Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks to HelpForDaddy

I want to thank HelpForDaddy for helping to spread the word about fathers who want to be part of their children's lives. Hopefully we can bring a level of scrutiny to the judges and the "professionals" in the system, who hurt children by denying them the right to be raised by both parents.


  1. Financially, without a paying job, or income of your own, just how are you planning to help raise your children?

    When are you going to accept responsibility for being a dead beat dad?

    When are you going to stand up, like a respectable Father/man and act like one. Quit whining.

    I know for a fact, your x is STILL holding down a full time job and taking care of your children w/o any help from you because you refuse to do what the judge requested you to do. If you did, you could have access to your children. Who's fault is this? The judge, or court system, or Dr. Connor? Your x? I think not.

    So, have you even started getting the help the judge ordered? Have you even paid any of the $$ you owe for the divorce which you drug out so that your x would end up spending $$$$ while, you who did not/do not work, used your families $$$$.

    Well - what now Dan. Will you delete this one also?

  2. Im a newcomer, but i would like to inform this person of facts! In the last few years the US has had ave.9% of people drawing unemployment, if you consider the people that theyre unemployment has run out, we have 25.9% unemployment rate! The US. is turning loose on the streets BURGLARS,ROBBERS,EXT. to incarcerate men who are unemployed and cant pay theyre child support!That might be the reason the State of Indiana does now have a new child support guidline! Indiana has to follow FEDERAL guidlines as the state laws are ( I believe unconstitional)Ive known people who have said their is no excuse for not having a job, well the same people are out of work and losing everything they owned, so becarefull,KARMA kicks like a mule!!The reason prosecutors go after child support so hard is not to help single mothers, they get 5% commission on all child support they bring in,they are becoming millionaires,if you think its because they have a heart, well you sincerely mistaken!