Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Speedy Trial for Dan Brewington


I guess a speedy trial is out of the question in my case. It appears that I will have to go without a public defender for a little while. On May 18, 2011, my public defender, John Watson, filed a motion to withdraw from my case. Mr. Watson stated that there was an “appearance of impropriety” because Mr. Watson “has multiple cases in Judge Humphrey’s court” and it creates a conflict because Judge Humphrey “is a victim in this case.”

This is just another example of the arrogance and incompetence of Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard and the Dearborn County Court System. Judge Sally Blankenship called John Watson personally after she failed to find any other Dearborn County public defender to take my case. Judge Blankenship set my bond at $600,000, appointed a public defender who has cases in front of Judge Humphrey, and then she withdrew from my case because Judge Blankenship felt there was a conflict of interest. John Watson took two months to determine that he had a conflict of interest. The newly appointed special judge in my case, Decatur Circuit Judge John Westhafer, declared that he has been a good friend of Judge James D. Humphrey for 25 years. In fact, the only person who doesn’t feel that their involvement in my case is a conflict of interest is Prosecutor Negangard.

John Watson said Prosecutor Negangard was willing to make a deal. In fact, Mr. Watson was willing to represent me if I was interested in signing a plea bargain but he decided that it would be a conflict of interest to take the matter to trial. I can understand why Mr. Watson was concerned because retaliatory strong arm tactics are the norm for Negangard and Humphrey. I just wish John Watson would have denied Judge Blankenship’s request two months ago rather than further delay my trial.

So who’s going to be my new public defender? John Watson told me that Judge Westhafer and Mr. Watson had previously discussed that Judge Westhafer had an Indianapolis public defender on standby in case Watson wanted to quit. Now it appears that my next public defender is going to be appointed by a good friend of Judge Humphrey. I guess there is no appearance of impropriety there.

Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard won’t give up because it could very well cost him his professional career. Dearborn County is trying to prosecute me for exercising my 1st Amendment rights. Prosecutor Negangard is trying to cover up the unethical and illegal conduct of Dearborn County Court officials. Rather than give up their illegal prosecution, Prosecutor Negangard and Judge Humphrey are willing to go down shooting like Redford and Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They are hoping and praying that they can convince the right judge that it is a criminal act to exercise too much free speech. In the meantime, Negangard is crossing his fingers that jail time will coax me into pleading guilty to something that I didn’t do. I hate to disappoint Prosecutor Negangard, but it doesn’t matter how many conflicted judges and lawyers the State of Indiana tries to throw at my case. I’m in it for the long haul. So saddle up Butch and Sundance because the longer you drag this out the more it is going to cost the Dearborn county taxpayers when your “shootem’ up” adventures come to an end.


  1. Dan... I am so so sorry you are having to go through this :( You are in my thoughts and prayers always... as are your girls!!

  2. You poor Shmuck,

    It is sad to see some like you fighting for what you were told to believe in, your civil and constitutional rights. I have to say that thankfull there are not may of you tenatious believers left. There is northing more painfull than to watch a man who discovers a devistating reality that the rights he was promised and indoctrinated with are but a perception which were never meant to tested.
    My friend, when will you realize that your children have been legally stolen, your freedom has been systematically confiscated, and this is surely just the begining, all due to your altruistic perception that you have rights and that fighting for them and succeeding is possible.

    The only way you will likely survive this ordeal is to; accept that the state has legally stolen your children, and your freedom and liberty will be increasingly deminished the more you carry on.

    You must understand, Aaron Naganaard is your master and ruler. He cannot let you succeed in any way after challenging him and his minions, including the judiciary. Any further holes into the percetion shroud covering the relaity that "the citizens have no rights" cannot be tolerated. It is very likely that the most prudent way for the powerful masters to end this is with you expire silently within the prison walls you now occupy.

    Please Daniel, yeaild to those who are your masters. Kneel before Aaron Naganaard, kiss his feet, and beg for forgiveness, thank him for seeing to the theft of your children and promise him you will do his bidding for all time thereafter.

    He is you master, he will not let you succeed, he cannot do so. Any further light you shed on the reality that civil and constitutional rights are only a percetion, cannot be tolerated. The more you fight, the more light you shed on this. Also end this so that those who might see this, can get back to watching television and absorbing more of the p=ercepton being rammed down their throats. Accept that Aaron has legally [sic] pavewd the way for the theft of your children. Hopefull you will be reunited with them before it becomes impossible for you to break bread with them.

    Stop this madness, Bow to your master Aaron and his minions. Kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness.

    Dan, just give up. Be a great american and just drink the koolaide and never again rely on a altruistic expectaion of "RIGHTS" which hopefully you now realize are only a perception. Resign yourself with the knowledge that you at least have seen for yourself that those rights are only percetion and that you no longer will fall victim of an unrealistic
    Expectation that they protect you.
    Stop this now, for if you don't you may reach the hopelessnes felt by a Tunisian street merchant who's desperation lead to his lighting himself on fire while asking, "HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO EARN A LIVING". At least he did not waste himself for his countrymen valued their feedom ,heard his cry and actted by initiating oveerthrough of repressive government. Here, you would be wasting your life, because most "GREAT AMERICANS" take the perception for granted and never actually beat their heads agains a wall finghting for a percetion.

    Give upnow and yeild to your masters!