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Conspiracy in Dearborn County, Indiana

A few days ago, my mother was discussing my case with someone in the media who has been following my story. When my mother was providing the individual with information about my case the person had not seen a copy of the Special Crimes Unit report that was prepared by Detective Mike Kreinhop, now the Sheriff of Dearborn County, on October 28, 2009. I’m hoping that this post will help people realize the despicable measures that a few individuals are willing to take in an effort to destroy the relationship between a father and his little girls in their efforts to advance their own personal interests.

It is important to note that I had no knowledge of Kreinhop’s report until after my incarceration. During the investigation, Kreinhop refused to tell me who made a complaint against me or any specific information about the complaint. Kreinhop said he would only discuss the details of the complaint if I travelled to Dearborn County, Indiana to meet with him. Due to the suspicious nature of Kreinhop’s request, I declined to meet with him because Kreinhop refused to give me any information about his inquiry. The troubling thing is that everyone else who was involved with my custody case was aware of the nature of Kreinhop’s investigation a year and a half before I was made aware; especially my ex-wife and her attorney, Angela G. Loechel. It appears that Ms. Loechel may have been the person who made the complaint.

Kreinhop stated that Angela G. Loechel had previously contacted Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard because she felt that this blog “was a possible veiled threat to Judge Humphrey.” Ms. Loechel then informed Kreinhop that I tried to intimidate her by contacting “her husband, who is a police officer in Kentucky, at their residence, concerning firearms training. Kreinhop reported “Loechel suspected that this was an attempt by Brewington to intimidate her by showing her that he knew where she lived. Either Ms. Loechel “misled” Kreinhop or Kreinhop left out an important bit of information to skew his report. Apparently Ms. Loechel’s residence is the same location as K-TAC Inc. the gun training company that was listed on the internet.

Angela G. Loechel wasn’t the least bit concerned with the safety of Judge Humphrey; she just took advantage of the situation to help her and my ex-wife drive a bigger wedge between my daughters and me. From the beginning of my divorce Ms. Loechel and my ex-wife pushed the issue that I was a gun owner. My ex-wife had taken pictures of guns that were within reach of my daughters and Ms. Loechel reported it as dangerous behavior. What Ms. Loechel failed to mention was that the two unloaded guns that I stored under the couch were muzzle loaders. What Ms. Loechel and my ex-wife failed to explain was that the process of loading the guns was the same process as the firearms used during the Revolutionary War where you have to manually load black powder, a patch, and ball into the gun, pack it down with a decent amount of strength, and then create a spark to set the whole thing off. An untrained adult would have difficulties figuring out the process if given the proper materials. It would be nearly impossible for my daughters, who were 1 and 3 at the time to even lift the muzzle loaders. The irony is that Ms. Loechel was well aware that the muzzle loaders did not present a danger because she proudly displays a few muzzle loaders on the wall in her law office. No safe, no barriers, no key locks; just displayed out in the open where anyone could touch them. When I explained that I put the muzzle loaders in my gun safe, they express “concerns” that my daughter’s safety may still be compromised by the guns in the safe so I decided to make an extra effort to demonstrate that I was a responsible gun owner; I set out to find a place that offered gun safety courses. When I did a search on the internet I found two listings for gun ranges: Target World in Cincinnati, and K-TAC incorporated in Kentucky. Unfortunately the business listing for K-TAC Inc. made no mention that it was also the home address of Mr. and Mrs. Angela Loechel. Angela Loechel transformed my attempt to contact a seemingly legitimate business into a malicious attempt to bring fear to the Loechel household by calling their residence. Then Ms. Loechel made my inquiries about gun safety training appear as if I were seeking militant firearms training as if I were trying to join a radical militia organization. The fact is Angela Loechel took the opportunity to voice her “concerns” to Prosecutor Negangard to gain an advantage in my custody case because I was representing myself and Angle Loechel still represents my ex-wife even though Ms. Loechel is slated to testify against me for the prosecution. What I really find to be intriguing about Ms. Loechel’s self-righteousness is, rather than report her “concerns” about what she feels that I might do why isn’t Angela Loechel reporting the unethical and/or illegal actions of the other people involved in my situation?

Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard provided me with 1368 pages of discoveries which turned out to be all copies of information on my blog. Most of the documents detail and document the unethical actions of a few individuals. See the following examples.

1. Letter to both parties from Dr. Edward J. Connor dated 2/25/08. Dr. Connor’s letter stated that Judge Carl H. Taul contacted Dr. Connor on 2/22/08 to convey his agreement with Dr. Connor’s suggestion of additional evaluation sessions. Neither party of the divorce was a part of the alleged communication between Judge Taul and Dr. Connor, hence ex-parte communication, a violation of the judicial code of conduct.

2. Dr. Connor’s contract stated that I was entitled to the case file from his custody evaluation. After composing several letters stating why I could or could not have a copy of his case file, on 8/4/08, Dr. Connor claimed that state and HIPAA laws prohibited him from releasing the file. Dr. Connor sent his 8/4/08 letter to Judge Taul. Regardless of the law, Dr. Connor lied one way or another.

3. During a hearing on June 14, 2008 Judge Taul stated that he previously issued an order that the parties were to follow the laws of Kentucky in regards to the release of Dr. Connor’s case file. No such non-sense motion exists.

4. On 6/14/08, Angela Loechel submitted Dr. Connor’s office Policy Statement with my ex-wife’s signature claiming that the document prevented the release of Dr. Connor’s case file. In a letter copied to the Court dated 9/9/08, Dr. Connor stated that his office forgot to have me sign his Office Policy Statement but it didn’t matter because Dr. Connor stated the document was “an adjunct document” to the evaluation. In a letter to the Court dated 9/10/08, Dr. Connor attacked me for not understanding his policies concerning confidentiality. During Dr. Connor’s testimony on 5/27/09 Dr. Connor testified that his office mistakenly had my ex-wife sign his Office Policy Statement and he testified that his Office Policy Statement is NOT an “adjunct document” to the evaluation.

5. In Judge Humphrey’s final decree, filed on 8/18/09, Judge Humphrey stated that I tried to intimidate him and the court staff. If Judge Humphrey felt intimidated, he should have withdrawn. As for the court staff, no member of the court staff testified in Court so Judge Humphrey either came to his conclusion from evidence outside of the record or Judge Humphrey made it up.

6. On 8/18/09, Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time. Judge Humphrey stated that he was most concerned about my writings about Dr. Edward J. Connor. Judge Humphrey claimed that I was irrational because I wrote about Dr. Connor’s conflicting statements on my website and blog.

Why didn’t Angela Loechel tell on Dr. Connor for lying to the Court: why didn’t she say anything about Judge Taul’s ex-parte communication or his make-believe order to follow Kentucky law? Why didn’t she tell anyone about Dr. Connor lying about his Office Policy Statement and the release of his case file? Rather than report the unethical and illegal actions of others, Ms. Loechel claimed that my writings that encouraged people to contact the Indiana Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism Committee advisor located in Dearborn County were a “possible veiled threat to Judge Humphrey.” Judge Humphrey’s wife was the advisor in Dearborn County. Ms. Loechel would have never reported it if someone else would have contacted the Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism Committee, but when I encouraged people to contact a public official to help reform ethics in the family court system, Angela Loechel took aim. She wasn’t concerned about Judge Humphrey; Ms. Loechel was just taking the opportunity to help my ex-wife further alienate my daughters from their father. If Ms. Loechel and my ex-wife were truly concerned about my daughters they would have told the new judge in my custody case about their “concerns” about my alleged threats to Judge Humphrey. They aren’t worried about my girls; they’re worried about punishing me for not giving up on being a dad.

Angela Loechel attacked me for filing numerous motions concerning Dr. Edward J. Connor. Judge James D. Humphrey terminated my parenting time because I wrote about Dr. Connor on the internet. Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard initiated a Special Crimes Unit investigation and instructed Detective (now Sheriff) Mike Kreinhop to investigate my writings. I have written about every aspect of my custody case concerning Dr. Connor, judges, and lawyers in legal pleadings on the internet forums on my website, and on this blog so there is no doubt that Prosecutor Negangard is fully aware of the unethical and/or illegal actions of the other people involved. There isn’t any debate about it as I have posted documentation to support my statements on this blog and on my website, There is no doubt that Prosecutor Negangard and Sheriff Kreinhop are aware of all the misconduct because it is included in all of the prosecutions’ evidence against me. But rather than listen to the message, Negangard feels it’s easier to kill the messenger.

I have no idea what the future is going to bring. I really don’t see how Prosecutor Negangard is going to explain that I committed a crime by writing excessively about the crimes that Dr. Connor committed. I still cannot comprehend how the Dearborn County prosecutor is trying to prosecute me for the obstruction of justice in a Ripley County Court case. Even more troubling is the fact that Negangard is charging me with intimidating a witness in a Ripley County trial, who lives and works in Kentucky, and who wasn’t even licensed to practice psychology by the state of Indiana. But this is F. Aaron Negangard’s territory. Judge Humphrey is his friend, Dr. Connor is his professional witness, and Dan Brewington is just a father that exposed their misconduct so Negangard went on the warpath and is using Angle Loechel, Sheriff Kreinhop, and even Dearborn County Commissioner Shane McHenry to help stomp out Dan Brewington’s First Amendment Rights. Stay tuned to see how it goes. To contact me or my family, send emails to

P.S. – I love you M.B. and A. B. I’ll keep fighting to be your dad.

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