Thursday, December 27, 2012

Officials in Dearborn County under Federal Investigation

Officials in Dearborn County under Federal Investigation

In February 2011 Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard convened a grand jury to listen to him present his case against Dan Brewington. Dan was blogging about the family court system in Dearborn County, Judge Humphrey, and the Kentucky custody evaluator Edward Connor. Dan witnessed the zeal that Prosecutor Negangard used to prosecute him.

 Now another government entity is convening a grand jury, the federal government. The FBI has served grand jury subpoenas on the Lawrenceburg, Indiana, officials and the feds want records regarding grants and loans made by the town and the council back as far as 2007 forward. Millions of dollars are involved. Where was Prosecutor Negangard and his federally funded Special Crimes Unit?

Dan Brewington is now waiting for the Indiana Court of Appeals to rule on his appeal. Oral Arguments were held on November 24, 2012 in Indianapolis.

 For more information on the federal investigation covered by Fox 19 News in an article posted by Matthew Nordin at the following links: Dearborn County Forum

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