Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Indiana Public Officials who are aware of Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard's Grand Jury Abuse Scandal

People who know.
The following is a list of State and Local officials that I have mailed and/or emailed regarding Special Judge Brian Hill’s recent order for the Dearborn County (IN) Superior Court II implicating Dearborn CountyProsecutor F. Aaron Negangard in a grand jury abuse scandal. These officials are likely to be aware of the illegal conduct so feel free to contact me or any of these officials with questions or concerns. Please stay tuned as the list is growing….

Indiana Supreme Court

(Please note that Ms. Meiring is also aware of misconduct by former Indiana Supreme Court Applicant, Dearborn County Superior Court II Judge Sally McLaughlin as Ms. Meiring communicated with me via email.)
Adrienne Meiring, Counsel
Division of State Court
30 S. Meridian Street, Ste. 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Pho: 317-232-4706
Fax: 317-233-6586

Dearborn County Deputy Prosecutors (Note paralegals were not contacted directly):

Joeseph Kisor, Chief Deputy Prosecutor
Mary Miller, Paralegal, (812) 532-2095

Andrew Barde, Deputy Prosecutor
Amy Beckett, Paralegal, (812) 532-3209

Lynn Deddens, Deputy Prosecutor
Maria Bressert, Paralegal, (812) 532-2094
Cell: 513-967-0531

Jeff Dornette, Deputy Prosecutor
Mary Miller, Paralegal, (812) 532-2095

Daniel S. Carraway, Deputy Prosecutor
Tammi Richter, Paralegal, (812) 532-8861

Arnie McGill, Deputy Prosecutor
Debbie Granatir, Paralegal, (812) 532-3288

Dearborn County Commissioners

Lynch, Kevin Commissioner, District 1  812-537-8824
McHenry, Shane Commissioner, District 3 812-537-8737
Little, Art Commissioner, District 2       812-537-8851
Hayden, Sue Administrative Assistant 812-537-8894

Dearborn County Council

Liz Morris
County Council Member, District 1
Phone: 812-637-0522

Dan Lansing
County Council Member, District 2
Phone: 812-537-7041

Ryan Brandt
County Council Member, District 3

Dennis Kraus
County Council Member, District 4
Phone: 812-623-2320

Allen Goodman
County Council Member, At Large

Charley Keyes
County Council Member, At-Large

Bill Ullrich
County Council Member, At-Large
Phone: 812-926-0575

Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department
Main phone: (812) 537-8700

Michael Kreinhop

Chief Deputy
David W. Lusby
Phone: (812) 532-2067

Jack Prarat

Barry Bridges

John Vance

CSI / Sgt
Wally Lewis

CSI/ Sgt
Steve Jackson

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