Monday, April 21, 2014

Five Easters without my little girls

Five Easters without my daughters just hit me. If you are a parent of a divorce or custody "battle" think about your children. There shouldn't be battles over children. I can't get back the last five Easters with my little girls. Children are not ropes to be used for tug-of-war. Children should be shared and loved by both parents and their families. I have talked to many parents and I have yet to hear one story where the children have benefited from an unnecessary nasty custody battle. Don't be one of those parents. Don't give a judge an unnecessary reason to restrict parenting time. I wouldn't wish losing one's children on the people who took mine from me. If you have to carry hate for the other parent, do not let it bleed down to the children as it will only serve to breed more hate. Love and dignity are key ingredients to raising strong children. Be honest with yourself because your children will someday know the truth if they haven't already figured it out. Never underestimate the importance of the time your children need with the other parent. Evenings, days, and weekends add up to years. Then you blink and your children are adults. Cherish what little time you have with your kids. Be fair to your children raise them in a world with both parents.