Thursday, March 14, 2013

Latest Articles about Dan

UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh has an interesting take on the Indiana Attorney General's brief in response to Dan's petition to transfer. Link

Here is an article from The Indiana Lawyer in which Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard continues to vilify Dan with a complete lack of evidence concerning a made-up story of a "murder-for-hire" plot. Negangard's attempts to throw off the press and the public with deceptive statements is both unprofessional and reckless. The only mention of this "murder-for-hire" was the testimony of Detective/County Commissioner Shane McHenry at Dan's bond reduction hearing concerning McHenry's interview of a career criminal/longtime jailhouse snitch. (an audio recording was also presented, which Dan and his attorney never got a copy of) Prisoner movement logs proved that Dan never could have spoken with the "snitch" as they were never in the same place at the same time. You would think that the detective/county commissioner would have figured that out. Although, it's not good evidence if you are trying to fix a case for the prosecutor. Also, this was never mentioned at trial, yet Negangard is mentioning it now, to the press.

Eagle Country 99.3 has update as well. Link

Here is an article from The Angry Dad reminding us that this all started with criticisms of an abusive family court system.


  1. I hoped one day all of Indiana's dirty laundry would come in to the light. I got my wish. My 2nd wish is to see Dan walk out of prison, a free man, into the arms of his children, his record wiped CLEAN, sue the state of Indiana for everything they have done to him, and see every official that was involved in this entire mess that put Dan in prison, be terminated from the bar and bench and be prosecuted! We need to hold these (so called) officials accountable!!!

    Keep up the fight and be patient Dan. The truth will come out and set you free, soon I hope.

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