Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dan Brewington’s story highlighted in a documentary to be released in the fall of 2012.

Divorce Corp. is an ambitious film on the current state of family law and the broader financial issues surrounding divorce in America. It is set to be released in the fall of 2012.

In spring of 2011, Dan Brewington’s family was contacted about the possibility of participating in a documentary about divorce. One of the project researchers came across Dan Brewington on the internet and was interested. In July 2011 producer, Lee Thompson, came to Cincinnati, talked to Sue and Matt Brewington, and chose film locations.

Thompson returned with film director, James Scurlock, and his crew in August 2011. They interviewed Dan’s mother, Sue Brewington, and Dan’s Ohio Attorney, Robert G. Kelly in Norwood, Ohio.  James Scurlock and Lee Thompson met Dan in a regular prison visit at the Dearborn County Jail behind glass but were not granted permission to do an in person interview and definitely no cameras. They also filmed outside the Courthouse and jail where Dan was incarcerated since March of 2011. The film story continued at Brewington’s family farm in Milan, Indiana, where Dan had lived with his girls during the 2 ½ year divorce.

They asked the Brewingtons not to speak about the project in public last year. On Monday, July 30, 2012 a film crew returned with the owner of Candor Entertainment, Joe Sorge, to finish the part about Dan. They went to Putnamville Correctional Facility in Greencastle, Indiana where Stan Knight is superintendent and Dan is in prison. Candor Entertainment had been trying to get permission to film Dan at the prison since late last year, but had been denied. The film crew, with Joe Sorge, went into the visitor center and asked again. They were told that they could film from across the highway and they did.

The crew came to the Brewington family home later in the day on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Joe Sorge conducted the interviews. Dan called from prison and Joe got to interview Dan.  In his final question he asked Dan what he would like to tell his girls. August 18, 2012 marks three years since he has seen them. Joe interviewed Matt to get some personal idea about what kind of brother Dan is. Even Dan’s dog, Sophia, participated before the crew departed for Los Angeles later that evening.

The significance of this documentary needs to be emphasized. The family court systems around our country are broken in many ways. Dan’s story is just one of many that will be mentioned in the film. It is one example of what happened to someone who tried to find some accountability within the system and got punished drastically for fighting to have meaningful time with his girls.

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Candor Entertainment creates scripted and unscripted content for TV, film and the web. Candor just completed production on a million dollar feature documentary titled Divorce Corp., with Director James Scurlock who previously directed and produced Maxed Out. That film aired on HBO numerous times and can be reviewed at and is also available on Netflix. Divorce Corp. is set to release fall 2012.

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  1. do you know when divorce corp is being released? will it be on hbo?

  2. Suppose to be on HBO FINALLY the summer of 2013 or fall 2013 because of the time it took to edit and talk to some of the "victims" of our system

  3. I wrote to then senator Sheila Kuhel, who had drafted the law everyone ignored in Sacramento County. Section 3044. I presented seven times over what the law requires as evidence of abuse, and they knew exactly what they were doing to us. No matter how much evidence is presented, they declare that a "finding" was not met!
    With absolutely no history of mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, violence toward anyone, and not one single solid reason, I was denied custody, in favor of a man with a long history of violence dating to his first and second wives before me (Sorry, I was very young.) 58k later, here we are, and they do all they can do keep us in litigation. Oldest child is a total loss, and younger one in progress at the hands of an abusive and manipulative father. Sheila Kuhel sent back a form letter. They don't care. Want proof? Even the first degree murder of the other parent (nearly all male on female,see bureau of justice statistics-also *note* that men as victims of violence are most often gay men in homosexual relationships),yes, first degree murder of the other parent will not automatically deprive him of custody! CA family courts handling of parents who MURDER the other parent: C. First Degree Murder Of The Other Parent: Neither custody nor unsupervised visitation may be granted to a person convicted of first degree murder (Ca Penal § 189) of the child's other parent . . . unless the court finds there is no risk to the child's health, safety and welfare and states its reasons in writing or on the record. [Ca Fam § 3030(c)] "UNLESS the COURTS FIND NO RISK TO CHILD's HEALTH, SAFETY and WELFARE" SERIOUSLY!

  4. Finally, awreness of the mayhem going on in Family Court is spreading. I am witness to a 13 year old divorce case that is itself proof that anything goes in this court, legal or not. There is another group named "Lawless America" making huge efforts to expose this very conditiion. I wish all such groups could find each other and make a "joint venture" to end this anarchy and unaccountability that ruins people's lives. P.S. I also worte Sheila Kuehl about the particular case I'm still watching, but didn't hear back from her, not even a form letter. The law works only for itself and our complascent representatives.