Friday, February 24, 2017

Brewington takes new Legal Action in light of Altered Grand Jury Records

The State of Indiana prosecuted me for criminal defamation of court officials. I was given a $600,000 bond, denied charging information, denied evidence, and denied the ability to consult legal counsel prior to trial. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld my convictions based on a hidden threat argument never made by the prosecution. Several years later, I discovered that Barbara Ruwe, Chief Court Reporter for the Dearborn County (IN) Superior Court II, altered grand jury transcripts to assist Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard in his unconstitutional prosecution against me. (Negangard is now the Chief Deputy Attorney General under Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.) When the Indiana Office of the Public Access Counselor deemed the grand jury audio in my case to be a releasable public record, the Dearborn Superior Court II modified the grand jury audio to ALMOST match the transcripts but came up a little short. In modifying the audio, the “official” copy of the audio does not contain the same amount of information as the transcription of the same audio. Page one of the grand jury transcripts is void of any instruction from the prosecutor and begins with witness testimony. This gave Negangard the freedom to request indictments for any alleged conduct regardless of truth, because Negangard knew such instruction would be omitted from the official record. As such, I have refiled my public records lawsuit seeking grand jury audio and I have filed a motion for Post-Conviction Relief to have my convictions thrown out.

Here are links to my Petition for Post-Conviction Relief, my refiled Lawsuit Seeking Public Records, and a letter to the clerk of the Dearborn Superior Court II. It is important to note that Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is aware of the above information because I included the above information in a letter to Attorney General Hill sent via certified mail. Feel free to contact the Office of the Attorney General with any concerns about Negangard’s abuse of the grand jury process.