Friday, March 1, 2013

Indiana Blogger At Center Of Free Speech Fight

Dan Brewington’s story has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article written by AP correspondent Charles Wilson.

Read quotes from Indianapolis Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sutherlin, UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh, Attorney James Bopp Jr., Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard.

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  1. Way to go Dan! Standing up to the corrupt Dearborn County, Indiana. Even some attorneys that practice there, agree that the same court is corrupt. I hope all goes in your favor.

    I know of someone that had a child case that didn't live in that county. They ran this family around for over a year. She once tried to stand up for her rights to the judge and he threatened her with jail. She of course didn't want that so she tipped toed around and bent over backwards for this judge. Every time she went to court she said that he would always try to hammer her for something and she felt daggers from his peircing eyes. The prosecutor continues to pursue the mother for criminal charges that does not deserve the lawful action. Her family has been punished enough by the courts and all its bs run arounds. The only thing she is guilty of is being a wonderful mother that loves her children.

    Thank you Dan for being a voice for the innocent people of Dearborn County whom some have had their lives destroyed by this corrupt court system.