Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Update; New Judge 6/11/11

I found out that my second judge, Decatur Circuit Judge John Westhafer, withdrew from my case. Judge Westhafer notified Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard that he had been a good friend of James Humphrey for 25 years. Despite their good friendship, Judge Westhafer claimed he could still preside over my trial. After I shared Judge Westhafer’s comments about his friendship with Judge Humphrey on my blog, Westhafer called it quits. I’m just fortunate to know that I have a new judge because Dearborn County isn’t telling me anything.

You would think that a county justice system would tell an inmate about judge changes and court dates. Actually Dearborn County does share this information with inmates; except for me. My mom and brother had to go to the Dearborn County Courthouse to get the new information themselves. I sent an inmate request to jail Captain Dave Hall, requesting that I be provided with the same information that the jail and the courts provide to other inmates. Captain Dave Hall stated that I needed to talk to my attorney. Thanks Captain Dave but my public defender quit.

Dearborn County wants to prosecute me but they don’t want to tell me when it’s going to take place or who’s involved. I’d love to take Captain Dave’s advice and call my public defender but John Watson quit and I’m stuck with a “chicken and an egg” scenario in contacting my new public defender. Captain Dave Hall told me to contact my lawyer about getting notices from the Court, but I have to receive a notice from the Court advising me of my new public defender so I know who to contact. Either Captain Hall reeks of incompetence or it is a malicious attempt to keep me out of the loop.

I do have some positive news. I discovered that a motion to reduce bond has been set so hopefully I can get out of jail so I can work on my case. I just hope Captain Hall lets me know who my new public defender is and when my hearing will take place. I just hope I can make it to the hearing without another court official quitting. I’ve had three judges and I’m waiting for my 2nd lawyer and I haven’t even had a pre-trial hearing. Every judge and attorney within a one hour radius of Dearborn County claims that they have a conflict of interest; everyone except Prosecutor Negangard of course.

Stay tuned for more updates. If you hear information on my case before Dearborn County tells me, please let me know. You can use

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