Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What evidence does Commissioner McHenry have against me?

In my previous blog post I mentioned how Dearborn County Commissioner Shane McHenry wears two hats in Dearborn County. One hat is that of a Dearborn County Commissioner who is a proponent of building a new jail in Dearborn County. The other hat is that of a Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit detective, who Prosecutor Negangard wants to testify against me because I publicly criticized some public officials who are also proponents of the jail expansion. Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard, who is Commissioner McHenry’s boss when McHenry is not wearing his Commissioner’s hat, is trying to postpone my bond hearing scheduled for July 18, 2011 because Commissioner McHenry is unavailable to testify against me on that date.

I have been detained in the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center on a $500,000 surety, $100,000 cash bond since March 11, 2011. I have been unable to receive a hearing for a bond reduction because it took the state nearly three months just to find a judge that could hear my case. Judge Brian D. Hill, the third judge assigned to my case, set a bond reduction hearing for July 18, 2011, less than thirty days before my scheduled jury trial, Prosecutor Negangard tried to delay my bond hearing because he doesn’t want me to be able to have a fair trial.

Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop is telling the public that there is more to my case than what the public knows. Apparently there is more to this case than I am aware of as well. When Prosecutor Negangard released his list of potential witnesses, Commissioner McHenry was not included on the list. Actually, I did not see any mention of Commissioner McHenry’s name anywhere in the 1400 pages of the prosecution’s evidence against me. Federal law mandates that a defendant be provided with the evidence against him yet Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard seems to be denying me access to some evidence, a practice that is rumored to be not an uncommon occurrence in the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office. To the date of this blog, Prosecutor Negangard has yet to provide me any examples where I have illegally threatened people, lied to a grand jury, or released information from a grand jury proceeding; all of which are crimes that I have been accused of committing. So what evidence could Commissioner McHenry possible have against me?

Let’s first look at the facts. On 8/24/09, Sheriff Mike Kreinhop met with Judge James D. Humphrey where Judge Humphrey informed Sheriff Kreinhop, who was a SCU detective under Prosecutor Negangard at the time, that Judge Humphrey found my writings to be intimidating and “a threat to his and his family’s personal safety.” Despite his “feeling” that I was a potential danger to the safety of his family, Judge Humphrey continued to preside over my case until 6/9/10. During that time he scheduled and vacated hearings and denied motions which further obstructed my ability to see my little girls. Sheriff Kreinhop’s investigation report was composed on 10/28/09 and it is the only police/investigation report that was completed prior to my incarceration on March 11, 2011(at least it is the only report that Prosecutor Negangard will let me see.) Since there is no mention of Commissioner McHenry in the evidence provided by Prosecutor Negangard, Commissioner McHenry’s testimony would have to pertain to evidence discovered after my arrest, which probably means that Prosecutor Negangard commanded Commissioner McHenry to investigate my blog and/or phone calls since my incarceration.

I greatly appreciate everyone for stopping by my blog and those who have been following my blog would agree that I haven’t threatened anyone. I venture to guess that Commissioner McHenry, Prosecutor Negangard , and Judge Humphrey were pretty upset that I posted a lot of personal information about Judge Humphrey in my father’s day blog, but I simply copied the information from a public interview with Judge Humphrey that appeared on an Indiana Court web publication. Regurgitating public information is not a crime so maybe Commissioner McHenry has been using County tax dollars to listen to my phone conversations since I have been in jail. I’m sure Commissioner McHenry overheard me calling some Dearborn County officials S.O.B’s, pieces of s*#t, and maybe even the occasional Mf’er, but name calling on a private call is not against the law. Maybe Commissioner McHenry overheard me saying “I’m going to take them down”, “(So n So) is going down”, or something of the sort. If Commissioner McHenry thinks it is illegal to verbalize that a public official is “going down” by a legal means, then Dearborn County is going to have to build two new jails; one to relieve the alleged overcrowding and one for any little league, recreational, grade school, middle school, and high school coach who has ever uttered the words “We’re going to destroy the Spartans” or “Let’s kill the Tigers.”

Sheriff Mike Kreinhop is correct that there are aspects of my case that the public is unaware of. The public may be unaware that Prosecutor Negangard’s strategy is to comb my writings for negative statements and out-of-context quotes and claim that the writings as a whole constitute a violation of the law; thus destroying the First Amendment in Dearborn County. He’s even enlisted Commissioner McHenry to assist him. Why? Because I pose a threat to the “good ole boy” system that plagues Dearborn County, not a threat to anyone’s personal safety. So stay tuned to see how much taxpayer money Prosecutor Negangard can burn through in his efforts to nullify the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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  1. Dan, keep cool brother. You are in quite a pickle. When that which distinguishes the good guys from the bad guys disapears, you have to ascend too a higher altitude to address the perversion of democracy. Keep in mind that you are metaphorically the "Mandella" of paternal custody/fatherhood.

    Keep cool brother, let the evil in dearborn county indiana continue to show itself as what it really is. The time will come when the population will see your repressors and hold them politically accountable.

    Don,t let those who repress you win their evil psy-ops war waged in retaliation of a Great American fighting for his rights. Keep in mind that nobody likes to be caught with their pants down.....not even judges.