Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dan Brewington Receives Impressive Help in his Fight for Freedom of Speech in Indiana

The following individuals or groups are filing, or signing onto, friend of the court briefs in support of Dan Brewington’s Petition to Transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court. Without true Freedom of Speech, groups over the entire political spectrum would not only be limited in getting their particular message out but could be threatened with criminal prosecution. The people and groups listed below represent a wide range on the political spectrum.

1.      James Bopp Jr. Attorney     .

2.      Justin L. McAdam Attorney

4.      The Hoosier State Press Association

5.      The Indiana Coalition for Open Government

6.      The James Madison Center for Free Speech  

7.    Eagle Forum

8.      The Indianapolis Star

9.     The Indiana Association of Scholars

10.    Nuvo (Indy’s Alternative Voice)

11.    Professors James W. Brown, Anthony Fargo, Sheila S. Kennedy – all Indiana professors of journalism or public policy.

12.  The ACLU of Indiana – Gavin Rose


  1. Sheila Kennedy is a left-wing loon and always has been. I took a class with her and she's to the left of Obama.

  2. That is the point of the list of supporters. James Bopp Jr. is on the other end of the spectrum. Why did these two people unite for this cause? Without freedom of speech neither side has the ability to advance their theories and policies. Sue Brewington