Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter to My Daughters, 3 Years After They Lost the Ability To SeeTheir Father.

On this 3 year anniversary of being stripped of the ability to see my children, I decided it was time to explain to my girls, the truth of why they can’t see their dad. I explained in a manner that I thought the girls would be able to understand. I don’t know if they will be able to hear the contents now, but here is a copy of the letter that was mailed to my daughters.
Dear Girls,
Nearly three years have passed since I have seen or talked to the two of you. Please believe me when I say I have been working as hard as I can at trying to see you again. The problem started when a man named Judge James D. Humphrey got mad at me because I questioned the way children were separated from their moms and dads during divorce. When your mother and I got divorced, a psychologist named Dr. Edward J. Connor evaluated your mom and me to see what the best parenting arrangement was for the two of you.  Dr. Connor recommended the two of you live with your mom but still be able to see me 3 days a week. I never questioned that recommendation of Dr. Connor but I did question things in his evaluation that did not make sense. For example; Dr. Connor mixed up your names in the evaluation. Dr. Connor claimed he could not understand me when I talked. He said he tried to call Uncle Matt to ask questions, but he called him Mark and said the telephone number that I gave him for my brother did not work. I never gave him Uncle Matt’s number to call. Dr. Connor said Grandma Sue was supposed to show up to talk to him but she never did. Of course this was not true because Grandma Sue would do anything to help with you girls. The problem was Dr. Connor never told anyone that Grandma Sue was supposed to meet with him. When I asked Dr. Connor for the paperwork supporting his ideas and claims, he started to tell me lies. He said I could have the information. Then Dr. Connor said I was not allowed to have the information. Then he said a person was normally allowed to have the information but I could not have it because I did not have a lawyer. Then Dr. Connor said it was against the law for him to give me the information, even though he previously said I was allowed to have it. The more I questioned Dr. Connor; the more he lied. When I told judges about Dr. Connor, they got mad at your dad. When the judges did not do anything about Dr. Connor and his lying, I wrote about Dr. Connor on the internet so other parents would know to look out for Dr. Connor because he did not tell the truth. This was the biggest reason Judge Humphrey gave when he said I could not see you. He said he was most concerned about my writings about Dr. Connor. Judge Humphrey was worried more about Dr. Connor than the two of you being able to see your dad. Even though Dr. Connor said I was a good father and a safe parent capable of caring for the two of you at least three days a week, Judge Humphrey said I was not allowed to see you until I saw another doctor. Judge Humphrey delayed and helped prevent me from seeing another doctor. I wrote on the internet that Judge Humphrey was mean to children because he took away children from good parents. When I did that, Judge Humphrey wanted me to go to jail. I was arrested a year and a half ago and I am still in jail because the court said I was not allowed to say Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor were mean to children.  They said I was not allowed to tell other moms and dads on the internet that Dr. Connor did not tell the truth. Me being in jail is the reason I have not been able to visit another doctor so I can see you again, but I am still trying my hardest to see you.
Grandma Sue and Uncle Matt are doing everything they can to help me get out of jail and see you again. Do not be afraid for me because I have many new friends in jail and outside who support me in what I am doing. With everything I have put on the internet, I have found out that there are many bad people like Dr. Connor and Judge James D. Humphrey who do not care about the well being of kids like you.  There are many parents who contacted Granma Sue, Uncle Matt, and me who say they have had the same kind of problems. Many of them are praying for me because they think I am doing something that will help moms, dad, and kids everywhere. They think I can help protect kids from other bad people like Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor. If nothing else, I am protecting the ability for other moms and dads to criticize bad people.
Right now Daddy has two lawyers who are working very hard to clear my name. Their job is to prepare paperwork and present it to a higher up court to help demonstrate that I have not done anything wrong. They are telling the judges at the higher court that I did things that President Thomas Jefferson said I was allowed to do. President Jefferson said over two hundred years ago that people like me were allowed to harshly criticize people like judges and others who work in the public. When my lawyers win, I will be closer to seeing you.
I love the two of you more than I can imagine. I dream of you every night and think about you every day. Anytime I see kids on TV I think of you. Almost everything I see and do in a day somehow reminds me of my two little angels. It’s not fair that you had to go without a dad for three years. It breaks my heart thinking about it but bad people like Judge Humphrey unfairly punish kids and their parents for telling the truth about their actions. If I did not speak up, more kids would have been hurt. I did not think that I would go to jail for doing things President Jefferson said we were allowed to do but Judge Humphrey’s friends helped put me here. Now there are some pretty mad people who are supporting your dad. A little while ago, the director of a national organization that helps fathers wrote an article about me and a lot of people are mad about what Judge Humphrey and his friends did to your dad. My new friends know that I am a good dad and they know the two of you need me in your lives. These people are telling other people in the United States to let them know of our story to help make people aware of the bad things that can happen when people like Judge Humphrey take away the rights of people.
I know this may be hard for you to understand but I want you to know that I love the two of you more than anything in the world.
Soon this will all be over and we can be together again. I will never stop fighting to be your dad. I love you.


  1. This outrages me. How can other people make the decision on a father spending time with his children. I will keep you in my prayers in hopes that you reunite with your children.

  2. I cannot tell you how much my heart aches for you. Reading all of this made me cry thinking back on my custody hearing 25 years ago with my daughter. She wanted to live with her father with no supervision. She was 13 they said she could decide. He won. The first week she skipped school 2 days. The second week she got a jailhouse tatoo. The third week school called because she was being truant again, they said I was responsible for her and they would cite me. What a mess! Ended up she quit school moved in with her boyfriend at 15. I spent 25,000 on trying to regain custody with no luck. crazy? Give custody to a man who did not have a job at the time, no car, no home, lived with Mom and Dad. Went out to the bar every night and partied all the time.he wasn't a bad guy just not responsible enough to do the job. I held a good job owned my own home, owned a nice car and a truck. Owned my own business. Did not matter. They had my daughter interviewed by a social worker from Butler county who was 22 years old at the time. She made the decision as to where my daughter should reside. She had no clue of what she was doing. The court system is so messed up I don't know if they can fix it. I will keep you in my prayers and follow your progress, meanwhile you have a very good attorney, I know Bob personally from Norwood where I lived for 30 years. I owned a restaurant there for 10 years and He helped me with legal issues before. He is honest and he has integrity, somethings most attorneys do not possess nowdays. Keep your spirits up and remember that you have a great support group!

  3. This violation of Dan's First Amendment rights is atrocious. President Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers provided the means to protest against over bearing use of the law by government officials to provide the means to protect our freedom. The case appears to have violated many provisions of the Constitution and Indiana State laws and deserves rectification. In the mean time, elections are coming in November and we can start to make changes. People need to speak with their votes to protect our freedoms. The incumbents need to go.


  4. wow this is hart renching. my hubby and i are fighting to see his 3 kids and we have seen a dr just like this in australia, he told us he thinks hubbys kids would be better off with us then when we got the paper work he changed his words and made my husband to be a lier. i dont understand why mothers have more rights then fathers do... i hope you are free and with your girls very soon and they are able to live with you while the mother misses out, why cant she put aside the past and help you see the girls dam b***h

  5. You know I read this and it makes me feel bad. Then I remember my childrens extremely abusive father who told the same kind of lies and know that this can be just as much bs as my own x;s is. I hope God looks after the children....for whomever the truth REALLY lies with.