Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brewington Motion for Change of Judge

The rules governing Post-Conviction Relief in Indiana allow a request for a change of judge if one can prove whether the judge has a bias against the person filing for relief. Prior to my criminal trial, Special Judge Brian Hill, from Rush County (IN) Superior Court, refused to provide me with basic constitutional rights like access to indictment information and evidence. Hill appointed a public defender who refused to meet with me or prepare a defense for trial. After my conviction, Hill continued to obstruct the release of grand jury audio until the Indiana Public Access Counselor ruled the audio was a releasable public record. Then Hill alleged other grand jury proceedings were intertwined with the investigation of my case and ordered the court reporter to only prepare the audio from the grand jury investigation in my case. Dearborn Superior Court II Reporter Barbara Ruwe altered the audio format and the file names of the official grand jury audio in an attempt to match the audio up with transcripts that had been altered. The problem is the audio does not match the transcription of the same audio.

That's just a small part of how Hill worked against me throughout his involvement in my case. For more information, check out my Motion for a Change of Judge.


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