Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letter to my Daughters

Dear Girls,

I'm sure you are wondering why you haven't been able to see your father since August 19, 2009. Judge James D. Humphrey was aware that your daddy always protected you and never let you get hurt, and Judge Humphrey knew that you and your dad loved each other very much. Judge James D. Humphrey also knew that Dr. Edward J Connor made no mention of your dad ever doing anything that would harm you physically or emotionally. Judge Humphrey was so concerned about your safety that he said you couldn't see your daddy until two other mental health professionals said that daddy was not dangerous. If Judge Humphrey received evidence from three mental health professionals indicating that daddy does not present a risk to your physical and/or emotional well being, Judge Humphrey would allow your daddy to care for you just like daddy used to do. Unfortunately, Judge Humphrey recused himself from the case on June 9, 2010 and it has taken three months to appoint another job. I'm sure all of the judges who are friends with Dr. Connor are doing everything they can to reunite you with your father. Why shouldn't they? They only thing that Daddy ever did was post things on the internet that demonstrated that Dr. Connor did not tell the truth. Your father did Judge Humphrey a big favor and Judge Humphrey must have made Dr. Connor clean up his act because Judge Humphrey keeps appointing him. Daddy is doing everything he can to get back to you.

Love you girls,

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