Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Dearborn County, I need the Transcripts

Dear Dearborn County, I need the Transcripts.

One of the things I find a little amusing about the Dearborn County legal system is their inability to transcribe court records in a reasonable time. The county wants to build a new jail yet the Court can’t maintain the staff necessary to complete court transcripts in a timely manner. ( or the person making $4 a page for typing the transcripts doesn’t want to share). Last time I needed court transcripts from Dearborn County it took over 90 days. Judge James D. Humphrey’s court reporter/transcriber claimed her computer crashed and she had to “rebuild” the files. I know a bit about computers yet I’m not sure what that means. Either Dearborn County has a computer genius typing transcripts or Judge Humphrey’s assistant, was lying about why she didn’t complete her job on time.
I know Judge Humphrey and Prosecutor Negangard find it amusing that they succeeded in abusing the criminal legal process leaving me to sit around in jail but it is only a matter of time before everything is overturned. Stalling the preparation of the transcripts is bush league. And just a note to whoever prepares the transcripts; make sure they are accurate as I will eventually cross check the transcripts with the court audio. It appears that there were a few mistakes in the transcripts from the grand jury hearings and some of Prosecutor Negangard’s inappropriate remarks were omitted. The best part about receiving the transcripts is I get to post them on the internet to show everyone how many times Prosecutor Negangard lied throughout the trial. I’ll post Dr. Edward J. Connor’s quotes when he testified how he refused to provide me a copy of his case file in March 2008 because he was afraid I’d post confidential information on my website. When I post Dr. Connor’s testimony, I’ll also post information documenting my website wasn’t created for another 6 months. Will Prosecutor Negangard do anything about Dr. Connor’s false statements? No, but I will be there to remind people how Judge Humphrey and Prosecutor Negangard punish innocent citizens and children for standing up against corruption in the family court system.

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