Friday, May 8, 2009

Judge James Humphrey "forgot" about my motion.

I showed up for a hearing on April 29, 2009 to find out that Judge Humphrey, the special judge assigned to my case, forgot about my Motion in Limine (Motion to get Dr. Connor the heck out of out my case). He said we were there to hear the opposing parties' Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and then didn't say anything else. (Someone filed a motion trying to get the Court to force me to take down my internet content.) Opposing counsel said "... and the Respondent's Motion in Limine?" to which the Judge replied "I thought I already ruled on that." I filed my motion on December 15, 2008. The motion got "lost" in transit between the Ripley County Courthouse and the Dearborn County Courthouse so the April 29, 2009 hearing wasn't even set until February 24, 2009. Then a couple of months later Judge James Humphrey stated that he thought he already took care of my motion.

I'm not saying that there is corruption involved; I'm just saying that I haven't figured out what to call it. Maybe it has just been a long series of "accidents" that could explain why these judges don't seem to make sense in dealing with Dr. Connor's arbitrary decision to withhold the child custody evaluation case file from me. Did I mention that both judges regularly appoint Dr. Connor as an custody evaluator in their courtrooms? I was just throwing it out there; talk about it amongst yourselves. It would be in Judge Humphrey's best interest to order me to take down my internet content dealing with this debacle, but given that he has an interest in the matter, he should recuse himself; as stated in Canon 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct from the Indiana Rules of Court. The law can be a dangerous thing when it falls into the hands of the little guy.

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