Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild West Poker Game

Here is a quick random analogy:

I feel like I'm holding a straight flush in a high stakes wild west poker game.  I'm confident that nobody can beat my hand; I just hope the dealer doesn't have a gun under the table.

I have a mountain of evidence demonstrating that Dr. Edward Connor is a deceitful and despicable human being and I have done all of the preparation I can to get ready for trial.  The Judge is the dealer.  If the Judge shoots me down before I get a chance to show my hand, I'm screwed.  Actually it would lead to a nightmarish appeal.  I have set everything up so I have the ability to appeal any questionable rulings.  I have been trying to get a copy of the case file since March 6, 2008.  It's a shame that a father has to battle the system to ensure he has the ability to CONTINUE to spend equal time with his daughters.  I feel that my girls would be proud to know that their dad did everything to protect their ability to spend equal time with both parents.  That's what good daddies are for.

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