Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dan Brewington Legal Defense Fund

We have decided to hire a first amendment attorney for the appellate process. People have inquired about donating money to help with this, so we have set up the Dan Brewington Legal Defense Fund through PayPal. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Sue Brewington (Dan's mom) will be the administrator of the account. For any questions, please email Thank you so much for all of your support, we couldn't do this without you.

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Sue Brewington

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dan’s First Blog from Prison. Written 10/27/11 Posted 11/3/11

About 8:00AM yesterday at the DCLEC, Sgt. Rod McGownd called into my cell and told me to pack up my things because I was shipping out to prison. Fortunately, the day before I had the ability to tell my family that I could be moved out at any time. When you go to prison in Indiana you first go to the Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) to be evaluated to determine what prison is appropriate for each individual, based on the offense, security risk, etc…The stay at RDC lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks. While at RDC, inmates are unable to make or receive phone calls, so snail mail is my only means of communication for the next few weeks. What is the topic of my first blog from Prison: The arrogance and vindictiveness of Dearborn County officials.

My detractors like to claim that I am obsessed and do not know when to quit. I’ll stop blogging about crooked public officials when they stop being crooked. You would think that Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard, Sheriff Mike Kreinhop, and Judge James D. Humphrey would be basking in their glory that they succeeded in sending me to prison. They took away my daughters, indicted me for writing about it, set a $600,000 bond, denied me of my right to competent counsel, and sentenced me to 5 years in prison (I’ll have to do less than two years) because Heidi Humphrey and Dr. Sara Jones-Connor were frightened because I wrote extensively about the incompetence of their husbands. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough for the crooked Dearborn County officials so they took extra measures to attempt to bring me harm in prison. Fortunately RDC officials disregarded Dearborn County’s last ditch effort to hurt me.

I don’t think anyone outside of Dearborn County is buying what they are selling. When I arrived at RDC, I was in the check-in area where new inmates are un-cuffed and prepared for processing. When they said “Dan Brewington,” it threw up a red flag where a few people came to the area with one demanding that I not be un-cuffed. He said he received an email from a Dearborn County official warning RDC officials about me. The Dearborn County C/O who transported me was as shocked as I was. Luckily he told the RDC officials that he had been around me on numerous occasions and never had any problems. He assured them that I wouldn’t cause any problems. When I was changing into my RDC jumpsuit, an inmate worker said “what the hell did you do?” He said they didn’t usually get advanced “warnings” about inmates. I had heard the Dearborn County C/O say something about it stemming from my divorce hearing but the hearing was a few years ago. Later in the day another worker who heard about the email told me the email explained that I had to be restrained during a court hearing. The verbal debate I had with Judge Humphrey during the first 5 minutes of my divorce hearing on 5/27/09 had reached mythical status. Exclaiming, “I demand justice in this courtroom: turned me into Hannibal Lecter 2 ½ years later. Not only did RDC officials not buy the story, Dearborn County officials set the stage for many inquiries as to why they would go to such lengths to try to cause a level of concern or panic. I just explained how Dearborn County is full of arrogant and vindictive public officials. People just shrug their shoulders and say, “You get that in small counties.”

I’m in here for blogging,” that’s what I tell RDC officials. “But isn’t that free speech?” they ask. “I blogged too much.” They’re just as puzzled as I am. They are even more puzzled when I tell them that two different jailhouse snitches have claimed that I was plotting to kill a judge yet no criminal action had been taken against me. Jail records demonstrate that I never came in contact with the first snitch. The second one was my former cell-mate for two and a half months at the DCLEC, Joseph McCaleb. After reading all of my legal paperwork, “Joey” wrote a very detailed letter to Prosecutor Negangard, claiming that I admitted everything, including confessing to a plan to kidnap, kill, and then deposit Judge Humphrey into the Ohio River with concrete. Of course “Joey” was no longer there when I returned from my sentencing hearing. McCaleb was arrested for stealing women’s underpants, while working as a satellite TV installer. He was referred to as the “Underpants Bandit” because he stole women’s underwear (He also photographed his “stash” and put the pictures on his computer.) Did Negangard strike a deal with a pervert in his efforts to punish free speech? It just makes the story more interesting, yet sad for the women who were victims of McCaleb’s crimes.

Keep checking for updates as the appeal process will be underway soon. Thanks for the support.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Note from Dan

November 2, 2011 (edited from a note I received from Dan on Monday, October 31, 2011.)

I was shipped out this morning (October 26, 2011). I’m doing fine at RDC (west of Indy). They told me to pack my things this morning around 8:00AM and told me I was heading out. The A-holes in Dearborn Co. sent an email telling the prison that I was dangerous. A team of guards approached me and told the driver not to un-cuff me. Like usual, the jackasses who try to hurt me only serve to help my “infamy”. I was here ten minutes before someone, who heard about the email, asked what I did to warrant a warning by email. When I got to my cell, I was talking to a nearby inmate who left Dearborn County 2 weeks ago. I was telling him about the warning and someone nearby blurted out, “yeah, they sent an email.” So the guy began telling people about how Dan Brewington fought Dearborn Co. and how he is suing them. Too funny.

I’m fine but I need money for commissary. (He has to have his paper and pencils) I think you can do it online at the Dept. of Corrections (DOC) website. My picture makes me look like an AIDS patient. I weighed 227 when I came in. Obviously I do not have paper and pencils. I can’t call and I may be here for a month. My money follows me from here so send money. Love you and don’t worry. Tell everyone I’m fine and tell them hi. Keep them posted on the Blog.


Submitted by Sue Brewington

We will continue to post and let people know what is going on and what we think. (Because that is the purpose of a blog: to inform and get a message out) We are disappointed in the trial results but will continue with our mission. A notice of appeal has been filed and we are going forward with the federal complaint with a jury request. This is the United States of America and we will try to get, not just our message out, but the message of lots of “forgotten” victims of the courts, too. The idea that you can’t criticize an elected official in Dearborn County is absurd. We are expanding our audience and will be asking for help. We want to thank everyone so very much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Sue Brewington