Thursday, March 17, 2011

Order Setting Bail

Order Setting Bail for Dan Brewington

By Matt Brewington

Above is the order from Dearborn County Superior Court II setting bail for Dan Brewington. I cannot believe that a court of law could provide the public with such an illogical rationalization for setting a half million dollar bond for an honest, law abiding citizen.

The order states that Dan “has a history of not following court orders”. This is from a court that has NEVER held Dan in contempt for not complying with ANY court order.

Another reason for the maliciously high bond is testimony from psychologist Dr. Edward Connor during Dan’s divorce proceedings. Dr. Connor suggested that Dan’s writings were similar to those who have committed crimes against their families. This statement is not from the custodial evaluation but from the trial after Dan had requested Dr. Connor’s case file and pointed out that Dr. Connor was not licensed to practice psychology in the state of Indiana. (He obtained his license before the trial.) The order also references parts of the custodial evaluation which stated that Dan has a “degree of psychological disturbance that is concerning and does not lend itself to proper parenting”, that Dan had in the past shoved his wife and blocked her car from leaving, and had posted on Facebook that “this is like playing with gas and fire, and anyone who has seen me with gas and fire knows that I am quite the accomplished pyromaniac”. First, we do not know the details of Dr. Connor’s concerns because Dan was denied his legal and contractual rights to the evaluation case file. Second, the “shoving” incident and blocking the car was in 2006 and there were no complaints or police reports. And third, the Facebook post was a metaphor for legal volatility and a reference to building bon fires at our family hog roasts. There was never a threat to any individual and Dan has never been involved in any fire.

The court also arbitrarily suggests that Dan “is unlikely to follow the conditions of bond as to the no contact orders” even though he has NEVER attempted to contact Judge Humphrey or physically threatened ANYONE.

The most concerning reason for the outrageous bond is the holier-than-thou attitude explained by the statement that Dan has “a general disdain for the authority of the Court and the legal system” First of all, Dan has the utmost respect for the judicial system despite the attempt of Dearborn County officials to reduce it to cynicism and malice. We believe that the vast majority of lawyers and judges hold the law in the highest regard and are shamefully embarrassed by the ignorance of the simple minority who would rather use the law for personal vindication of their own defensive behavior than to protect the rights of all citizens. Secondly, as long as someone is in compliance, it is perfectly within their rights to show disdain for the law. Disdain is a feeling, an emotion, something that is not and should not be controlled by law. But that is Dearborn County justice. It’s a do as I say system, a system in which judges and prosecutors believe they ARE the law rather than administrators and defenders of justice.

My brother Dan has no criminal record. He has no history of violence or drug abuse. Judge James Humphrey sat on the bench for a three day divorce trial yet waited two and a half months before deciding that Dan MAY be dangerous to his two little girls even though he had equal parenting time for the entire two and a half year divorce with no incidents. He hasn’t seen his girls in a year and a half and has never done a single thing that could be considered “a threat to community and/or individual safety”. He sits in the Dearborn County jail on a half million dollar surety bond, plus a $100,000 cash bond because they can’t stand the critical words he writes in the public forum that is the internet. They can’t stand that he does not fear Dearborn County justice. And they are really not going to be able to stand it when a federal court learns of the vindictive and downright evil behavior of the Dearborn County courts.


  1. Report them to the State Bar.

  2. Dearborne County judicial system should be ashamed of itself. They have robbed two wonderful girls of their father for over 1 1/2 years based on absolutely nothing. Dan has never been anything other than a source of love and guidance for his girls but he is accussed of being an inappropriate parent. Interestingly enough, the Psychologist who conducted the custody evaluation did not deem Dan an inappropriate parent until after Dan pointed out numerous blatant mistakes within his report. Only when Dan requested information from the Psychologist did suddenly the Psychologist become concerned about Dan's ability to parent. So a Psychologist who feels above being questioned and a judge who shows disdain for an individual who chose to exercise his right to represent himself have interferred in two children's rights to have contact with their father. Shame on you Judge Humphrey for choosing to allow mistake riddled psychological evaluations into your courts. And shame on you Judge Humphrey for attempting to cover up Dr. Conner's mistakes by painting Dan out to be some dangerous radical. What if suddenly Americans took their cars to mechanics and mechanics botched up the job but they were told that they just had to accept the botched job and speak to no one about it. That is exactly what is happening here except when one American did stand up and speak about the botched job, which by the way involved his children's custody instead of a car, he was thrown in jail. Americans know no justice as long as Dan Brewington is being persecuted. Woe be to you Dearborne County who stand in the dark shadows of injustice and at the mercy of arrogant and vindicitive judges.