Monday, November 8, 2010

Leverage is relative.

Occasionally the time comes when the people who think they have all of the leverage in the world, suddenly turn around to find out that their power is gone. Honesty eventually prevails. Pathetic last ditch efforts to save face are just that; pathetic. One of the reasons I always tell the truth, besides the fact that telling the truth is the right thing to do, is that it is impossible to "catch" me in a lie. It works out well in the long haul. The "he may be capable of doing something wrong" argument doesn't work outside of Judge Humphrey's courtroom. It definitely won't work in front of a jury. To the people who continue to live in a dreamworld where they believe that I may present a possible danger to anyone, the dream is almost over. The bad thing is the nightmare is about to begin because more and more people are beginning to understand that there are individuals who have spent the past year lying and cheating in an effort to keep my two little girls fatherless. I couldn't imagine having to explain to a judge/jury why someone would hurt little children by lying, just to punish the children's father. Those people should have followed my "no lie" philosophy because I never have to worry about getting caught not telling the truth. Building power upon a lie is like constructing a building on a foundation made of clay; sooner or later it is going to crumble and fall. Have a nice day.


  1. Did something good happen?

  2. Just seem to be moving in a positive direction. I found it amusing today when a lawyer accused me of picketing another lawyer's office. My lawyer said, if my former lawyer, Amy Streator of Kellerman Law, would have done her job, there wouldn't have been a reason to picket. Lawyers can be such the cry babies sometimes. They'll try to burn you to the ground with vengeance when they can, but they cry like babies when they can't.