Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Complaint Filed Against Public Defender Bryan E. Barrett

Dan Brewington filed a complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission on his public defender #2, Bryan E. Barrett. (link to complaint) As bad as the situation was before the Dearborn County Superior Court II Reporter located the “missing” transcripts, the complaint will now have to be amended because of the information discovered in these transcripts. (missing transcripts part 1 and missing transcripts part 2) If people don’t speak up about horrendous situations in the public defender system it will never be corrected. Some areas in Indiana are making an effort to improve the public defender system. Dearborn County needs to reevaluate their process. Some people are content to just say “that’s just the way the system is”. We are not those people.

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  1. Complaint dismissed, end of story.