeks’ notice to the girls’ mother, of my intended scheduled supervised visitation. Of course, I am responsible for all costs involved. Then, I may motion the court for unsupervised visitation and if the “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey determines that I am not “dangerous” anymore, then I may commence unsupervised visitation... after I comply with the following: 1.) “Because of the potential danger to the children, Husband must remove all postings created by him from the internet concerning the children before an unsupervised visitation may commence and/or continue.” 2.) “No overnight visitation shall occur between Husband and the minor children unless they are provided a room of their own.” I’m sorry… does anyone else believe this seems to insinuate that I suffer from some kind of perversion or something? At the beginning of the divorce, I was accused of letting the children sleep unattended in other parts of the house without a monitor so I essentially barricaded all three of our beds in my 15’ x 25’ bedroom. The girls’ pediatrician gave us some important medical advice a long time ago. She said the biggest problem attributed to kids crawling in bed and sleeping with their parents is an increased risk of lack of sleep for the parents. I can tell you from experience that she was right.

I respect the court system; I just do not respect some of the people who operate in that system. I am in this mess because I represented myself. I do not regret anything I have done. My children were not taken away because I argued the wrong case; they were taken away for arguing the right case. The custody evaluator, Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D, stated I was hard to understand because I could not communicate. He said that he found my writings confusing and difficult to follow. The “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey wrote, “According to Dr. Connor’s testimony, Husband’s writings are similar to those of individuals who have committed horrendous crimes against their families.” Dr. Connor failed to provide the Court with any examples of these letters and Dr. Connor refused to give me a copy of the case file. Dr. Connor stated many strange things in the evaluation about me but he never mentioned that I was dangerous until I started asking for the case file from the evaluation. The first Judge in my case, Judge Carl H. Taul, said he would not order the release of the file because he was not familiar with Kentucky law. The divorce hearing is in Ripley County, Indiana and Dr. Connor operates out of Kentucky. Dr. Connor was not licensed to practice psychology in the State of Indiana. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, electricians, and even restaurant workers who serve alcohol, are required to be licensed and/or certified by the state. Judge Taul recused himself upon my motion for a change of judge following Dr. Connor and Judge Taul’s communication outside the presence of the parties. The “Honorable” Judge James D. Humphrey took over the case in the Dearborn County Circuit Court. Judge James Humphrey stated that he was not going to release the file because he thought that I might release confidential information. I was punished for holding a dangerous psychologist accountable for his actions. People tip toe around evaluators and judges out of fear of retaliation. I was retaliated against for sticking up for my rights to inspect the evidence against me. I could have gotten another expert to refute Dr. Connor but then Dr. Connor would have gone on to hurt again. Now it is time for me to turn a bad experience into a good one and work to make sure that this does not happen again.

I am going to appeal and I am confident it will go back for a new trial. This is not a situation where you just let the courts decide. We are not arguing law; we are talking about a perfectly capable parent being ripped of his right to see his children. This is a grass roots movement and I want to inform the public of my experiences in dealing with the Courts. There are men and women in the United States Armed Forces fighting and dying for freedom across the world, only to come home to a country that can terminate a parent’s relationship with their children without cause. My oldest daughter fell a little behind on speech and balance because she had problems with inner ear infections around the age of one. A speech therapist came to our house to work with her. My ex worked three days a week. I never met the therapist because I was at work. The “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey wrote, “Wife is and has been the primary caretaker of the children.” “Wife was present for all of [daughter’s] speech therapy sessions and Husband was not present for any of said sessions.” I hate to think how this line of thought could be used against a member of the military who is away from their family for months or years.

I never got in trouble as a kid. I never bounced off the walls. I was a camp counselor at the YMCA. I received an associate’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. I am a very respectful human being and I am lucky to have many friends and family who are very close to me. I was a productive member of society before I sought treatment for ADHD. Almost eight years ago, I went to The Affinity Center because I wanted to look into ADHD. The Affinity Center specializes in diagnosing and treating people with ADHD and I went through IQ tests, visual memory tests, psychological tests and testing specific to ADHD. I take 50 mgs of Ritalin 3 – 4 times a day. This particular dosage was reached by carefully increasing the dosage while under the supervision of a medical doctor and a treating therapist. I have never stopped taking my Ritalin prescription. I live an hour and ten minutes away from The Affinity Center. Since Ritalin is heavily regulated due to abuse, I can only get a month’s prescription at a time. Sometimes there are problems with the insurance company when filling the prescription. Sometimes I get aggravated when I have to jump through hoops to get my prescription but it’s worth it. I am more focused, organized, relaxed and confident. I feel smarter because my mind absorbs and retains information more efficiently. At the age of 35, this is the best I have felt in my entire life. I never imagined that trying to improve my mental health would be used as a reason to terminate my parental rights.

There is nothing about this situation that would ever encourage anyone to get help for ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc… I would have been better off never trying to improve my mental health. If you do not get help then you have a problem. If you do get help then you have a diagnosable disorder and a possible drug dependency. The “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey wrote, “Joint custody is inappropriate given the findings of the custodial evaluation, the addendum, the testimony of the parties and Dr. Edward J. Connor, the Court’s file in this action, and the Respondent’s actions in Court. Husband has severe Attention Deficit Disorder that affects his ability to focus and concentrate, he rambles and forgets, and is given to impulsive and incoherent thought. Husband could not communicate with mother with the skill necessary to conduct joint custody.” Dr. Connor refused my medical records. Dr. Connor did not use any testing specific to ADHD. My therapist told me that she spoke with Dr. Connor on the phone but Dr. Connor failed to remember the conversation. Dr. Connor reported that I get anxious if I do not take my medication. Before I knew it, I found that I would have been better off having multiple personalities then having ADHD. People don’t understand the dramatic consequences of me not taking my Ritalin prescription. Without my Ritalin, I would probably be out on the trampoline with the girls instead of doing the dishes. I’m still trying to figure out what ADHD has to do with anything.

Do you think the “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey said to himself, “Well Mr. Brewington’s severe ADHD rules out joint custody, so I guess he should have no right to see his children?” My final hearings in the divorce were on May 27 and June 2 and 3, 2009. I had to submit a final decree by June 17, 2009. I was so dangerous; the “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey released the Final Orders that terminated my parental rights nearly three months after the final hearing. I guess it is just good fortune that nothing happened to the children during that period of time.

Why? Let us ponder the question. Being honest is like smiling; it is a lot easier to smile than it is to frown, so why do people go to such extreme measures to be dishonest? I will not waste a minute of my time trying to figure out what makes mean people mean. The “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey stated, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor. Franky, it appears that these attacks have been an attempt at revenge for taking a position regarding custody contrary to Husband.” Judge Humphrey complains about my websites, my numerous long legal pleadings, and other written material yet nowhere in any of my writings do I question Dr. Connor’s custody decision. It does not matter what Dr. Connor’s decision was because by law the evaluation is inadmissible unless I have a copy of the case file. At least that is the law in every Indiana courtroom besides the courtroom of the “Honorable” Judge James Humphrey. Why should he get a free pass? Why should my family have to feel like there has been a death in the family because we lost our little girls? All of my family gatherings revolved around the girls. Now it’s depressing to get together as a family because we grieve about losing our precious little angels. My job is to hold people accountable for doing mean things to my children and my family and to make sure that these people do not have the opportunity to hurt others. Please pass my message on to everyone that you can. Tell people to go to and for more information. Copy this letter and send the letter along with your own personal comments and opinions to the Ethics & Professionalism Committee Advisor located in Dearborn County, Indiana. Please save a copy of the letters for future use if necessary. Send the information to

Heidi Humphrey

1406 Indian Woods Trail

Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

Feel free to contact me. The time for bullying is over. Please help me take a stand. Pass it on.

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I hope they can sleep at night cause I can't

I have been taking an unofficial poll and the results are in. Everyone accept for three people think it's a very bad idea to terminate a good father's ability to see his daughters. The three people who think it is a good idea are Dr. Edward J. Connor, Judge James Humphrey, and HER. That's what you get when a judge tries to cover for a crooked custody evaluator. I'm glad they thought my children's lives were worth playing with. I hope my ex is telling my little girls the truth as to why daddy can't be with them on their first days of school. Can you say parent alienation?

My August 18, 2009 motion to the Court


Comes Now, Daniel P. Brewington, Respondent, pro-se, requests the Court to Clarify and to Reconsider, and in support, shows the Court as follows.

In the Final Order on Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, filed by the Court on August 18, 2009, the Court stated, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor. Frankly it appears that these attacks have been an attempt at revenge from taking a position regarding custody contrary to Husband.”

There is no mention in the entire record of this case of the Respondent questioning Dr. Connor’s custody recommendations. Any of the Respondent’s motions, letter’s, public consumer complaints, etc… regarding Dr. Connor involve Dr. Connor’s refusal to provide the Respondent with a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file from the evaluation as agreed to in the Provisions to Serve as an Impartial Expert in a Custody Evaluation. Both the Petitioner and the Respondent signed this contract. As the Court cited Dr. Connor’s April 16, 2008 Addendum to the evaluation, the Court is aware that Dr. Connor stated “Mr. Brewington is correct in stating that our contract indicates we would provide the file to the representing attorney, however, given the circumstances, we believe that a Court order is necessary to release the file to Mr. Brewington given that he is representing himself pro se.” In a letter dated March 11, 2008 Dr. Connor stated the Respondent was not entitled to the case file because it contained confidential information. In a letter dated March 26, 2008 Dr. Connor stated, “If I receive verification from the Court of (the Respondent’s) pro se status, I would be happy to release the chart records to (the Respondent).” In a letter dated March 27, 2008 Dr. Connor stated that the Court indicated that the Respondent was not entitled to the case file, despite their being no hearing and/or protective order by the Court on the issue. In a letter dated August 4, 2008 Dr. Connor stated there were HIPAA and state laws that prohibit Dr. Connor from releasing the case file. In a letter dated September 9, 2008 Dr. Connor informed the Respondent that Dr. Connor failed to provide the Respondent with Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement for individual psychological services[1] but the Policy was simply an “adjunct document” to the Court order. In a letter to the Court dated September 10, 2008 Dr. Connor stated that as an evaluator per an agreed order, Dr. Connor was an “extension of the Court”. Judge Taul later stated that Dr. Connor was not an extension of the Court and Judge Taul recused himself due to ex parte communication initiated by Dr. Connor. [All of the above letters have been included in pleadings filed by the Respondent and are part of the Court record.] During the May 27, 2009 hearing, Dr. Connor testified that Dr. Connor’s office accidently provided the Petitioner with Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement and Dr. Connor testified that the Office Policy Statement was, in fact, NOT an adjunct document to the Court order. The Petitioner later testified that the Petitioner heard Dr. Connor testify to this.

Dr. Connor has repeatedly attacked the Respondent for not understanding matters regarding confidentiality yet the record demonstrates that Dr. Connor has failed to provide a clear and consistent explanation as to how Dr. Connor handles matters dealing with the release of the case file. Any outbursts from the Respondent, during the early moments of the final hearing that were arguably extreme and/or unwarranted, were due to the Respondent’s inability to legally inspect and cross-examine the information behind the allegations against the Respondent. The Respondent was troubled about the varying conflicting and false statements made by Dr. Connor and Dr. Connor’s attacks on the Respondent for not “understanding” Dr. Connor’s statements. Dr. Connor failed to mention any concerns about the Respondent being “potentially dangerous” until the Respondent began questioning Dr. Connor’s policies, statements and ethics. Dr. Connor did however fail to mention anywhere in the evaluation that the Respondent was dangerous to the children; in fact, on page 29 of Petitioner’s Exhibit 39 Dr. Connor states, “we believe this would be a benefit to the children” referring to the children being with the Respondent during the time the Petitioner works. Dr. Connor stated no concerns about the Respondent exercising overnights with the children.

The Court has failed to hear any testimony from any professional expert recommending that the parental rights of the Respondent be terminated and the Court was not provided any evidence that the Respondent has been charged, convicted, jailed etc… of any crime involving harassment, assault, sexual misconduct, or any other violent/deviant behavior that would warrant the termination of the Respondent’s parental rights. The Court did not hear any testimony that accused the Respondent of harassing the Petitioner in public, at home, at work, or on the phone. The Court did not hear any testimony from any medical doctor or child protection agency that would indicate that the Respondent neglected the children in any physical and/or emotional manner. The Court stated, “(The Respondent’s) words and actions show that (the Respondent) is, at least presently, unable to conduct himself with the level of maturity necessary to be a parent.” The Respondent requests the Court to clarify how the Court and the State of Indiana measures maturity and at what level of maturity can a parent’s rights be terminated/reinstated.

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines recommend that it is in the best interest the children to have as little deviation as possible to the time the children have with both parents. As testimony, school records, Dr. Connor’s evaluation, etc… state that the children were in the care of the Respondent on every Wednesday, Friday, every third Monday, and half of the weekends for over two and a half years; the children may suffer devastating and irreparable emotional damage by abruptly removing the Respondent from their life. The Respondent fears that this may have an adverse effect on the children’s love for the Petitioner as well. The Petitioner is left with the responsibility to somehow explain to the children how they cannot see their daddy anymore because daddy tried to hold Dr. Connor accountable for failing to tell the truth and daddy raised his voice in court out of frustration due to daddy’s inability to inspect the evidence behind the accusations against him. The Respondent feels that the children may resent the Petitioner because of the Court’s ruling.

The Respondent is concerned about the H1N1 flu virus following the deaths of two Dearborn County citizens and the worldwide concern of a possible pandemic. As the children begin school, there is an increased risk for infection if an outbreak happens. Given the Petitioner’s occupation as a [job omitted], the Petitioner is exposed to many people during the course of the Petitioner’s job. As government agencies and health organizations are warning parents to have alternate child care plans in the case that there is an outbreak at school, the children get sick, and/or the parents get sick; the Respondent’s inability to care for the children in emergency circumstances could be detrimental to the health of the children. Dr. Connor’s evaluation [Petitioner’s Exhibit 39] and other testimony indicated that the Respondent has the ability to recognize health concerns involving the children and the Respondent took immediate and appropriate action in dealing with the matter.[2]

WHEREFORE, Daniel P. Brewington, Respondent, pro-se, urges the Court to reconsider the Respondent’s rights to parenting time with the parties’ children to best serve the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children, or to clarify the Indiana guidelines of maturity and how it relates to parenting and to clarify what level of maturity is required to reinstate parenting rights.

[1] The Petitioner signed Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement on June 5, 2007. The Petitioner, through her counsel, submitted Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement as evidence as to why the case file should not be released to the Respondent during the June 13, 2008 hearing on the release of the case file.

[2] Page 13 of Petitioner’s exhibit 39 documents that the children were in the Respondent’s care when the Respondent rushed one of the children to the Pediatrician due to breathing problems. Dr. Connor stated that the Petitioner was at her own home when this occurred, but the Petitioner was actually at work according to the Petitioner’s testimony.

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Letter concerning Jack Conway and the Office of the Attorney General

This letter makes an argument against Jack Conway and the Office of the Attorney General's ability to represent the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology in any matter involving Dr. Edward J. Connor due to a conflict of interest involving the execution of Marco Chapman.

August 14, 2009

Re: The Office of the Attorney General

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board,

Please see the attached Motion for Leave to File Petition for Writ and Request for Emergency Relief, filed by the Commonwealth by and through Jack Conway, Attorney General. The Motion deals with the Commonwealth’s plea to the Supreme Court to intervene and prevent the Department for Public Advocacy from representing Marco Chapman and to stop any future competency testing. The Commonwealth argued, by and through Jack Conway, Kentucky Attorney General that:

“Finally, although not a named party, the Commonwealth does have an interest in the proceedings below: ultimately, what is being attacked is the people’s right, including Mr. Chapman’s right, to see a valid and final criminal sentence carried out. The Attorney General, pursuant to KRS 15.020, has a duty to appear on behalf of the Commonwealth. The lower court’s delay effectively precludes such appropriate representation. Whether or not a “real party in interest” according to rule, the Commonwealth certainly has a direct interest in the action.”

The Office of the Attorney General represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky in this matter; however, “the Commonwealth” is not a tangible client and cannot request or order the Office of the Attorney General to represent “the Commonwealth” in any particular manner. The Attorney General, Jack Conway, is responsible for any opinions, interpretations of law, actions, and decisions the Office of the Attorney General makes on behalf of “the Commonwealth.” Mr. Conway’s above statements indicate that it is in the opinion of Jack Conway and the Office of the Attorney General that Office of the Attorney General has a “direct interest” in the case of Marco Chapman. The Attorney General’s contention was that issue of Chapman’s competency to discharge his counsel had been finally settled by the Court in Chapman v. Commonwealth, ___S.W.3d___ (Ky. 2008) and stated that a further competency evaluation is in no way proper.

Marco Chapman was executed on November 21, 2008, at approximately 7:30 PM EST. This was probably a few hours before the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology received my initiating complaint against Dr. Edward J. Connor.[1] The initiating complaint included many documents composed by Dr. Connor detailing Dr. Connor’s alleged difficulties in communicating with me during the course of a child custody evaluation due to, what Dr. Connor claimed to be, severe ADHD. Dr. Connor came to this conclusion based on the interview sessions of the two parents and psychological testing not specific to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Dr. Connor made numerous references to Ritalin dosages and addictive properties of Ritalin while not being a medical doctor and without contacting my treating therapist and prescribing doctor. Dr. Connor stated in the April 16, 2008 addendum to the original custody evaluation that he found my writings confusing and difficult to follow, yet failed to provide any examples of these alleged documents. Overall, Dr. Connor’s documents fixated on the alleged difficulties Dr. Connor had communicating with me and Dr. Connor stated that it was due to, what Dr. Connor determined to be severe ADHD. Dr. Connor included many incomplete and sometimes seemingly incoherent quotes in the evaluation and presented them as exact quotations taken from me during the evaluation sessions. If my writings in Dr. Connor’s case file are not consistent with the broken quotations Dr. Connor alleged in his report, it would suggest that Dr. Connor provided inaccurate statements in his evaluation report or Dr. Connor failed to consult with a speech-language pathologist to assist Dr. Connor in “understanding” an adult with ADHD. As Dr. Connor’s curriculum vitae had very little mention of training or experience with testing or working with adults with ADHD, which is a neurological disorder, it would seem that Dr. Connor was not qualified to perform testing and to evaluate an adult with “severe ADHD”, given the difficulties that Dr. Connor stated he had communicating with me. This brings into question how Dr. Edward J. Connor could be qualified to have performed an evaluation of the competency of Marco Chapman, who suffered from a wide array of severe disorders and emotional and physical turmoil. [i] (See endnote below)

In the Commonwealth’s Motion for Leave to File Petition for Writ and Request for Emergency Relief, filed October 29, 2008 (attached hereto), it is clear that the opinion of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Kentucky and Attorney General Jack Conway that the competency of Marco Chapman was settled and that further competency testing was not warranted. If it were determined that Dr. Edward J. Connor had difficulties communicating with adults who had ADHD, it could have negative impact on the Office of the Attorney General, Jack Conway, and the Commonwealth given Dr. Connor’s involvement in competency testing/evaluations for Marco Chapman. If it were determined that Dr. Connor’s statements about his difficulties communicating with me and understanding my writings were false, there would be serious consequences.

In consideration of the above circumstances, I feel that it would be inappropriate for the Office of the Attorney General to provide legal counsel to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology, in any capacity, in matters concerning Dr. Edward J. Connor. Dr. Connor has refused to release a copy of my client file from the evaluation preventing me from inspecting my written correspondence, which Dr. Connor deemed to be confusing and difficult to follow. I feel confident that there are no such writings and Dr. Connor has failed to provide any examples of these alleged documents. The Board has stated that there are no apparent violations of the laws governing psychology in Dr. Connor’s actions and the information in the complaint does not warrant an investigation under KRS 319.082. I filed a petition for the release of my client record with the Court in my divorce hearing and Judge Carl Taul stated that he was not familiar with Kentucky law so he was not going to order the release of the file. Dr. Connor stated, “Mr. Brewington is correct in stating that our contract indicates we would provide the file to the representing attorney, however, given the circumstances, we believe that a Court order is necessary to release the file to Mr. Brewington given that he is representing himself pro se.” There is still no protective order forbidding Dr. Connor from releasing the file and Dr. Connor still refuses to provide me a copy of my client record. The Board members have determined that this does not constitute any “apparent violation” of law. Unless Dr. Connor has provided the Board with a protective order forbidding him from releasing my client record or a document bearing my signature waiving my right to my record, then the Board must assume that Dr. Connor is in violation of the law or at the least assume it is an apparent violation of KRS 319.082 and investigate the matter.

I am giving official notice to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and the Office of the Attorney General that I believe that the Office of the Attorney General’s representation of the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology in any matter regarding Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D constitutes a conflict of interest. Given Attorney General Jack Conway’s statements in the October 29, 2008 motion filed on behalf of the Commonwealth, Mr. Conway believes that the issue of Mr. Chapman’s competency, which included evaluations by Dr. Edward J. Connor, has been settled. Any negligent and/or willful misconduct by Dr. Connor would raise questions of whether the State of Kentucky accidently executed a man who was mentally disabled or handicapped and would reflect poorly on the Office of the Attorney General and Jack Conway if Dr. Connor were found guilty of ethical and/or criminal misconduct.

Please contact me with any questions. I would be willing to meet with the Board or Mr. Conway to discuss the issues.

Daniel P Brewington

[1] The initiating complaint filed with the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology was dated November 18, 2008. The Board stamped the complaint received on November 21, 2008.

[i] The following information was taken from the Appellant Brief filed with the Kentucky Supreme Court, on March 1, 2006, on behalf of Marco Chapman. The brief contained Dr. Connor’s report of Marco Chapman and included the following: Marco Chapman was depressed as a baby due to the emotional detachment of his parents. Chapman’s parents suffered from depression, serious alcohol abuse, depression, and mental disorders. Chapman’s father sexually abused him and routinely beat him unconscious. His parents gave Chapman alcohol in his baby bottle. A babysitter molested Chapman. Chapman began to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol at the age of eight and became sexually active and suicidal as a child. Chapman experienced dissociative states. He was plagued by conduct disorders and dysthymia and Chapman’s emotional disturbances had physical manifestations. Around the age of 14, Chapman attempted suicide by hanging himself and cutting his wrists. This was around the same time Chapman began to abuse LSD, embalming fluid, and PCP. Chapman suffered from gender identity issues. He abused heroin, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamines and drank alcohol in binges. Chapman was in acute psychological turmoil suffering from substance dependence, Dysthymic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, intrusive thoughts, odd sensory experiences, including visual and auditory hallucinations, dramatic mood swings, troubling thoughts and dreams, and personality disorders (he had symptoms of both Borderline and Anti-social Disorder.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 10 letter to the individual KY psych board members.

Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

P.O. Box 1360

Frankfort, KY 40602

August 10, 2009

Re: Agency Case No: 08-15 against Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D

Dear Richard Applegate Ph.D.; Eva R. Markham; Thomas W. Miller Ph.D; Dennis Buchholz Ph.D.; Danette Morton-Page M.A.; Nancy Gordon Moore Ph.D; Barbara Kay Jefferson Ph.D; S. Abby Shapiro Ph.D.; William G. Elder Jr. Ph.D.; Julie Jackson Board Administrator

Please see the enclosed letter to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology dated August 10, 2009. I was a participant in a child custody evaluation conducted by Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy. D. of Connor and Associates in Erlanger, Kentucky. Dr. Connor conducted interviews, psychological testing and reviewed information before releasing his August 29, 2007 evaluation report. In a letter dated February 21, 2008, Dr. Connor stated that the original evaluation report contained “numerous errors and oversights” and offered additional sessions to correct the errors, at the expense of the clients.[1] When I requested a copy of the case file from the evaluation, in accordance with KRS 403.300, Dr. Connor gave a plethora of excuses as to why he would not release the case file to me. The Board is in possession of Dr. Connor’s April 16, 2008 addendum to Dr. Connor’s August 29, 2007 evaluation report. Dr. Connor’s addendum states “Mr. Brewington is correct in stating that our contract indicates we would provide the file to the representing attorney, however, given the circumstances, we believe that a Court order is necessary to release the file to Mr. Brewington given that he is representing himself pro se.” This evaluation was part of an agreed order in a divorce and the parties signed a consent and release form at the beginning of the evaluation. There were no protective orders filed by the Court and Dr. Connor has failed to provide a medical reason from a medical doctor as to how the release of the record could cause physical harm to anyone.

This just scratches the surface of the allegations raised in my complaints and the documentation that I have provided the Board yet it seems to be the most fundamental violation of law. I signed an agreement that stated that I was entitled to the case file. Dr. Connor confirmed this in his April 16, 2008 addendum but decided to discriminate against me by not releasing the file because I was representing myself. As a psychologist, law requires Dr. Connor, to maintain health records for evaluations. As a client, I am legally entitled to inspect my own record. Dr. Connor denied me the right to access my own client health record. Dr. Connor actions in denying my access to my own health record eliminates any future employment opportunities that require background checks that include the inspection of health records.

I understand that some members of the Board are not aware of the specific issues in a complaint reviewed by the Complaints Screening Committee, however; the individual Board members are responsible for their votes. If it were a violation of KRS 319.082 for a psychologist to deny a client’s access to the client’s own record, then I would assume you would take the appropriate action against the Board members who are aware of Dr. Connor’s misconduct.

I want to stress that I am a loving father that is trying to understand how a psychologist can admit to filing a custody evaluation report that contains “numerous errors and oversights” and then deny one of the parents involved, access to the case file of the erroneous evaluation because the parent was representing himself in a divorce proceeding. If Dr. Connor exercised undue influence to obstruct my access to the case file in an effort to prevent self-incrimination, then it would be a violation of KRS 319.082 1(q).

I trust the Board will review the situation and reconsider the Board’s opinion on the matter or provide me with the Kentucky statute or declaratory ruling explaining how a psychologist that conducts child custody evaluations is exempt from the rules pertaining to a client’s right to inspect the client’s own health record.

Daniel P. Brewington

It is a violation of law to obstruct the delivery of US mail. If the person in possession of this letter is not the addressee listed above, please promptly forward the letter to the correct recipient listed above.

[1] KRS 319.082 states that the Board may impose disciplinary action if the credential holder grossly overcharged for professional services. Dr. Connor stated the charges for the additional evaluation sessions for correcting the “numerous errors and oversights” in the original evaluation were $350 per person.