Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Indiana Chief Deputy Attorney General Lied about Grounds for Prosecution

Constitutional law prohibits prosecutors from requesting convictions against defendants for reasons other than their guilt. The following is an interview from 2013 when Chief Deputy Attorney General F. Aaron Negangard served as Dearborn County Prosecutor. Despite Negangard alleging that my convictions were based on true threats of physical harm and arson, Negangard made no such argument during trial. The altered grand jury transcripts, which were altered by the Dearborn Superior Court II, are void of Negangard giving any true threat instruction for my indictments. The quote scrolling across the top of the screen in the video is the argument Negangard made for my convictions.

The grand jury transcripts in my case demonstrate Negangard made me the target of a grand jury investigation in the absence of a crime. Negangard argued I made "unsubstantiated statements" about Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey and Dr. Edward J. Connor, a psychologist often used by Dearborn County Courts. Negangard did not prosecute me for making threats of physical harm. Negangard made me a target of a grand jury investigation and prosecuted me for criticizing officials in the Dearborn County Court System. Now Negangard's new boss, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, is representing the Defendants in my lawsuit seeking the audio from the grand jury proceedings in my case. If Negangard presented a true threat ground for my indictments, Negangard had the true threat ground omitted from the transcription of the audio to deprive me of charging information. If Negangard failed to present a true threat ground for returning intimidation indictments, then the above video is further evidence of Negangard doubling down in Negangard’s efforts to retaliate against my First Amendment Speech. Now, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is saddled with the task of not only representing the defendants in my public records lawsuit, but Hill also bears the responsibility of keeping the records out of the public eye to protect F. Aaron Negangard, Hill’s Chief Deputy Attorney General.

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