Sunday, September 21, 2014

Some thoughts from an 8 year vet of the Family Court System

If you ask me for advice regarding custody or divorce issues, I'll give it because I care. The system isn't fun or fair, and rarely is anything resolved in an expeditious fashion. Please do not ask me for my opinion if you do not want to hear it. I'm an optimist grounded in reality. I'm not an enabler, I'm a true friend. If you think I am going to condone bad behavior because the other side has done something wrong; you are wrong. Two wrongs never make a right. There may be no "me time." These are the things a parent in the bowls of a bad family court situation must realize. Everything you say and do, as well as those around you, will probably be used in court. Months or years of good behavior can be ruined by a seemingly insignificant event. It's not easy. People fall down. I'll always be there for a friend with an ear or a shoulder for support. Please do not confuse my sympathy with my approval. If I pat you on the head and say "It's going to be okay because they did it too" then I'm not being a friend. I'll help you get past the mistake and work on a game plan to move on effectively. If someone is willing to put forth the effort needed to weather the hurricane, I'll ride out the entire storm beside them.

-just wanted to share my thoughts from my Facebook page.  Dan Brewington 9/21/14

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