Monday, December 28, 2009

Say what Dr. Edward J Connor?

This is what happens when you catch a psychologist in a lie. They say stupid things while on the witness stand. When I asked Dr. Connor about a previous (bogus) statement about a document being "an adjunct document to the court order", Dr. Connor responded, "It's an adjunct--it's not an adjunct to a court order. It's--it's adjacent to what we do when people come in." -Dr. Connor in the transcript from the 5/27/09 final hearing in my divorce. This is the professional that Judge James D Humphrey sided with when he terminated my parenting time with my children. Judge Humphrey was protecting Dr. Connor not my children.

Dr. Connor also stated, "My concern, as this unfolded, was your demeanor and your tendency to distort information and use it to harm other people."

I think what Dr. Connor meant to say was "If I released the file to Mr. Brewington, he would tell the world about my demeanor and my tendency to distort information and how corrupt I am." Stay tuned for more illegal activity by Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates, as told by the court transcripts. Places like the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky should probably reconsider doing business with Dr. Connor because you may be liable for any damages resulting from any misconduct of Dr. Connor while working with the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky. Some professionals may want to contact the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and local courts to make them aware that it is going to become harder to protect Dr. Edward J Connor.

This is usually the point when Dr. Edward J Connor gets mad and tries to contact a judge or attorney in an effort to tattle on me. Wait until I post Dr. Connor's entire testimony on Poor Dr. Connor, always the victim.

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