Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Dr. Edward J Connor conducts himself in an unethical and illegal manner and the people who enable him to do so.

This is a collection of some statements and/or opinions that Dr. Edward J Connor has given in several different legal proceedings. Dr. Connor claimed that he could not understand me in a child custody evaluation because I had ADHD, yet Dr. Connor doesn’t have a problem evaluating child porn addicts, violent offenders, rapists, and murders. Dr. Edward J Connor is not only a danger to children; Dr. Connor presents a real danger to the integrity of criminal and civil trials to which Dr. Connor is involved.

“The doctor testified that when Conley killed his 10-year-old brother, Conner, in November he was likely in a dissociative state – a condition in which the mind seems different than the body.” -WLWT report of Dr. Edward Connor’s testimony at the 9/20/2010 Sentencing Hearing for convicted murder Andrew Conley

“[Dr. Edward Connor] attributed Mullikin’s addiction to child pornography to being sexually confused after becoming aroused while being spanked by a nun in fifth grade.” -Cincinnati Enquirer report of Dr. Connor’s testimony at the sentencing hearing in Kenneth Mullikin’s child pornography case.

In the 2007 rape trial of Jeni Lee Dinkel, Dr. Connor recommended that Ms. Dinkel not do jail time for having sex with her son’s 15 year old friend. Dr. Connor stated that Ms. Dinkel took full responsibility for her actions and was a very low risk to reoffend in any manner. Ms. Dinkel pled guilty to having sex with a 15 year old boy after providing alcohol to teenagers. Dr. Connor felt that if Ms. Dinkel went to jail, it would be hard on her son. In 2008, Ms. Dinkel was arrested for a probation violation and her case worker claimed that Ms. Dinkel placed blame on the 15 year old victim.

In the Death Row trial of Marco Chapman, Dr. Connor stated, “Marco Chapman was depressed as a baby due to the emotional detachment of his parents. Chapman’s parents suffered from depression, serious alcohol abuse, and mental disorders. Chapman’s father sexually abused him and routinely beat him unconscious. His parents gave Chapman alcohol in his baby bottle. A babysitter molested Chapman. Chapman began to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol at the age of eight and became sexually active and suicidal as a child. Chapman experienced dissociative states. He was plagued by conduct disorders and dysthymia and Chapman’s emotional disturbances had physical manifestations. Around the age of 14, Chapman attempted suicide by hanging himself and cutting his wrists. This was around the same time Chapman began to abuse LSD, embalming fluid, and PCP. Chapman suffered from gender identity issues. He abused heroin, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamines and drank alcohol in binges. Chapman was in acute psychological turmoil suffering from substance dependence, Dysthymic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, intrusive thoughts, odd sensory experiences, including visual and auditory hallucinations, dramatic mood swings, troubling thoughts and dreams, and personality disorders (he had symptoms of both Borderline and Anti-social Disorder.” Marco Chapman had a marginal IQ yet Dr. Connor understood Mr. Chapman well enough to come to the above conclusion.

In the May 21, 2010 appellate ruling of Seth Smith v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Mr. Smith argued that the trial court erred in excluding proposed testimony from psychologist Dr. Edward Connor. The ruling states, “Appellant states that Dr. Connor would have testified that Appellant “acted in a manner which he felt was necessary to defend himself’.” The appellate court agreed with the trial court’s opinion that “Dr. Connor could not have testified to such because ‘he would be testifying as to what was actually in the Defendant’s mind at the time he committed the offense’.”

After I began publicly questioning the conduct of Dr. Connor and Dr. Connor’s involvement in previous trials, Dr. Connor attacked me and claimed that I may present an emotional danger to my children. When Judge Humphrey asked Dr. Connor how my behavior reflected my ability to parent and the safety of my children, Dr. Connor stated, “My concern is that if he -- it might not be necessary, the physical safety, but the psychological well-being of the children if he were to attempt to coach them in any way against the mother. If he doesn’t get what he wants in this way, my concern is that he’ll start to work on the children, try to coach them or influence them in some way to get what he wants. I would be more concerned about that.” When Judge Humphrey asked Dr. Connor to describe what Dr. Connor observed that led him to that conclusion, Dr. Connor replied, “His manipulativeness, his tendency to not see things objectively for another’s perspective. Pretty much, if he doesn’t get what he wants, then he’ll go to many different extents or means to try to get his way, such as I said, all of the information that he puts up on the internet. He’s threatened -- I feel like he’s threatened the courts, I feel like he’s made threats to me. He’s made very negative comments about myself publicly. There’s a lot of manipulation on his behalf that I think would pre-dispose him, then, to trying to manipulate the children, as well, if he does not get what he wants.”

Psychologist Dr. Edward Connor is a hired gun that will say anything for a buck and will go to extremes to crush those who question his conduct. Judge Humphrey wrote in the final decree in my divorce, “According to Dr. Connor’s testimony, Husband’s writings are similar to those of individuals who have committed horrendous crimes against their families.” That was the best that Dr. Connor could make up. He didn’t have any evidence that I was anything but a good father so he had to make something up. Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” It makes you wonder why judges like Judge James Humphrey keep appointing Dr. Edward J Connor. For more information on the conduct of Dr. Edward J Connor, visit www.danhelpskids.com and www.danbrewington.blogspot.com.

The following is a list of some of the professionals, organizations, and government officials that are aware of the unethical and/or illegal conduct of Kentucky psychologist, Dr. Edward J Connor. Many on the below list are aware that Dr. Connor has brought harm to clients and children, has committed perjury, and has committed mail and wire fraud, yet they either cannot nor will not do anything to protect the public or their clients from Dr. Connor. Please feel free to contact the people/organizations below and ask them to help put a stop to Dr. Connor's unethical and illegal conduct.

The Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky -Dr. Connor oversees their psychological staff.

Dearborn/Ohio County Indiana Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey

Dearborn/Ohio County Indiana Prosecutor Aaron Negangard

Dearborn County Indiana Attorney Jack Gay

Dearborn County Indiana Sheriff David Lusby

Dearborn County Indiana Special Crimes Unit Detective and Sheriff Candidate Mike Kreinhop

The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit

Dearborn County Indiana Commissioners

Ripley County Indiana Circuit Court Judge Carl H. Taul

Ripley County Indiana Prosecutor Richard Hertel

Indiana State Representative Johnny Nugent

Leanna Weissmann, Attorney at Law

Barbara Wyly, Attorney at Law

Angela G. Loechel, Attorney at Law

Thomas Blondell, Attorney at Law, Zerbe, Garner, Miller and Blondell

Jeff Rollman, Attorney at Law

Indiana Deputy Attorney General Betsy Isenberg

Kentucky Attorney General and US Senate Candidate Jack Conway

Assistant Kentucky Attorney General Mark Brengleman

Assistant Kentucky Attorney General Tad Thomas

The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology

Kentucky Psychologist Dr. Sara Jones-Connor

Kentucky Psychologist Dr. Jean Deters


  1. Why would so many people endorse him if he is as crooked as you say?

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