Monday, September 3, 2012

More Press Regarding Brewington's Case

While researching Daniel Brewington’s case I found the following blogpost. I have copied it below but have also attached the link for the entire page. The brief article manages to include all the participants including the public defender Bryan Barrett and Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard. Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Sue - No one over eleven believes it's working.

Knock knock. Who's there?
Not media.

Indiana: It's not that DA Aaron Negangard has issues with free speech as claimed by Dan Brewington, incorrectly as it turns out.

It seems the real problem encountered by Dan Brewington was first and foremost, his failure to consider the Penal Code aspect of Indiana's laws when one is a gun owner.

Brewington's second issue, although he may not have been aware of it at the time, was his attorney of record,
Bryan Barrett

We've spoken with Bryan Barrett and found both he and his staff to be the consummate unprofessionals.

Unable to find specific threats, we did learn Indiana has laws on the books to address regular fear and others for special, judicial fears. No kidding.

Brewington's blog criticized everyone, acording to Eagle County Online. Beginning in Dearborn County with Circuit Court Judge James Humphrey.

Brewington also had sharp words for a custody evaluator. (There's always a custody evaluator); and quite naturally, although nowhere near as bad as Morelli, his former wife and her attorney.

We're not exactlly clear how Judge James Humphrey's wife, and Dr. Edward Conner's wife wife became involved; although one thing was made clear:

Apparently Indiana has no shortage of fearful people.
Separately, Brewington's defense attorney, Bryan Barrett went with a jury of six, which itself speaks to ineffectiveness of counsel. Making things slightly worse, it was a jury of five women and one, lone, man.

File that under: What was he thinking???

Turns out, six will get you five.
In prison.

In total, subjects identified on Brewington's blog, now identified as "eight witnesses" were all called by the prosecution whereupon they all took turns testifying they were fearful. So Dan needn't have done anything...all he had to do was speak in a certain way.

Judge James Humphrey and his wife Heidi Humphrey, Dr. Connor and his wife, Sara Connor...Melissa Brewington, her divorce attorney, Angela Loechel, Anne Jordan, and Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop.

Whew. That's just a great big mess of fearful, fearful people.  Dan’s story was in the 2nd column. You can view this site for the entire page of stories.



  1. Lt. Dan, stay strong.

  2. For the record, the complaint about Bryan Barrett and his Investigator Justin Kerr, was dismissed on its face. This means there was ZERO merit to the complaint and all allegations were deemed unfounded by the commission.

  3. There wasn't a complaint submitted against Justin Kerr and to state that there was zero merit to the complaint is a gross understatement. The response from Mr. Witte was not cut and dry at all. I guess we will have to publish it. Sue Brewington

    1. Still waiting on that published material, Sue. The expert referring to "public pretender" (such a witty individual) is probably the brother or typical whiner who makes excuses for Dan. The brother is such a tough guy online, but wasn't big enough to talk tough when he was around the Attorney and Investigator.

  4. So he has nothing better to do than sit around and make things up about what he read in Mr. Brewington and Sue Brewington's complaint, right? If I understand you correctly, it's also some other Mr. Kerr mentioned in the ramblings on this blog? It's always the fault of someone else.

  5. I believe if there was ever an investigation done of the competency of the job being done by the Rush county public pretender he would be on a fast track to the unemployment line. Taking advantage of people who can not afford a real attorney, doing nothing absolutely nothing oh heck I'm going to save my breath, the good ol boys system is running smooth as silk in that county.
    Good Luck Dan. How can the public help you?

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