Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dan Brewington Released from Putnamville Sept 5th/Indiana Supreme Court to Hear Oral Argument in Brewington Case Sept.12th

Dan Brewington was released from Putnamville (a medium security prison) after serving 2.5 years of his 5 year sentence. He received all time possible off for good behavior. His family picked him up very early on Thursday morning and he walked out of prison at 1:08 A.M.

The next step in his case is oral argument before the IN Supreme Court on Sept 12th at 9 A.M. Oral argument can be viewed online via webcast at This information appeared on the Dearborn County Blog Thursday, Sept 5, 2013.

The Brewington family, Dan, Matt, and Sue are extremely grateful and gratified by the welcome home response from family, friends, and other supporters from our wonderful Norwood, OH community and around the country. Best wishes started to appear on facebook as we came in I 74 and when we arrived there was a banner in the front yard. Apparently there are numerous people in the country that feel freedom of speech is one of our most essential freedoms.

This picture was taken the next morning since we arrived home at 3:30am.

 (picture appears upside down. currently working on that SAB)


  1. Strength lies not in defense but in attack.

  2. So glad you're free Dan, now let's go get your kids!!

  3. Dan, OMGoodness brother!! We NEED to unite for Family Court Reform. I am SOOO very sorry for what happened to you and your family. I have seen so much of this and instead of the constant PTSD that I initially had watching my buddy go through this, I want to say and actively POOL-OUR-Power for Reform. What you and Mr John Kulesa (I've seen and walked it too) have endured is APPAULING! There a sooo many Horror stories. PLEASE Contact Mr. Kulesa and right now we NEED a good OBJECT panel of people to really sit down and get on paper what we Really NEED to be doing to Reform the Family Court System. Venting helps heal the soul, but it will not get things changed!! PLEASE go to and contact Mr. Kulesa and you guys as well as others, sit and band out a Family Court Reform Bill!!

  4. Dan, I am sooo sorry that you have had to deal with the evils of our court systems. I have been envolved with a now federal case--Supreme Court Case(2x) in Washington, DC dealing with corruption of ridiculous measures. I HATE what has happened to you and your family!! As a result of my friend's case, I have not only witnessed(and I will TESTIFY) TERRIBLE Abuses IN Court, but I have made it a point to look at other cases IN the system and TRY to help families get closure of their divorce. I am Asking that you take strength that you have received from this HORROR and Help to unite wisdom to get the Changes/REFORM in the Family Court Done. Venting is Soo important for healing!! Get it out! BUT.....BUT it will not get the work done. Please contact Mr Kulesa and get your team together for REFORM Nationally. Use the National SUPREME Court Case to get this done!!! Families NEED you guys!!! Look at Coyotee Shirvers case as well. These High-profile case leaders----Should unite and sit and hammer out what Reform should look like. Go for it Guy! You have tons of prayers and supporters behind you as you unite!!!