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The Evidence Against Dan Brewington 6/11/11

I received the evidence against me that was compiled by F. Aaron Negangard and the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s office. In all, I received 1368 pages of documentation that Prosecutor Negangard and his staff have gathered, highlighted, reviewed, and copied. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that there are ZERO examples of where I threatened anyone.

Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard has wasted thousands of county, state, and federal funds in trying to investigate and prosecute me. He has spent the last two years scouring tens of thousands of words worth of documents, yet he failed to produce on example where I “communicated a threat” to James D. Humphrey, Dr. Edward J. Connor, or former Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism advisor Heidi Humphrey. When Negangard discovered that he couldn’t find any evidence to substantiate the charges against me, he and his staff scoured hundreds of pages of documents in an effort to put together ten pages of quotes where I criticized Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor.

“I’m getting tired of lawyers and judges whining about me trying to intimidate them”. – 5/13/10 blog post.

“Judge Humphrey knew Dr. Connor lied and punished me for challenging Dr. Connor’s conduct, which in turn is abusive to my children” – 5/6/10 blog post

“It will be on the public record that Judge Humphrey is aware that Dr. Connor is a liar.” – 5/21/09 blog post.

These are examples of quotes that the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s office spent many hours and resources in trying to make me appear to be a social/political activist. The only problem is that I am an activist and there’s nothing illegal about it. Prosecutor Negangard went out of his way to take quotations out of context in an effort to make the quotes appear threatening. He included the following quote from my May 11, 2010 blog post titled “You wouldn’t lose your children because you criticized a plumber would you?”

“That lousy son of a bi#$h, Dr. Custody Evaluator, lied in his report. He made me so mad I wanted to beat him/her senseless. The dirty piece of s*@t would not honor his/her contract and left me in a worse situation even though he/she took my money. Every time I think about the evaluation report that ‘contained numerous errors and oversights’; it makes me want to punch Dr. Custody Evaluator in the face.”

This is how Prosecutor Negangard is trying to sell his case against me. Negangard tells people (probably the grand jury) that I am angry and that I want to physically hurt someone. This is the only chance he has at getting people to believe that I may present a threat to anyone. What Prosecutor Negangard doesn’t want people to know is that the quote came from a blog where I was demonstrating how no one would accuse someone of being potentially dangerous for criticizing a plumbing company. In the same blog post, I also wrote the following mock complaint about a plumbing company:

“Those lousy sons of bi#$hes tracked dirt all over my house. They made me so mad I wanted to beat them senseless. The dirty pieces of s*@t would not honor their contract and left me in a worse situation even though they over charged me. Every time I see the stains in my carpet, it makes me want to punch them in the face.”

Once again Prosecutor Negangard has inadvertently gone out of his way to demonstrate another one of my points. No one says ”he’s a danger because he bad mouthed a plumber” but Negangard is proclaiming that I may be a danger to society because I bad mouthed a psychological expert in a comparative writing piece.

This is why during my arraignment hearing, Deputy Prosecutors Joseph Kisor and Brian Johnson were stuttering and stammering while trying to come up with a good excuse why Judge Blankenship should prohibit me from writing about my case. They stated that I shouldn’t be allowed to share the events of my public trial with the public. Either Kisor and Johnson are actively working to desecrate the First Amendment of the United States Constitution or F. Aaron Negangard is willing to risk the legal careers of his deputy prosecutors in Negangard’s efforts to cover up not only his illegal conduct, but the illegal conduct of James D. Humphrey and Dr. Edward J. Connor as well. Dearborn County taxpayers should be rallying in the streets to protest this publicly funded witch hunt. I would venture to guess that Negangard has wasted around ten thousand dollars of Dearborn County Funds on my case and that number could easily climb to over $100,000 but as long as Negangard has an endless supply of funding and control over staffers like Joseph Kisor and Brian Johnson he will never stop. I just hope Negangard doesn’t divert too much money and time away from protecting Dearborn County citizens from real crime.

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