Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Note from Dan

November 2, 2011 (edited from a note I received from Dan on Monday, October 31, 2011.)

I was shipped out this morning (October 26, 2011). I’m doing fine at RDC (west of Indy). They told me to pack my things this morning around 8:00AM and told me I was heading out. The A-holes in Dearborn Co. sent an email telling the prison that I was dangerous. A team of guards approached me and told the driver not to un-cuff me. Like usual, the jackasses who try to hurt me only serve to help my “infamy”. I was here ten minutes before someone, who heard about the email, asked what I did to warrant a warning by email. When I got to my cell, I was talking to a nearby inmate who left Dearborn County 2 weeks ago. I was telling him about the warning and someone nearby blurted out, “yeah, they sent an email.” So the guy began telling people about how Dan Brewington fought Dearborn Co. and how he is suing them. Too funny.

I’m fine but I need money for commissary. (He has to have his paper and pencils) I think you can do it online at the Dept. of Corrections (DOC) website. My picture makes me look like an AIDS patient. I weighed 227 when I came in. Obviously I do not have paper and pencils. I can’t call and I may be here for a month. My money follows me from here so send money. Love you and don’t worry. Tell everyone I’m fine and tell them hi. Keep them posted on the Blog.


Submitted by Sue Brewington

We will continue to post and let people know what is going on and what we think. (Because that is the purpose of a blog: to inform and get a message out) We are disappointed in the trial results but will continue with our mission. A notice of appeal has been filed and we are going forward with the federal complaint with a jury request. This is the United States of America and we will try to get, not just our message out, but the message of lots of “forgotten” victims of the courts, too. The idea that you can’t criticize an elected official in Dearborn County is absurd. We are expanding our audience and will be asking for help. We want to thank everyone so very much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Sue Brewington


  1. Keep up the good work and fight. Definitely get this out there and in the OPEN, both Federally and in the Media. This needs to be aired out. It's a shame people treat people like this. Should have never happened. Reminds me of the NYC or Brooklyn Police precinct case against one of there own. All corrupt people in places of power should never be there. Hope the light of day comes to D County and heads roll.

  2. Hey can set up a Facebook fundraiser for makes it easy to donate through PayPal and credit cards...I will continue to spread the word on my sites and Facebooks. Please set it up, and make it easy for people to donate. I am ready to donate...

  3. You can donate all you want to whatever you want, but Dan needs to break free of the bondage of rage and hatred. You guys are not helping him, you're only adding to his chains. Some friends you are!