Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dearborn County, Indiana. Judge James D. Humphrey Publicly Announces That He is not Intimidated by Dan Brewington

Dearborn County Circuit Court Judge, James D. Humphrey, has publicly stated “The Judge, and his spouse, did in fact attend oral arguments before the Indiana Court of Appeals in the matter of State v. Brewington on November 21, 2012. This Judge felt it critically important to show that neither he, nor others involved in the legal system, will be intimidated from carrying out their duties in the administration of justice and enforcement of our Laws.” This quote is listed as #10 in Judge Humphrey’s Order, in a separate criminal matter, denying defense attorney Doug Garner’s motion to remove the Judge due to a bias in favor of Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard. Also note that Dan Brewington was never scheduled to attend this hearing in Indianapolis because he is serving a 5 year sentence at Putnamville Correctional Facility for intimidating Judge Humphrey, the judge's wife, and Ed Connor.

After participating in an 18 month investigation of Dan Brewington regarding the Intimidation charge, while continuing to rule on the Brewington divorce case, testifying at the grand jury proceedings, testifying at the Brewington trial and testifying at the sentencing hearing, Judge James D. Humphrey has publicly announced that he is in fact not intimidated by Dan Brewington. Brewington goes to prison for intimidating the Judge, the judge's wife, and Ed Connor and then Judge James D. Humphrey issues an order in the Lopez case saying that he “felt it critically important to show that neither he, nor others involved in the legal system, will be intimidated from carrying out their duties…” So how could Brewington be charged and convicted when the alleged victim claimed that he and others weren’t intimidated?   December 5, 2012 Post about the Motion being filed.  Story about Judge Humphrey denying the Motion.


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