Friday, October 16, 2009

How Judge James D. Humphrey tried to ruin my life.

This was in the October 15, 2009 edition of the Versailles Republican. The Republican serves the Ripley County, Indiana area. I entered the 4.5 year marriage with nothing and came out of it $165,470.80 in debt. We didn't own a house, have any investments or other property. We lived rent and utility free in my family's farm house. My father set up a trust in 1998; just weeks before he died of cancer. This was a year before I met my ex-wife. I'm not entitled to the assets in the trust until my mother passes away. My mother has the ability to use all of the assets of the trust if she falls victim to Alzheimer's or any other long term illness. My ex went after a trust that I might not even get and Judge James D. Humphrey awarded her everything she asked for, including forcing me to pay $40,000 out of $50,000 of her legal fees. This monetary atrocity pales in comparison to the fact that Judge Humphrey terminated all of my parenting time with my 3 and 5 year old children. They went from being with their dad nearly half the time to nothing. My ex won't even let me talk to the girls. My entire family is devastated because the girls were ripped from us. The girls were everything to my retired mother and Judge Humphrey made me out to be an irresponsible parent because grandma liked to pick the children up and spend time with them. I missed the first day of pre-school and kindergarden. I won't be able to see my daughter on her 6th birthday. I probably won't be able to even wish my girls a Merry Christmas. A 4.5 year marriage and a 2.5 year divorce cost me my children and $165,470.80. All I ever wanted was equal time with my children. I love you girls. Daddy is working hard to see you.


  1. dan- i found your site just clicking around on line. i certainly feel for you and your predictament, but this blog is not a good idea. it will likely result in damaging any future chances you may have of visitation with your daughters. also, get some representation! not having a good lawyer got you into this mess. self-representation is never a good idea. i wish you the best of luck in working your way out from under this.

  2. Dan, My kids are now 30 and 25 and I went through a lot of grief getting any time much less equal. I agree with Anonymous. The good custody lawyer is, unfortunately, essential.

    Just a note. Tea Partiers don't go by the libs derogatory term, teabaggers. Just in case any judges and lawyers you deal with are conservative.