Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes Ed says the craziest things.

I sat in on a court hearing a few days ago where Dr. Edward J Connor, a psychologist/custody evaluator in the Greater Cincinnati Area, testified in a child custody hearing in Campbell County, Kentucky. Dr. Connor seemed rather surprised to see me and after we first made eye contact, he made a conscience effort not to look at me again. He seemed a little nervous and from a psychological standpoint he probably should have been. As a psychologist, he probably believes that aggression or violence would be a common reaction for parents who had their children ripped from them without any warning or justifiable reason. As Dr. Connor was the one who maliciously attacked my credibility in an effort to hurt my children and me after I informed the public that Dr. Connor conducted himself in an unethical and illegal manner, he was probably concerned that I would be in the majority of parents who would have let anger take over. Fortunately for Dr. Connor, I do not fit into the demographic that would want to cause physical harm to someone who lied to hurt their children. I was just taking a legal approach to getting a better perspective of how Dr. Connor operates in other situations.

When Dr. Connor testified, he was rather quiet and his answers were short and simple. For a while, he really sounded like a very credible professional expert, until he uttered his custody recommendation. Dr. Connor testified that the parents were probably not able to communicate well enough for joint custody to work effectively. So he recommended that both of the parents should have full custody. No kidding.

I know, I know; you're asking, "how in the hell can both parents have full custody of one pre-teen child?" It's easy. Dr. Connor testified that he believed that custody should alternate from year to year. That's right. One parent this year and then the other parent the next. I'm sure that would resolve conflict. For those who think that I may have heard it wrong, believe me I didn't. I was just as shocked as you are. Dr. Connor claimed that he never made a recommendation like that before but thought it might work out in that situation. Nothing screams potential conflict like "Bye sweetie, it's time for your mom/dad to make all of the decisions this year. We'll do it my way again next year."

And people wonder why the family court system is so messed up. I have no idea how much the parents had to pay for this recommendation. Why do judges like Gayle Hoffman feel the need to appoint experts just to find out if there are conflicts between the parents? Rather than do her job that she is paid very well to do, Hoffman just pushed the responsibility off to another party. Judges like Hoffman like to point fingers at parents for wasting time and money during custody disputes, yet the judges are the ones who force parent to go to "experts" like Dr. Connor where they have to pay for the evaluation, pay to correct the evaluation, pay to dispute or present the evaluation, and then pay for Dr. Connor's appearance in Court so everyone can hear what ridiculous solution that Dr. Connor dreamed up to solve the problem. Obviously Judge Hoffman didn't follow the recommendation because it was probably the dumbest thing that she ever heard. So what does Judge Hoffman do? She berated the parents, one more than the other, because they had wasted so much time and money. Dr. Connor testified that he had been appointed by the Court to conduct three evaluations/updates of the child and parents. Three evaluations and several thousand dollars later, Dr. Connor concluded that the child's best interest would be best served by magically turning the kid into a tennis ball and serving the kid up at Wimbledon. Judge Gayle Hoffman was angry with the parents for wasting the Court's time. Maybe Judge Hoffman should have pointed her finger at herself and the Court for wasting everyone's time by sending the parents to Dr. Edward J Connor.


  1. Although the hearing may have been open to the public, the children's custody arrangement is not. You are also very close to stalking, as your posts indicate elsewhere that you intend to get Dr. Connor. From the outside, it looks like you will stir up the pot unless you let it go, and play by the rules. Just sayin...

    good luck to you. I hope you see your girls soon!

  2. What "rules" are you talking about? The rules according to the real law or the rules according to the crooked Indiana court system? If you are suggesting that writing about the Courts and Dr. Connor is keeping me from my children, then the rules need to be changed. What should I let go? Should I let go of the fact that Dr. Connor continues to try to harm me? Should I let it go that I caught the Indiana Supreme Court cheating by visiting my website? Amazing what IP address logs can do. The Indiana Supreme Court has been monitoring my website since May 27, 2010. Should I let someone else and/or their children be abused by Dr. Edward J Connor and the courts? Check with Eric Deters; he reported on 700WLW that Dr. Connor is a sick and twisted pervert. As for the privacy of the children's custody arrangement not being public; you're right. Give me the names of the parents or the children that Connor's recommendation referred to. I looked but I couldn't find any names. Actually, I couldn't find where I posted the children's custody arrangement; I only found where I stated that Judge Gayle Hoffman ignored Connor's ridiculous recommendation.

    As for stalking Dr. Connor, how have you come about that conclusion? I saw him at a court hearing that I was invited to attend. Other than that, I haven't seen him since the first day of the final hearing of my divorce on May 27, 2009. Is writing about his conduct considered stalking? Connor's harassed me on the internet because he can't sue me or have me arrested because I'm not the one acting in an illegal manner. That's why he runs to Judge Humphrey and Angela Loechel and cries about me whenever possible. I have proof if you need it. I'm the one who lost the ability to see my children and Connor is running and tattling on me at every chance. If any of my conduct is menacing, slanderous, or illegal, someone should call the police, sue me, and/or file for a restraining order. They won't do that because they know I haven't done anything wrong. Even Judge Humphrey was afraid to issue a restraining order against me because I would have the opportunity to defend it in Court. Why do you think Humphrey quit my case just a week before the June 13, 2010 hearing. He wasn't big enough to face someone who stood up against his crooked court. I would beat any restraining order just like I beat the restraining order my ex tried to place on me to remove my internet content. Gregory v Manning, Ind. Check it out. If the free speech doesn't harm the children or their mother; then it isn't bad.

    BTW, thanks for the well wishes.