Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Victory for Dad

Today is the last day that I will have to deal with the telecommunication harassment charge that my ex-wife and her parents filed against me last September in Hamilton County, Ohio. They had me arrested for calling my daughters, which was allowed by the final decree in our divorce in Indiana. My ex was in contempt of the orders so rather than file something with the family court in Indiana, she and her family had me arrested in Hamilton County, Ohio. Luckily the Judge and the prosecution saw through my ex and her family and dismissed the charge. Today the arrest was expunged from my record.

This is a problem with a lot of fathers whom I have talked to. The mothers of the children have the ability to have the fathers arrested out of hatred or spite and then it is up to the fathers to pay to get out of a hole. A majority of the time, if the father tries to initiate criminal action against the mother, the police claim it is a civil matter. If the mother initiates criminal action against the father, there are arrest warrants and/or restraining orders filed. A woman almost always has the ability to gain an advantage in a custody dispute by filing bogus criminal action against the father. In 2005, my ex called 911 in an effort to harm me but the officer told her that she was trying to use our daughter against me and he made her leave. She's filed multiple contempt charges against me to no avail. The Judge denied her motion to shut down my internet content. When her efforts to have me punished in Indiana failed, she had me arrested in Ohio. At no point did she get punished or criticized for trying to bring harm to me with her bogus 911 calls, failed contempt charges, failed criminal complaints, etc... I was punished for filing multiple motions to obtain evidence from her expert even after it was discovered that my ex-wife submitted a false document from Dr. Connor's office in an attempt to obstruct my access to evidence. The only time I ever filed anything against my ex-wife was when I filed a contempt charge because she stopped letting me talk to my daughters. She had me arrested in another state a few days later. I find it baffling how courts will punish parents for writing about how they were falsely accused of crimes, yet the courts fail to punish the parents who make the false allegations.

Today was a good way to start the holiday weekend. Unfortunately it is another holiday spent without my precious little girls, but at least I will be able to have comfort in knowing that I successfully fought off another attack by my ex and her parents in an attempt to bring harm to me and to hinder my daughter's ability to have a father.

Women who make false allegations against the fathers of their children weaken father's rights and jeopardize the safety of women who are true victims of abuse. Crying wolf about harassment and abuse in an effort to gain a personal advantage over others, puts innocent people in danger. If I did not have a lawyer, I could have gone to jail. Problems arise when an actual victim files charges against an abusive person and the judge has to decide whether the victim is lying like the accuser in the last case. More scrutiny needs to be placed on people who abuse the system. A person who is willing to make a false police report to hurt the other parent, is emotionally abusive to the children. A parent who will intentionally bring harm to their own children, is unable to understand what is best for the children. Hopefully the courts will figure this out; for the best interest of the children. Have a fun and safe holiday. Go to for more information on my arrest in Hamilton County, Ohio.


  1. Awesome buddy. I so agree with what you are saying. Keep it up man. Everything you just typed makes sense to me.