Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid Dearborn County, Regarding the Jail Expansion

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid Dearborn County, Regarding the Jail Expansion.

I received word that Dearborn County officials have adjusted the figures for the funding of the new jail. This isn’t an effort to save taxpayer dollars; it is another example of how the Dearborn County government is trying to protect the county citizens from the citizens’ own intellectual deficiencies. County officials have gone on record to say the voters lack the necessary education to approve funding for a new jail so the government is taking the decision out of the voter’s hands. The Dearborn County government has so little faith in the intelligence of its citizens, the voters will be lucky if they are allowed to choose the flavor of Kool-Aid.
If the new financing plan is superior to the original, then why wasn’t it presented in the beginning? The fact is, the only reason there is a new funding option is because county officials did not want to chance the voters having a say in the spending of their tax dollars. The government doesn’t feel the voters have the ability to understand jail overcrowding caused by sentencing and bond amounts that exceed any comparable counties in the state. Officials like Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard, Sheriff Michael Kreinhop, and Commissioner/Deputy/Special Crimes Unit Detective Shane McHenry want a new jail so they have the ability to incarcerate anyone they want.
I spent roughly seven months in the custody of the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center during the course of Prosecutor Negangard’s efforts to desecrate the Constitution of the Untied States of America. During my stay at the DCLEC, I talked to many inmates and read a lot of their paperwork and discovered that it takes very little to become a longtime resident at the DCLEC. A sure-fire way to get a one-way pass to the DCLEC is to have another person, called a snitch, allege that you have been involved in some form of illegal conduct. There doesn’t have to be a controlled drug buy with an undercover cop; no trading of marked money; or video or audio of illegal conduct. The only evidence necessary for Prosecutor Negangard and his Special Crimes Unit (SCU) to issue an arrest warrant is the word of someone looking to evade punishment for breaking the law. All the criminal has to do is point a finger or say his/her name and another person is locked up with an excessively high bond. The new person is stuck in jail listening to a paid attorney advise them that it’s too risky to take the case to trial in Dearborn County so the inmate has the choice of snitching and/or taking a plea deal to get out. The plea deals demonstrate the outrageous charges and bonds of inmates in Dearborn County.
An elderly man that I got to know pretty well just signed a plea deal involving a drug charge that landed him in jail with, at least, a one million dollar bond. To a layman, a one million dollar bond would suggest that he posed an immediate and substantial risk to society. His plea bargain entailed the following: a fifteen year sentence with fourteen years suspended and he only has to serve six months of the one year that wasn’t suspended. The 72 year old man who Negangard alleged was a danger to society is now, or will soon be, back on the streets because he’s already served a six month sentence. The day before he signed the plea deal he was a million dollar risk to society. Somehow this plea deal “alleviated” all of the danger the man posed to society. He was never dangerous; Dearborn County used available jail space to scare an elderly man into accepting a plea deal, while paying a Lawrenceburg lawyer hundreds or thousands of dollars, over the course of six months to walk across the street to “discuss” a potential deal with Prosecutor Negangard. Regardless of the man’s innocence or guilt, it is a prime example of a main contributor to unnecessary jail overcrowding.
One of the ways the DCLEC reduces the inmate population is by freeing snitches. A person has to realize Dearborn County law enforcement doesn’t use snitches in the same manner as credible law enforcement agencies. Normally the purpose of using a snitch or informant is to catch a bigger fish. In my situation, I was already “caught” but Prosecutor Negangard arranged to have the “panty burglar”, Joseph McCaleb, placed in my cell as my new bunkie about 2 ½ months before my trial. McCaleb, having been able to read any of the stuff in my cell for 2 ½ months, including 1368 pages of discoveries provided by the Prosecutor and the entire grand jury transcript, wrote a letter to Prosecutor Negangard on September 25, 2011 stressing everything that Prosecutor Negangard might mention at my trial to emphasize that I was dangerous. A copy of McCaleb’s letter can be found at Prosecutor Negangard did not use any of McCaleb’s letter at trial but waited until the sentencing hearing. By then McCaleb testified that he didn’t think I was capable of carrying out anything that he had written about to Prosecutor Negangard. Still he testified against me at my sentencing hearing alleging that I fantasized about an elaborate plot to kill Judge Humphrey. Joseph McCaleb provided this information to Prosecutor Negangard, prior to my trial but Negangard waited until after I was convicted to raise the issue. In his efforts to increase the sentence of a blogger during my sentencing hearing, Negangard used the letter from the “snitch” he placed in my cell. While sharing a cell with McCaleb, he informed me that he was being accused of stealing clothes from houses where he installed Direct TV systems. The kicker is he was accused of returning to the houses, AFTER he did the installation, to steal the clothes. It was only after his court room testimony I discovered he was stealing women’s undergarments, photographing his “loot” and putting it on his computer. In his efforts to lengthen the jail sentence of a blogger, Negangard used a sick perverted stalker who plotted how to break into homes to steal women’s panties in an effort to satisfy some twisted fetish. Rather than protect families from a serial panty burglar, Negangard obviously was not concerned about McCaleb’s victims he was only concerned about Brewington and trying to protect the images of Judge Humphrey and his wife, Heidi Humphrey. Joseph McCaleb was out of jail just a little more than a month after testifying against me because according to Prosecutor Negangard and Judge Humphrey, McCaleb is much less a threat to the women he victimized than the threat I supposedly pose to the Judge and his family, who I have never had any personal contact with. McCaleb, who broke into womens’ houses, stole their panties, and posted pictures on his computer is out on the streets and Brewington who blogged about his experiences in the family courts is in jail with a 5 year sentence.
Dearborn County residents need to question who the new jail is going to house. The answer is whoever Prosecutor Negangard wants to keep incarcerated. People have to realize they may be arrested and detained because they are loosely associated with someone who breaks the law. What happens if one of the “Valley kids” (Hidden Valley is a prominent area in Dearborn County) is busted for selling drugs and decides to place the blame on one of the “peasant’s” children? Who do you think will take the fall? A kid from Judge Humphrey and Prosecutor Negangard’s neighborhood, or the child with a different address? If the new jail is built, I’d advise anyone to steer clear of Hollywood Casino in Dearborn County because the county would increase arrests, bonds, and penalties for disorderly conduct. There is a certain irony to the fact Hollywood Casino is partially responsible for funding a jail that will likely lead to increased harassment of their clientele.
Look how your money has been spent Dearborn County. You should shudder to think about the tens of thousands of dollars Dearborn County law enforcement has squandered to investigate, incarcerate, and convict me for writing on the internet and low and behold, I’m still writing. When someone is convicted of selling crack, they get arrested if they sell it again. Dearborn County cannot order me to stop blogging because blogging is not a crime but somehow I am writing as a felon convicted of blogging. Sheriff Kreinhop testified he never contacted any other law enforcement agency during his investigation of my case. Despite the fact that Prosecutor Negangard alleged I approached two separate inmates, in two different states about plots to assassinate an active judge, I have yet to be named as a target of another investigation. That’s because Negangard knew the allegations were false. But these are the everyday things that occur in Dearborn County that will keep any jail at full capacity.
It doesn’t matter if Dearborn County residents agree with me or not because either way they should use common sense and voice their opinion. If you agree with me contact government officials about your concerns regarding the unnecessary jail expansion. If you are of the opinion that I am a menace to society, I would encourage you to contact Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard and demand an immediate grand jury investigation into Negangard’s allegations that I made two separate inquiries into the assassinating Judge Humphrey. Please demand the grand jury summons of renowned conman and jail house snitch Keith Jones and Joseph McCaleb the perverted serial panty bandit, so Mr. Jones and Mr. McCaleb have the opportunity to further “protect” public safety. Of course it may be difficult to believe Joseph McCaleb since he recanted his thoughts at the sentencing hearing and any investigation involving Keith Jones will include testimony from officials from the Hamilton County(Ohio) Justice Center, who will testify Keith Jones never came in contact with Dan Brewington at the Hamilton County (Ohio) Justice Center. Of course they will have to find Keith Jones who is serving a 10 year sentence, after having his probation revoked from Franklin County, Ohio. (days after he reported the alleged “drive by shooting attempt”).
The choice is yours, Dearborn County residents. Trust your logic, or trust the people who believe you are too ignorant to know what’s good for you. The general consensus I’ve received from officials outside of Dearborn County is the Dearborn County government makes Boss Hogg look like Mother Theresa. If you do not agree with anything I’ve written, please take this one bit of advice; go with the Blue-Raspberry flavor. It’s cool and refreshing.
Be smart Dearborn County.


  1. Why hasn't this gone up to the supreme court yet?
    This needs to be aired out man.

  2. You need to go back to high school and take a civics class OR read books about how cases proceed on appeal. You have no idea what you're talking about which doesn't surprise me because you're a supporter of this idiot.