Sunday, December 8, 2013

Brewington’s Divorce/Family Court Case Part of National Documentary to be Released at AMC Theaters January 10, 2014

Dan Brewington's Divorce Case is part of a documentary to be released January 10th at AMC Theaters including Newport on the Levee. More information at
The following information is from the website and a press release to the interviewees for the documentary.

 A shocking exposé of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry,
Divorce Corp shines a bright light on the appalling waste, and shameless collusive practices seen daily in family courts. It is a stunning documentary film that anyone considering marriage or divorce must see.

 The Divorce Corp Website,  Facebook,  Youtube and Twitter have gone LIVE!  So please SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and HELP GET THE WORD OUT!   

 It’s been a long road and I’m sure many of you thought the day would never come … But we are incredibly proud to announce our film’s official theatrical release: January 10th, 2014.  We are opening in 19 theaters nationwide. (Click HERE for a full list of theaters - if we are not in your area yet, I promise we are working on it) 

 In addition to our theatrical opening we will be holding special event Q&A’s with interviewees, the filmmakers and other family court professionals our opening weekend. We would love for you to participate in a Q&A screening, if you would be willing to do so please reply to this email and we’ll coordinate with you.  

 Finally, we’re delighted to share a quote from our first review:  

“The issue-based doc hits home with everyone who's ever gone through a divorce or watched their parents, friends or family members go through a divorce -- in other words, it could be one of the most universally relatable documentaries to ever hit the big screen. Watch!” – JARETT WIESELMAN,

 We look forward to seeing you at a screening!  

 Many thanks, 

 Philip Sternberg and the Divorce Corp Team.  

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