Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dr. Connor Recommends More Parenting Time for Sex Offenders than he does for Me.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati Area, there is a good chance you have heard of the ongoing situation concerning Jeni Lee Dinkel.  Jeni Lee Dinkel’s rise to infamy came from her arrest and guilty plea for having sex with a fifteen year old friend of her son.  She had also provided alcohol to minors at her home.  Ms. Dinkel has made the news once again as she is fighting to be allowed to attend her son’s graduation at Covington Catholic High School but the school is not allowing her to attend.  Good call.

This woman raped a minor.  Jeni Lee Dinkel is a registered sex offender.  This wasn’t a lapse in judgment.  She provided alcohol to minors and then had sex with a minor.  Now she is claiming that Covington Catholic’s decision not to allow her to attend only punishes her son.  Yeah, it’s the school’s fault that’s she’s a registered sex offender.

One of the underlying chapters in this story that many people are not aware of is the psychological evaluation of Jeni Lee Dinkel that was performed, for the defense, by Dr. Edward J. Connor and Associates.  Dr. Connor, as you know, submitted a “less than adequate” child custody evaluation to the Court in my divorce.  Dr. Connor wrote “we believe that minimizing the amount of time that Dan has with the children will in fact sustain their existing bond.”  My girls were one and three at the time.  Dr. Connor recommended that Jeni Lee Dinkel not receive any jail time because it would be hard on her 15 year old son, who was dealing with some serious health problems.

I feel badly for what this woman put her family through.  I feel even worse for the victim of her crime and his family.  I don’t feel bad for Ms. Dinkel.  What I find to be very disturbing is that a psychologist and child custody evaluator, Dr. Edward J. Connor, would suggest that a father, who has committed no crime, should have his time minimized with his children while recommending that a confessed rapist avoid jail time because it would be hard on her 15 year old son.  Dr. Connor provided absolutely no evidence to why my girls would be better served with their dad playing a minor role in their lives.   On the other hand, Dr. Connor went on and on about how Jeni Lee Dinkel was at “very low risk” to reoffend in any manner.  It’s rather amazing that a child custody evaluator can almost write off alcohol, sex and minors as if it were some type of youthful indiscretion.  What would Dr. Connor’s recommendations be if he performed a custody evaluation for the Dinkel family?  Would minimizing the amount of time a sex offender had with her teenage son sustain their existing bond?

Many of us face tough choices in life.  Most of us are never faced with making a decision about a possible sexual encounter with a minor when alcohol is involved.  That’s because responsible people don’t find themselves in those positions.  Most people wouldn’t have to think about what they would do in the presence of alcohol and minors because usually morality has already made the decision.  In the case of a “moral lapse”; an understanding of severe legal ramifications usually kicks in.  If you put yourself in the compromising situation and forget about moral and legal responsibility; you probably don’t fall into the category of being a very low risk to reoffend. 

This sickens me.  What if one of my children was very sick?  Should I get more time with them?  What about the time leading up to their sickness?  Then there is always the question of what would have happened if I would have had sex with a 15 year old girl?  They have a TV show called To Catch a Predator, with Chris Hanson, set up to catch men who do that.  Jeni Lee Dinkel is fighting for the right to go to her son’s high school graduation.  If I did the same thing with a 15 year old girl, I’d be fighting for the ability to see my girls before they were adults.  Of course this would follow a jail sentence that would probably be much longer than Jeni Lee Dinkel’s 59 days.

I always try to do the right thing.  I don’t put myself in compromising situations.  I fight for the right to spend equal time with my girls by taking on someone who has a lot of influence in the tri-state legal system, Dr. Edward J. Connor.  I’ve gotten a Judge to recuse himself and I’m taking on the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology and Kentucky Assistant Attorney General, Mark Brengelman; all in an effort to spend equal time with my daughters.  When you turn on 700 WLW, you hear some people calling in to Willie Cunningham and Mike McConnell talking about how we should feel sorry for Jeni Lee Dinkel.  Unfortunately a sex scandal involving a minor and a Hollywood makeup artist, who is married to a former NFL player, makes for better ratings than addressing problems with the family court system and “professionals” like Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy. D. 

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