Friday, July 2, 2010

They won't let me get a Mental Health Evaluation

Some people ask, "Why don't you just go through a mental health examination like Judge Humphrey ordered?" They won't let me. I found a psychiatrist, not a psychologist like Dr. Connor, that would do the evaluation. Opposing counsel, Angela G Loechel, said they were not in agreement with my psychiatrist because somehow they did not thing that a psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience was qualified. When my lawyer filed a motion to approve the psychiatrist, Judge James D. Humphrey set a hearing on the matter three months in advance. I waited for my court date on June 14, 2010, but Judge Humphrey recused himself just 5 days before the hearing. Judge Humphrey was a coward; just like Dr. Connor. These bullies can dish it out but they bury their heads in the sand when they are held accountable for their actions. So now I have to wait for a new judge.

If people who read this blog think that I am harassing, slandering, and/or threatening individuals like Dr. Edward J Connor and Judge James D Humphrey, tell them to sue me or to file charges against me. Why haven't I been held in contempt of court? Why haven't there been any protective orders issued? Why did Judge Humphrey deny my ex-wife's attempts to have my internet writings taken down? Why did Hamilton County Judge Duane Mallory tell me "good luck" after he dismissed the bogus telecommunication harassment charge that my ex-wife filed against me for calling my children on the phone? It's because I follow the laws and I haven't done anything illegal.

Someone who goes by the name Anonymous calls me a coward. I don't think a coward is someone who calls Judge James D. Humphrey a child abuser, calls Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard a spineless and corrupt public official, and calls Dr. Edward J Connor a sick sexual pervert who rapes the pocketbooks of parents so children can be abused; all while signing "Dan Brewington" behind his writings. A coward isn't someone who invites all of these crooked people to sue him or arrest him if they think the man has done something wrong. Cowards are professionals like Humphrey, Connor, and lawyers like Angela G Loechel who cry about aggressive legal strategies from non-attorneys being "intimidating." Criminal harassment and intimidation can be prosecuted. These people can get restraining orders. They can file libel or slander lawsuits. They know how to do these things because they do it for a living. If they truly believe that I am a threat to anyone, why do these people fail to follow the normal procedure in dealing with criminal and civil offenses? Because it isn't slander if it is true and they can't cheat in front of a jury of my peers.

Once again I would like to extend a formal invitation to Dr. Edward J Connor, Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard, Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey, Attorney Angela G. Loechel, Ripley Circuit Judge Carl H. Taul, or anyone else who feels they have been wronged by me: "Sue me or arrest me or quit whining." I'm really getting tired of these lawyers crying about being manhandled by a loving father who has an Associates Degree in General Studies from the University of Cincinnati. Maybe that's why they are scared. I would be scared if I was a lawyer who took a public flogging from a non-attorney and was afraid to do anything about it. I hope the next Judge will understand that my children won't have a father until the court allows me to follow the court's orders. Once again; sue me, arrest me, or crawl back into your hole and never come out.


  1. Nonsense.

    You get nobody to follow you by shoving.

    If you want your kids back you need to clean up your mess:

    1. Take down your hate-speech site and put up a humble apology to everyone you have angered with your anger.

    2. Behave yourself and lay low for awhile.

    3. Go get your own psych test done by a court-approved doc. Find someone who has done work for that court or the courts of neighboring counties. You can do the research to find a good one. Then, follow through on their suggestion - no matter how tough. Man up! It's for your kids. YOu have some issues, but they are not bad enough that you can't get it under control. It's for your kids' sake for crying out loud. Get over your ego!

    4. Go back to the courts and show them what you have done, what you are doing, and your plans moving forward to change your ways. It had better be sincere and real or your kids might not even know you when you next see them.

    Ask yourself - what is more important? Holding your daughters or fighting Dr. Connor?

    Well, Dan, which is it?

    You anonymous friend.

  2. It's depressing that you claim that I have to stop criticizing public officials if I want to see me children. You are in effect admitting that the court is using my children as a means of extortion to force me to take down my internet content. I've always behaved myself. I've never done anything to put my daughters or their mother in danger. Check the court record. Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor were just mad because I exposed them. Anonymous is mad too. Anonymous will probably spend another 4 hours of his life tonight obsessing over me by writing non-sensical things on this blog. Who cares? The joke is on him. If you want to see people laugh at anonymous/Dr. Connor, add me as a friend on Facebook and look at my profile. lol.

  3. Just look at your website...

  4. Why should Dan have to do anything to get his kids back? He NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG in the first place. He wasn't neglectful. He didn't cheat. He didn't drink or do drugs. He NEVER should have lost them in the first place. He didn't do anything to deserve it. Criticizing people in authority is not a good excuse to take away someone's children.
    Saying that he needs to jump through hoops to get them back is disgraceful.
    Anonymous, you obviously cannot see the "big picture" of what this situation means for father's rights, or parental rights in general.
    No American citizen should have to go through this--having your kids taken away without any abuse/and or neglect proven--it's hideous.
    I'm not sure where you are coming from anonymous...or why you seem to think Dan's way of fighting the system is so suspect....and yet not see the atrocities of the court for EVER HAVING TAKEN THE KIDS AWAY in the first place.
    If you had any common sense, you'd see your skewered way of thinking.
    Happy 4th of July, all. God Bless America (Indiana, especially!)

  5. Clearly, you love your anger and hatred more than you love your daughters.

    Those poor girls.

  6. OK, Dan, follow Mr. Craig's guidance and see what happens. I dont know anything. She knows everything.

  7. Why don't you just find a court-approved doc and go for it?

    Be like Nike and just do it!

  8. What is holding you back from getting another doctor?

  9. Go for it, Dan!

    We all want to learn of the results.

  10. Mrs. Craig?

    Doesn't she sell frozen fish or something?

  11. Really, Dan - just go for it.

    ...and PLEASE - do post the results for your adoring fans.