Saturday, October 22, 2011

I’ll Always Hold My Head Up High 10/22/11

With just a few days before my sentencing hearing on Monday, October 24, 2011 I feel there is little for me to fear. I could be released on a time-served sentence or Judge Hill could sentence me to several years in prison. I’ve never been one to worry about situations beyond my control because they are beyond my control. Rather than ruminate on the possibilities of the unknown, my time has always been better spent gathering resources and information so I can be prepared to hit the ground running when adversity presents itself. I cannot do anything more than my best. As long as I feel I have given my all, I can always hold my head up high.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” is a favorite phrase of Hannibal from the television series and movie “The A-Team.” The leader of the under appreciated quartet of misfit, former military heroes usually delivered his trademark quote after the A-Team narrowly prevailed in another death defying plight to save the little guy. The humor in Hannibal’s quote is found in the fact that the “plan,” if an actual plan even exited, rarely worked as planned because there are too many uncontrollable variables in complex situations. The A-Team “plan” always consisted of gathering and processing as much information as possible, drawing up the best strategies(including plan B and plan C), utilizing the strengths of those around you, and being prepared to improvise when nothing goes as planned. But just as there are often many unknown variables within a complex problem, sometimes the goal of a mission is a mystery in itself.

During my criminal trial, Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard pretty much indicated that my every action in life was a direct attempt to defy authority and incite fear into the officials within the family court system. He claimed my sole purpose in representing myself in my divorce was to obstruct the court process. Negangard explained to the jury that my only intention in writing about my divorce experience was to bring harm to others. He even claimed that during the course of my 2 ½ year divorce, I exercised parenting time with my little girls instead sending them to daycare, for every negative reason other than the fact I just wanted to be a dad. In the process of trying to villainize me, Prosecutor Negangard, inadvertently turned the spotlight on the questionable conduct of others.

“He attacked Dr. Connor because he was upset that Dr. Connor recommended the mother have sole custody of the children.” Why does everyone keep saying that? Prosecutor Negangard, Dr. Edward Connor, Judge James D. Humphrey, the entire Appellate Court of the State of Indiana. I’ve been accused of being long-winded, verbose, voluminous, etc… I was found guilty of obstructing justice partially based on my numerous legal pleading. Prosecutor Negangard kept telling the jury to look at the stack of several hundred documents consisting of my writing. In all of my writings, blogs, legal pleadings, etc. there is absolutely no mention of me disagreeing with Dr. Connor’s custody decision. They all dealt with Dr. Connor’s conflicting statements regarding the release of Dr. Connor’s case file.

“You’re not allowed to lie,” was a popular phrase by Prosecutor Negangard during my trial. Here are a few examples of lies told during my trial:”He refused to get a mental health evaluation so he could see his children.” Negangard kept making this claim despite the fact the Judge Humphrey set a hearing to approve a mental health evaluator and vacated the hearing just days before the hearing claiming there was an investigation of me that pertained to him. “I can’t recall if I set a hearing,” was Judge Humphrey’s claim when asked about the hearing on the approval of a mental health evaluator. Despite Judge Humphrey’s remarkable memory of the events in my divorce, he forgot about the last two rulings; the last of which was the order to vacate the hearing due to an investigation Judge Humphrey had been aware of for nearly a year. One of my favorite lies came from Dr. Edward J. Connor. “I was concerned about releasing the case file to Mr. Brewington because I was afraid that he would post the mother’s confidential information on his website.”Sorry Dr. Connor. My website was created six months after Dr. Connor denied my request for the case file.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” I never had a solid vision of what my actions would produce. Many are wondering how I could conceive success on any level when I am facing lengthy prison time. I still have dignity. I’ve stood for something my children can be proud of. Most of all, I’ve further demonstrated the high level of corruption that exists in Dearborn County, Indiana.

“You can call a judge a son-of-a-bitch but you can’t call him a child abuser.” I’m sure Prosecutor Negangard’s statement will stand strong in my appeal, which will focus on First Amendment Rights. I would hope the higher courts of Indiana would chose not to side with Negangard’s contention as the state would be the laughing stock of the entire United States Court System when my case reaches the Federal Courts and/or the Supreme Court of the United sates. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of radical religious groups being able to picket the funerals of fallen members of the U.S. military. The Court overruled state laws banning all cross burnings. It has protected the right of anti-abortionists to be able to picket planned parenthood clinics. A person is allowed to call a President of the United States a “baby killer” because he is pro-choice. People are free to call a President a “baby killer” because of his war policies. I don’t recall any Presidents in my lifetime killing any babies. The Supreme Court even protected Larry Flynt’s right to say Jerry Falwell had sex with his mother in an outhouse. I find it hard to imagine Negangard’s argument will make it past the high courts.

Prosecutor Negangard was angry because I would not take a plea deal to get out of jail five months ago. I refused to deal because I was adamant about standing up for what is right. Negangard wasted tens of thousands of Dearborn County taxpayer dollars in his efforts to conceal the wrongs of Dearborn County officials. Was he successful? At the end of the day my conviction will be overturned. Until then, all that is left for Negangard to do is to argue how the guy he was willing to release on May 13, 2011 is now deserving of a lengthy sentence. Regardless of the outcome of my sentencing hearing, I will be able to sleep at night knowing I stood for something. Prosecutor Negangard and other Dearborn County Officials will have to deal with the looks, whispers, and shouts from members of the public who are disgusted with Negangard’s wasteful spending of tax dollars in his crusade to stifle free speech. Whether in a cell or safe at home, I will take comfort in knowing I stood for something and I will always cherish the love and support I have received from so many along the way. Be sure to check back soon.


  1. I love this, as it shows real substance as to the way things are done, not just in indiana but all over the country,more people like dan should take a stance against the status quo of the failed system,I would share my experience with the family court however I do not want to in any way affect the lives of the others involved, and for me it was expensive but I was or shall I say my children were the ones that really came out ahead of it all in the end.

  2. Missi Wheeler BahrOctober 23, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    Dan, I am praying for you and your family. You are a great person and the love for your girls can be felt through your writings. Please stay strong and know that I am thinking about you.

  3. Mr. Brewington..I feel so badly for you that I actually have tears right now. I don't know you but I know how evil and vicious those who have persecuted are. Always hold your head up. You stood up for what you believed was right and were honest about. Honest is a word those who have persecuted know nothing about. I can't even begin to imagine what they will do to you this afternoon but please know there are people who truly care about your fate and I believe that one day you will get justice. Beverly Valentine

  4. Dan,

    You are your own worst enemy.

    If you want to see the root of ALL your problems, simply look in the mirror.

    I pray that you will someday admit it and seek help. Otherwise, hope is out of reach for you.

  5. Dan, Knock them all on their asses!!! Its what they deserve!!!