Saturday, November 17, 2012

My ex and her lawyer, Angela G. Loechel, want me to go to jail… again

I just discovered that my ex wife’s divorce attorney Angela G. Loechel just filed a request for a hearing on their Amended Petition for Contempt that they originally filed Oct 7, 2010. It defies logic that the request was filed nearly a year prior to my earliest release date listed by the Indiana Department of Corrections, Sept. 9, 2013. It appears some people may be concerned that the Indiana Court of Appeals may overturn my convictions and end my prison stay prematurely. That’s probably why they requested a court date for as soon as I am released, rather than after Sept 9, 2013. 
I wrote a blog about something like this over 2 years ago. Ms. Loechel and her client seem to stop at nothing to keep my children fatherless. Before I even step foot out of prison they are plotting a way to punish me again.  Ms. Loechel was the person who initiated this whole criminal process and she and my ex played a major role in all stages of my criminal prosecution. Now that they believe my name might be cleared through the court of appeals they have become proactive in placing more obstacles in the way of my efforts to be a father. Feel free to read the contempt petition filed by Ms. Loechel and the blog I wrote 2 years ago, about how it seems that Ms. Loechel will stop at nothing in her efforts to portray me as a dangerous parent.

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