Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letter to The State of Kentucky

To: Julie Jackson; Mark Brengelman; Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology; Jack Conway; and to others it may concern,

Please forward the Motion to Withdraw Appearance to the Board and to Mr. Jack Conway. This may seem like a joke but I can assure you that it is not. Judge James Humphrey is serving as the Special Judge assigned to my divorce because the former Judge, Carl H. Taul recused himself because of the ex parte communication he had with Dr. Connor. I have found this to be rather consistent behavior in dealing with anyone who has been associated with Dr. Connor or would be negatively impacted by Dr. Connor's professional demise. I have also found that the people who try to protect Dr. Connor often do ridiculous things they think they can get away with because I am not a lawyer; when actually they can get away with less in the end.

Some of Judge Humphrey’s actions are rather questionable. I would think that any of the people associated with the State of Kentucky who have dealt with me would believe that I am "competent." I would say that Judge Humphrey would assume the same. The problem that Judge Humphrey has is Dr. Connor stated that I just could not comprehend the policies and law pertaining to health records no matter how many times he patiently explained it to me. If Judge Humphrey says that I am competent to represent myself, then he will have to answer to why he protected Dr. Connor for so long. If he even rules on the above motion, it will be on the public record that Judge Humphrey is aware that Dr. Connor is a liar. If you combine this with the fact that Judge Humphrey just found out that the psychologist he regularly appoints as a professional expert was not licensed to practice psychology in the State of Indiana until July 8, 2008, Judge Humphrey could be subject to disciplinary action.

Try to put yourself in the Judge's position. His evaluator said I am dangerous. The Judge knows that I know he is aware that Dr. Connor is a liar. The Judge is aware that it "appears" that the State of Kentucky is protecting Dr. Connor. The Judge is aware of the Marco Chapman and Jeni Lee Dinkel incidents. Judge Humphrey is aware that Dr. Connor was not licensed to practice psychology by the State of Indiana when he was serving as a psychological expert appointed by an Indiana Court. The Judge knows that he is the special Judge because the former Judge recused himself due to ex parte communications with Dr. Connor. Judge Humphrey is aware that the Indiana Judicial Canon implies that he has a responsibility to report the actions Judge Taul; and the list goes on. Given that most people aren't aware that IP addresses are stored and can be subpoenaed, I would be willing to bet money that if I subpoenaed the IP addresses of all the people who visited my website and the records from the appropriate internet providers, I may find the names of people who shouldn't have been investigating the matter on their own. So what do you do if you are the Judge? Try to stomp out the opposition in an effort to save your own hide.

This is not going to end well. The final hearing of my divorce is still set for May 27, 2009. I think you understand that there is no chance that this ordeal concerning Dr. Connor is going to end on May 27. In fact, if the hearing goes forward, it will probably be much worse because you can count on people, who have protected Dr. Connor, to self-destruct; and you can count on me to continue to do what I do. After the May 27 hearing, I will begin preparing for a hearing on June 5 as I have been requested to testify against Dr. Connor in another father's custody hearing. I will be presenting Dr. Connor's December 22, 2008 response to the Board as evidence that Dr. Connor lies. That will make two legal proceedings involving Dr. Connor where his December 22, 2008 response to the Board will be part of the record. There is also the chance that two Judges will actively work to protect Dr. Connor. If anyone were to look at my original 237-page complaint, which was stamped "received" on November 21, 2008, it would be clear that the Board had all of the information necessary to determine that Dr. Connor lied in his December 22, 2008 response to the Board.

It may be too late for the Board to do anything before May 27, 2009 to prevent Dr. Connor from trying to cause further damage to my children. What is going to make the situation worse is that the Judge will probably rule on my Motion to Withdraw Appearance to represent myself. If he grants it, I will petition the Court to provide me someone to explain Dr. Connor's policies as I expect some difficulties in trying to find a lawyer and/or psychologist that will not think that Dr. Connor is lying about his policies and laws relating to the release of health records. I think these same people will probably have a hard time trying to figure out why the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology ignored the information in my 237-page complaint. If the Judge denies my Motion, I will contact the ACLU because the Court violated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act because it was Dr. Connor, the Court's own expert, who said that I could not communicate and understand the basic concepts of confidentiality. I think it is appalling to play the disabled card, but it was Dr. Connor who said I suffered from "severe" ADHD.

Ask the Governor or Mr. Conway if there is a way to prevent Dr. Connor from continuing to hurt families before the May 27 and June 5 hearings. If there is not, tell them that the State of Kentucky will have to answer to why they protected Dr. Connor by stating that there were no "apparent violations of law" in my 237-page complaint.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. As usual I will be posting this letter on my blog @

Dan Brewington

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you Sheriff Grills

Hats off to the Sheriff of Ripley County, Thomas Grills. I sent out a packet of information to Sheriffs’ Departments and Prosecutors’ offices of Dearborn and Ripley County to let them know about Dr. Edward J. Connor providing psychological services to the County Courts while not being licensed to practice psychology by the State of Indiana. Sheriff Grills spoke with me for twenty minutes about my concerns with Dr. Connor and the family court system.

I don’t know what Sheriff Grills will do or can do but at least he demonstrated his professionalism in contacting a concerned citizen about an issue, unlike the other officials who received the information. Thanks Sheriff Grills.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Judge James Humphrey "forgot" about my motion.

I showed up for a hearing on April 29, 2009 to find out that Judge Humphrey, the special judge assigned to my case, forgot about my Motion in Limine (Motion to get Dr. Connor the heck out of out my case). He said we were there to hear the opposing parties' Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and then didn't say anything else. (Someone filed a motion trying to get the Court to force me to take down my internet content.) Opposing counsel said "... and the Respondent's Motion in Limine?" to which the Judge replied "I thought I already ruled on that." I filed my motion on December 15, 2008. The motion got "lost" in transit between the Ripley County Courthouse and the Dearborn County Courthouse so the April 29, 2009 hearing wasn't even set until February 24, 2009. Then a couple of months later Judge James Humphrey stated that he thought he already took care of my motion.

I'm not saying that there is corruption involved; I'm just saying that I haven't figured out what to call it. Maybe it has just been a long series of "accidents" that could explain why these judges don't seem to make sense in dealing with Dr. Connor's arbitrary decision to withhold the child custody evaluation case file from me. Did I mention that both judges regularly appoint Dr. Connor as an custody evaluator in their courtrooms? I was just throwing it out there; talk about it amongst yourselves. It would be in Judge Humphrey's best interest to order me to take down my internet content dealing with this debacle, but given that he has an interest in the matter, he should recuse himself; as stated in Canon 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct from the Indiana Rules of Court. The law can be a dangerous thing when it falls into the hands of the little guy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't forget

I'm currently working on posting a copy of a letter on my website that I wrote to several elected officials. I included a copy of this letter in my Motion for Mistrial I filed with the Court yesterday. I have tried just about everything in trying to obtain a copy of the evaluation case file from the child custody evaluation performed by Dr. Edward J Connor yet Dr. Connor and two judges have failed to provide me with an explanation or law as to why I am not entitled to the file. It may not be corruption, but I can't figured out what that other option may be. If you are reading this because you received a copy of the letter; the situation is worse than you think.