Friday, May 11, 2012

Bail Pending Appeal Denied

The Indiana Appellate Court denied Dan's motion for bail pending appeal. Disappointed but not surprised. The appeal that was first submitted has to be refiled because the Court denied a motion to file an oversized brief. Now the attorneys will have to cut 6,000 words from their very excellent (in my opinion) brief. We will let you know what happens next.

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  1. Hey, I found a comment on the dailybeast website and so I thought I'd check this blog out and although I live in the UK, don't have kids myself and aren't too clear on the American INJUSTICE system I just wanted to say that people do read this stuff and I sincerely hope that there's some justice down the road for Dan and he gets to see his kids, his ex seems like a complete up her own bitch, it seems from the past that so many good guys get screwed over, especially in your country where people who try to do the right thing get locked up and there are those in the Government who are committing horrendous crimes on such a large scale who will never pay for anything.. take care Dan and never give up fighting for what you believe in, stay true to yourself :)