Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Letter to KY Attorney General Jack Conway

Here is a copy of the letter I emailed to the Kentucky Attorney General's Office today.  I'm not going to quit until someone tells me the law that allows a psychologist to lie to a client, the court and the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology.   

April 14, 2009 

Dear Ms. Velez, 

            Please have Mr. Conway’s office contact me regarding the conduct of Assistant Attorney General Mark Brengelman.  Mr. Brengelman serves as counsel to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology.  Mr. Brengelman is allowed to protect the Board members from potential subpoenas.  Mr. Brengelman can advise the Board on matters regarding complaints against psychologists.  Mr. Brengelman cannot actively protect the Board from potentially being subpoenaed by a person while simultaneously advising the Complaints Screening Committee on a complaint against a psychologist that was filed by that same person.  Mr. Brengelman informed the Board, during the public comment portion of the April 13, 2009, that he failed to provide the Board with a mailed copy of the complaint, postmarked March 17, 2009.  Earlier in the meeting Mr. Brengelman recommended not addressing Agency Case No. 08-15 because the Board only had an emailed copy of the complaint and not a mailed copy; which held up the complaint from being distributed to the members of the Complaints Screening Committee.  The Board members can attest to the events described above. 

            I filed a 237 page complaint with Board regarding Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D in November 2008.  My primary complaint was the fact that Dr. Connor refuses to provide me with a copy of the case file from the custody evaluation he conducted for my wife and me.  Dr. Connor stated that he wouldn’t release it to me because I wasn’t an attorney.  The Board stated that this was not “an apparent violation” of law.  After I reviewed Dr. Connor’s response to the complaint, I found that Dr. Connor failed to address the matter, yet the Board didn’t find anything worthy of an investigation.  My March 16, 2009 complaint deals with Dr. Connor’s false statements. 

            At the least, Mr. Brengelman’s actions are unintentionally protecting Dr. Connor.  Worst case scenario is that Mr. Brengelman and the Complaints Screening Committee have intentionally protected Dr. Connor.  Both of which have caused further harm to my children during my divorce/custody hearing.  These actions also make the State of Kentucky responsible for unnecessary damages suffered by my family as a result of intentional/unintentional negligence.  

            If I don’t hear from someone from the Attorney General’s office by this evening, I will be posting this letter on www.danbrewington.blogspot.com.  If I don’t feel comfortable that this matter is being handled properly, I will be attending the 2009 Kentucky Crime Victims’ Rights Rally Day to represent people whom have been victims of crimes committed by the people we trust to protect us.  I won’t be coming alone. 

Dr. Connor wrote “We believe that minimizing the amount of time Dan has with the children will in fact sustain their existing bond.”  My girls were 1 and 3 at the time.  All I wanted was a copy of the evaluation case file from Dr. Edward J. Connor so I could represent myself in court.  I requested the case file on March 6, 2008.  The Judge tried to protect Dr. Connor.  I got Judge Taul to recuse himself because of the ex-parte communication he had with Dr. Connor.  Mr. Brengelman and the Board are working diligently to delay/obstruct an investigation of Dr. Connor.  I want this to be over.  The only way I’m going to give up on my children is if someone gives me the Kentucky Statute that justifies Dr. Connor being able to lie about why he cannot release a case file/health record to a client.  If there is no such statute; the State of Kentucky has taken an active role to protect criminal behavior.  I look forward to a quick response and resolution to this problem.


        Dan Brewington 

Loving father of two girls

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